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(First-class) Made in india Mouse| Available online

(First-class) Made in india Mouse| Available online

Hey, if you are a patriotic Indian and looking for Made in india Mouse, then you are in a right place.

It is so hard to pass a day lack of some tools, Mouse is such a tool that can straight away harm your productivity ​while not having proper functioning.

 made in india mouse

So if you never wanna lose your focus while working on any valuable task or project. Then keeping a good mouse can be really important as a professional IT worker/freelancer.

Today in this guide I will be sharing some mouses that are made by Indian manufacturing brands.

However, in the race of competing foreign companies, Indians are still so far away. But over the years some brands have made a solid foundation for their bright future. Here I am gonna mention some Truly Indian mouses in this guide.

Best made in India Mouse:-

#1. prodot wireless mouse

Prodot India’s one of the leading manufacturing companies. Today the company produce& deals in various kinds of computer peripheral such as a printer, antivirus, keyboard, mouse. With its high-quality affordable products, Prodot is on the mission to become India’s no.1 computer peripherals and accessories company.

The company headquarter is located in Dehradun. Where all these tools& peripherals are manufactured by the company. Prodot offers you 20 plus different types of wired& wireless mouse in India. These mice are known for their superb quality. Here is one of the best & affordable mouse Prodot offers us in the market.

PRODOT 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse

This item comes from prodot gold series. This plug and play USB mouse doesn’t need any software for operation. It has wide compatibility which supports multiple devices like Windows, Linux and other os. The product comes with 2 years of warranty which ensures its quality and build trust for buyers.

prodot indian mouse

For a seamless connectivity experience, this 2.4ghz mouse will help you in fast scrolling. It supports dpi between 800/1000/1200. Talking about its build quality and design you will see it is lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

Overall this wireless USB mouse is fully featured which comes at an affordable price, However, if you are looking for a cheaper mouse then you can go with this prodot wired mouse.

#2. Intex mouse

Intex is a big electronic brand in India, They have millions of customers across India and also have a global presence. They are popularly known for their mobiles&speaker. But very few of us know that this IT company is also involved in making mice.

Intex mouses are often cheap and easy to use. while your original mouse gets damaged or not function properly, the Intex mouse can serve you better as an alternative to your older mouse. All the computer users in India can easily buy Intex mice via offline electronic stores or other sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Intex Piano Wireless Mouse White

based on our market research we have found that it is one of the made in India mouse that has wireless compatibility at a reasonable price. This Intex mouse offers you plug and play features. It has a 10000 DPI optical sensor that gives you smooth scrolling. it has an inbuilt power-saving mode. It comes in black colour and has elegant finishing.

intex mouse

key featuers of intex piano moue

  • Wide Compatibility with many USB supported devices.
  • Lightweight (60gm)
  • Easy to operate&long lasting.
  • Cool design

Things to Consider While Buying A Mouse

#1. Check DPI

DPI stands for Dot per inch, it simply indicates the speed of the pointer on the screen. A mouse that has Higher DPI, it known to perform well on the screen, due to its sensitivity. However, we can not consider that a faster pointer is good always. often normal users don’t care about the DPI of their mouse. Usefull tips to consider while picking a mouse.

dpi mouse
DPI may vary in every mouse according to their different models& purpose of use.
The mouse should have adjustable dpi settings. Always set a lower dpi while working on graphic designing software. Gaming lovers should have at least 1k to 1600 dpi for RPG games.

#2. Optical vs laser mouse

These are the 2 most used mice currently in the market, both optical and laser mice use LED light for different purposes. The reflection of the optical mouse usually goes through the below surface, While laser mouse brings the light while movement. These both have their pros and cons and also have some similarities.

optical vs laser mouse

However the biggest benefit of using a laser mouse is that it can be used on any flat/goat surface, also it has higher dpi levels which help for better tracking. Also, it said that laser mouse seems more accurate and also cheap and cost-effective.

#3. Wired vs wireless

Technology has developed the functionality of a mouse completely. Nowadays people prefer wireless mouses over wired mice. because these Mice are becoming easier than ever before. So one can adopt this wireless technology if they don’t like annoying cable. wireless mouses are cost-effective and available in different models.

#4. Bluetooth mouse

After successfully inventing wireless mouses, the concept of integrating Bluetooth technology in a mouse comes to developers minds.

The key difference between a wireless mouse and a Bluetooth mouse is that a wireless mouse runs on a radio frequency that needs a USB dongle to run.

bluetooth mouse

While Bluetooth mouse has its own transmitter that helps it to connect with your device by doing simple propagation.

As Bluetooth mic is the advanced version of wireless mouse, so these mouses come with handy features and super comfortability.

However in terms of battery Bluetooth mice generally perform well also the power consumption of a Bluetooth mouse is typically higher than a simple wireless mouse.

In the end: Conclusion

We appreciate your great efforts in empowering the economy by purchasing Indian goods. We hope this post has been helpful for all the patriotic Indians. If you have still any suggestions or queries regarding made in India mouse then please let us know via the comment section and don’t forget to share this content on social media.


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