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Is Boult an Indian company? Know Why it is made in China

Is Boult an Indian company? Know Why it is made in China

Boult is the fastest growing brand in India, Many of its audio products like Earphones, Earbuds are selling indiscriminately! But the question is, is Boult an Indian company? Who started it? You will get here all the information related to this topic. Just stay tuned with us!

is boult an indian company

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this company is that it launches its audio products in the affordable and budget segment. That’s why a large number of people in India test their products and use them daily, So now let’s know the whole truth behind this company!

Is Boult an Indian company?

Yes! Boult is an electronic consumer company based in New Delhi. The company was started by Varun Gupta in 2017, Thus we can say it is an Indian startup that is growing rapidly.

It is one of the few electronic brands in India, whose price accusation is almost the same as Chinese products. But due to its great build quality and attractive design, the company has attracted so many people towards boult products.

Boalt origin country India
Boalt  headquarters  New Delhi
Company type Electronic Consumer brand
Founder of Boalt Varun Gupta
Established Year 2017


However, when you look into the manufacturing details of any boult product, there you will get to see the Made in China tag on the product, so the question is why?

And if this company is Indian, what are their relations with China, let’s closely understand this secret.

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Why do we see made in China in boult products?

One of the main reasons behind this thing is that all the products of Boalt are only designed in India and they are manufactured & built-in in china.

Because of this, the company is able to export those products from China to India and sell them at a very cheaper price in the Indian market, which benefits both the company and the customer.

Thus, due to the manufacturing of boult products in China, the products often come with Made in China stamp.

As we all know many Indians often oppose Chinese products, Thus during the covid period company’s founder, Varun Gupta said that in the coming years they are going to shift their manufacturing units from china to India.

The company has also said in its statement that they are preparing themselves to outsource their products to other countries than China. Also, They will invest major capital in establishing their own manufacturing unit in India.

Who is the owner co-founder of Boult company?

Varun Gupta is the CEO & Founder of Boult company who started this company in 2k17, Let us tell you that by profession Varun is a digital marketer, before entering into the business field, he had a lot of knowledge about social media marketing, online marketing, business analysis advertising, etc.

And all his information helps him a lot to promote and gain benefits to take this company to the next level. the company tagline simplifies the way to change listening things.

Brand abmessdor of Boult company?

Currently, the brand ambassador of this company is Vicky Kaushal (Katrina Kaif’s husband) who is often seen using Boult products in advertisements. Hence the brand ambassador Vicky has been influencing people with the boult product for a long time.

Is Boult a good brand?

Boult is a great brand in terms of price and quality, so far thousands of people have been ordered their products online and people have given very good feedback using them.

The special thing is that Boat’s products are known for attractive design, hence today it has emerged as the best brand in the audio segment in the market.

Are Boat and Boult the same company?

Both boat and boult are Indian brands and are fast-growing in the audio segment.

However, you may know that boat company was started in the year 2016 by Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. On the other hand, the Boult company was launched in the year 2017 by Varun Gupta.

Today both these companies have their own special identity in the audio segment in the market. Currently, boult is having 50 to 60 employees in a company, whereas boat has 200 to 250 employees in their company.

One thing is certain, both the companies design their products in India and contact China to manufacture them.

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If we talk about the products of both the companies, then both have different features and it is difficult to compare both of them due to their special design.


So friends, after reading this article, is Boult an Indian company? Who started it? You have got Complete information regarding the subject, if you are satisfied with the given information, then don’t forget share to people on social media.


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