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is Redmi an Indian company? Made in india Redmi Mobiles Reality!

is Redmi an Indian company? Made in india Redmi Mobiles Reality!

Today Redmi has millions of users across India, And if you too use Xiaomi products, then this guide going to help you to get some worthy information. Often people use google to find is Redmi an Indian company? Who owns it? Are Redmi mobile made in India, You will find all of your answers through this guide.

is redmi an indian company

According to Indian Express Redmi has become the world’s largest smartphone brand Leaving Samsung & Apple. Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to have proper information about this reputed brand. So let’s start this guide with the main question.

Is Redmi an Indian company?

Redmi or Mi is not a separate company, it is a sub-brand of a Chinese smartphone manufacturing brand named Xiaomi.

Xiaomi was started in April 2010 by Lei Jun in Beijing (the capital of China). Within a few years, Xiaomi had become a popular smartphone maker in China.

Apart from Redmi, Xiaomi has many other sub-brands such as Zimi, Yunmi etc. All these Xiaomi sub-brands offers different types of electronic products and services to customers.

Redmi Note 1 was The first Popular smartphone of MI’s Note series, which was launched in 2014 in India. many people bought this mobile at that time.

Now here’s the question comes that what is MI? And why do we see a logo of mi on every Xiaomi mobile? MI stands for Mobile Internet, according to Xiaomi it is a logo of this company, which is also a short form of this term: Mission impossible.

it is believed that initially, the company had to face a lot of difficulties to grow. Hence the name MI suits its brand perfectly.

Redmi  origin country China
Redmi   headquarters  Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Products of Redmi Smartphones Powerbanks Laptops Smart TVs
Founder of Redmi  Lei Jun
Established Year April 2013


Are Redmi Mobiles Made in India?

Yes, currently many of the Redmi mobiles are manufactured in India. In the last 5 years, Xiaomi has partnered with many Indian domestic companies, as well as today it has its own manufacturing plants are located in different places in our country

According to Financial Express, Mi believes that more than 99% of its smartphones and 100% of TVs are made in India itself, so if you are wondering Are Redmi mobiles made in India? then the answer is yes.

Even Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar says in one of his conferences that the way we have promoted localization in India and given employment to people, no foreign brand has been able to do this at this level. That’s the reason we are a far bigger company than others.

But let us tell you the reality is that most of the Mi mobiles in India are only assembled, Most of the electronic components which are used for assembling mobiles are imported from China, Thus later these mobiles are assembled and sold in India.

In this way, the company gets cheap parts easily from China, and they are able to sell cheap mobiles in India. The reason why they have to pay very little tax to the Indian government and company gets their benefit.

So it would not be fair to say that Mi mobiles are completely made in India. Now here’s the question that comes

Why do we see made in India Stamp in Redmi smartphones?

As we know, Redmi has partnered with many Indian companies as well as they have their own manufacturing units in our country. That’s why we often see made in India tag on Most of the Redmi mobiles.

And the interesting fact is that many educated users also seems that these mobiles are purely manufactured in India, but you have to understand that Redmi phones are only produced in India, these devices aren’t built in our country.

Even today the process of manufacturing many components such as display, camera sensors, design, chips, research, commands etc. all happens in foreign countries like Korea, China (Mostly). After collecting its parts, the company finally assembles the mobiles at its manufacturing factory located in Andhra, Tamil Nadu.

Although the charger comes with the Redmi mobile phone, the accessories are made in India only.

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Who owns Redmi India?

Redmi India runs and manages the operations of Xiaomi in India. At present, the head of MI India is Manu Kumar, who works to create the best marketing strategy and branding. So this company can launch the mobile in the market according to the need of the users of India.

Why Redmi is so popular in India?

There are some main reasons behind the popularity of Redmi in India which are as follows.

  1. First, most of the Redmi mobiles fall in the budget segment, Thus it is easy for most middle-class families to buy Mi phones.
  2. Feature loaded:- Due to providing great features at a low price, Redmi has left other companies behind in the market.
  3. Decent Quality: –  As per the price tag, people seems that most of the MI phones usually give a great performance.
  4. Upgraded version:- The company keeps Launching new phones as per time&need, so everyone waits for the upcoming Redmi phone to receive a new operating system and new UI.


Guys, after reading this post, you may get all the answers to questions such as is Redmi an Indian company? Who owns Redmi? And how are Redmi mobiles made in India? You must have got complete information about the topic. If you are satisfied with the given information then please do not forget to share it.


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