Home Made in india Is Bata an Indian company?  The Secret Indian Consumers not know

Is Bata an Indian company?  The Secret Indian Consumers not know

Is Bata an Indian company?  The Secret Indian Consumers not know

All of us know that Bata is a supreme footwear brand which is quite known for its stylish and comfortable shoes. But the question comes that is Bata an Indian company? When was Bata launched? And how it became so popular in India.

is bata an indian company.

The history of Bata is almost 90 years old in India, Thus the name Bata is so close to the heart of Indians, let us know how this company started? and how Bata became a leading footwear manufacturing brand.

Is Bata an Indian company? 

No, Bata Corporation, known as Bata, is a swiss footwear manufacturing company founded in 1894 by Thomas Bata with his siblings in Austria-Hungary (currently known as the Czech Republic)

Today Bata has their own manufacturing factories in over 18 countries and Bata shoes are sold in over 70 countries. India is one of the biggest producers & sellar of Bata footwear.

let’s understand that how Despite being a foreign company, it remains the first choice of Indians.

According to Bata, They brought their business to India in 1931, where they had settled their first manufacturing unit in Konnar, a village in Kolkata. This was a period when most of the shoes were imported from Japan by India.

And with a vision to provide cheap and comfortable footwear to Indians, Bata exactly did what customer wants from them. As a result, Things were changed drastically in just 2 years.

Thus the area in which they had established their factory was known as a Batanagar. By the 1940s, Bata had become a very famous brand for shoes and they had more than 4000 workers in their factory.

Bata has steadily grown into a large footwear company over time, due to which Bata also achieved a Guinness World Record in 2003 for manufacturing and selling over 14 billion shoes.

Bata shoes are made from white canvas and are mainly designed in Europe, Most of us don’t know this fact. That’s the reason most Indians seems that Bata is an Indian company.

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Are Bata shoes made in India?

Yes, today Bata has its own several manufacturing units across India. It has total 4 footwear manufacturing units in India, Which has described below:

  • Batanagar, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Bataganj – Patna, Bihar
  • Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Batashatak, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Bata also has a large retail and wholesale network in India. After establishing its first factory in 1931, Bata expanded its business in India. By 2015, Bata had more than 159 retail stores in India. And it is quite a successful footwear company. Thus this company has received many awards so far, such as

  • Got Super Brands Award on April 12 2007.
  • In 2010 they got Consumer Awards 2010′ as ‘India’s Most Preferred Retailer’

Are Bata shoes made in china?

Yes, like other footwear companies, China is also a big manufacturing hub for Bata. Every year a large number of Bata shoes are manufactured in China and sold in Asian countries. There are mainly 2 big reason behind the large production in China.

one is that labourers can be easily found here, second, the labour cost is typically low than the western countries like Europe.

Apart from China, Bata have also their offices in the Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, India, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, which shows that Bata is quite popular in these countries.

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Who is the CEO of Bata in India

Gunjan Shah has been selected as the new CEO of Bata in the year 2020. He had much experience of working in such a sector. So far Gunjan Sah has worked with many big companies like Asian Paint, Motorola.

Why are Bata shoes so cheap?

Bata knows it very well that Middle-class families are their main consumers, Thus they provide good quality shoes at low prices to get more sales& more profit.

Basically, there are two main reasons to sell cheap Bata shoes.

  •  firstly, they use plastic
  • Second,  due to local production.

it is easier to manufacture & sell them in the market. Thus the company saves the cost of importing shoe material and is able to get maximum profit by selling affordable shoes.



So, After reading that is Bata an Indian company? you must have got complete information about the company if you are satisfied with the given information then do not forget to share it.


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