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Top 5 Made in india Car Companies| Leading Indian Car Brands

Top 5 Made in india Car Companies| Leading Indian Car Brands

For most Indians, it’s like dream come true having their own car. if you have planned to buy a brand new car in someday or maybe future And want to know about some Top made in India car Companies! then this post is written for you.

India is a hub for many foreign car brands, The majority of people in India comes from a middle-class family, That’s why most people buy cars that come in the range of 5 to 15 lac. However, few people who dream to drive future-ready or luxurious cars often shift to a Higher range of cars.

And if you look at the Automobile market, you will find some Indian brands like tata, Mahindra has a variety of car models Available including budget and higher range cars.

As a rival of foreign companies, These Indian car brands are dominating the Indian automobile space for a few decades, So let’s talk about it.

Top 10 Indian car brands

#1. TATA

Tata group known as TATA is India’s biggest and the first company that launched the lowest priced car in 2008 in the world. with the evolution of over 42 billion$ tata owned some luxurious subsidies, including the Jaguar land Rover, Safari.

tata indian car company

Today, Tata has been settled the benchmark for many Indian car manufacturing companies. Tata cars are known to be toug&hardest, superb build quality makes their cars so durable. Before getting launched a car into a market any tata car fulfils the given criteria.

  • Proven and safe
  • Affordability
  • comfortable
  • feature-packed

Not only this the legacy of tata courage people to buy a tata car.

#2. Mahindra

Mahindra is considered to be one of the Biggest vehicles manufacturers in India. This automotive brand was started in 1945 in Ludhiana. Currently, Mahindra has become a billion-dollar company that has a presence in over 100 countries.

mahindra car company

We all know Mahindra for its vehicles, But apart from the Automotive industry, Mahindra has spread its business in insurance broking, logistics, power backup, real estate & infrastructure and many other sectors.

talking about their cars as a rival brand of Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki Mahindra has made their special position. initially, they were loved for their tough and sturdy jeeps and SUVs but currently, they also have powerful SUVs and hatchbacks.

Remember Mahindra launched Scorpio in 2002, which is still picked as an off-road SUV and an Indian family car.

#3. DC Avanti

Dc Avanti is a swadeshi (Indian) firm, which has originally produced and launched India’s first-ever stylish sports car. this car was designed and manufactured by Dilip Chhabria and launched in Auto Expo in New Delhi. Since launching in 2015, lots of units have been sold.

dc avanti- made in india car company

The Car body consists of carbon composite. Overall the car is so stylish if we look at the interior leathered doors, dashboard and seats. This car is available in many colours such as red, white, silver, blue etc.

As an automobile engineer, Dilip Chhabria had not only manufactured the Avanti car but has also designed and modified many cars like Fortuner, Inova to look them Aesthetic than their older look.

#4. Jaguar

Yay! when it comes to Indian luxurious brands the name that first comes to our mind is the jaguar. originally jaguar is a German company that was bought by Ford motors in 2008. then this brand was sold by tata.

jaguar indian car company

in 2008 jaguar and the landrover was acquired by tata motors. Currently, all the cars of jaguars are sold under the tata brand. Since 2008 jaguar has launched so many car models in the market and people dream to buy them.

#5. Landrover

As a subsidiary brand of tata motors land rover owned by JLR (Jaguar Land Rover)since 2008. However, the origin of this brand was England but later it was bought by the largest auto manufacturing brand named tata motors.

range rover car company

Landrover cars are known to be expensive& luxurious. People loved its elegant style and features. Due to their rough and tough body land rover is known as one of the best SUVs for long drives. the starting price of a land rover car starts from 60lacs to end with the most expensive car worth of 2 cr.

Is Maruti Suzuki is an Indian company?

in 1982, the Indian government had started Maruti Udyog limited company. But after the globalization in 1991, Suzuki (a Japanese company) had increased their shares in the Maruti company. later both companies were merged and the Maruti Suzuki Udyog limited change to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in 2007.

As of 2019, if we look at the overall shares in a company. Suzuki had 56% of total market shares and 22% of shares were owned by foreign institutes. So almost there are 78%shares of foreign companies.

Thus, we can’t consider that Maruti Suzuki is an Indian company.

So now you may get the full details about Made in India car brands, Apart from these brands, Hindustan motors is one such Indian brand which was quite popular for its ambassador car.

FAQ: Made in India Car Companies

Where are cars made in India?

Over the past few years, several cars have been made in India. Here is the list of those cars that are truly made in India. Tata Nano (cheapest car in the world) Tata Nexon Mahindra XUV300 Tata Safari Hyundai Grand i10 Nios DC Avanti Mahindra Scorpio Hyundai Verna Mahindra e2O Ford Ecosport Tata Nano (Honourable Mention)

Which are Indian origin car companies?

Tata and Mahindra both are big car manufacturing companies in India, Apart from that DC Avanti is the first Indian sports car which is designed and made in India.

Which is the best car made in India?

Tata Nexon is considered to be the truly made in India car. This next-generation car has a powerful engine with jampacked features like rain-sensing wipers, auto headlamps, cruise control, electric sunroof. Comfortability and affordability make it one of the best available in India.


So, Guyes this was the list of some Leading Made in india Car Companies! Hope you have liked this post, Don’t forget to share this content on social media if you find this content helpful.


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