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Top 6 Made in india Clock Brands| Which you don’t know

Top 6 Made in india Clock Brands| Which you don’t know

Made in india Clock Brands: Days are gone when Wall clocks are the only devices which help us to monitor time, However, in the era of advanced technology, you may still find a wall clock in everyhome.

made in india clock brands

But While Discussing wall clocks, it is necessary to know that most people prefer and go with a traditional and popular clock brand. That’s why we Indians often forget to think a bit about Made-in-India clocks.

But if you heartily support made in India campaign, and love to know about Indian products, then today we are going to share with you the brand names which are originally made in India.

Most of the listed brands sell fancy and durable clocks, so you should definitely know about them.

3 Most Common Types of clocks

Before letting know about clock brands, it is important to have a look on the most common type of wall clocks.

#1. Analog:- A most common type of wall clock which can be found in almost every Indian home. This type of clock works using a battery cell. These clocks have 1 to 12 numbers in numerical form and roman numbers.

#2. Digital clock:- A common type of clock which can be seen in standby mode on the table. This type of clock has some more advanced and usefull features than an Analog watch. Such as alarm, temperature meter, date& month counting.

#3. Striking CLock:- these types of clocks are no more in trend, but still these clocks can be found on the roof of buildings. The perfect example of striking clocks is the Big Ben London clock tower.

#1. Ajanta

Ajanta also known as the Father of wall clocks, is a pure Indian startup which was launched by the late Mr. odhavi ji (owner of the company) along with some partners. Today Ajanta Orpat groups are known as the world’s second-biggest wall clock manufacturer company.

ajanta wall clock

Today Ajanta clocks are sold in many countries, With having 1200 yearly turnover this company employes 4500 people. Thus, we can say proudly that this list starts with this company.

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#2. Titan

Maybe there isn’t anybody Who doesn’t know about Brightest yet well-looking titan’s clock, let us tell you that this clock brand was established in 1987 with having a partnership with tata industries and Tidco premier.

titan made in india wall clock

Whether it is a wristwatch or a wall clock, In the past 34 years titan has made a great place in our hearts by manufacturing A1 class products. The reason behind this titan’s great success goes to their marketing strategy, at that time titan’s beautiful clocks were used to buy as the best gifting option.

#3. OPAL ~ Top Made in India Clock brand

Yes, As like given top two companies OPAL didn’t get as much popularity. But a company which was launched in 2007, today manufactures many types of home decor items. Today OPAL company sold their watches under two brands. The first one is their flagship brand and another one is caliber clock which is their budget brand.

OPAL made in india clock

Today opal watches can be easily found in every local market also these clocks can be bought via e-commerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon. With their strong, stylish and affordable clocks this company is having a 100cr + yearly turnover.

#4. Random

with Having clock designs in 1500 plus categories like Nature, culture, art etc today random watches are known as one of the stylish watch brands in India. So if you wanna buy a clock with unique pattern clocks for your home& office then it is one of the brands whom with which you can go.

#5. Lynrex

A private limited company which has got so much popularity with its creative products. kanpur based this Indian manufacture various types of household items in such a decorative way so if you search for lynrex clocks in google then you will get various types of wooden clocks, however, it’s a new startup which still needs to be highlighted and needs your support to grow.

#6. Hoopoe

it’s another name in the clock market which is quite new, let us tell you that hoopoe is a private limited non-govt company which is located at Tamilnadu Chennai. Hoopoe known for its decorative wall clocks.

Hoopoe Decor

if your old-fashioned wall clocks needs to be replaced with a new stylish one then you should consider a hoopoe clock. Most of the hoopoe clocks are made from engineered wood and have multicolour options.

How to make a wall clock at Home

Building a wall clock from the scratch isn’t need many tools or strategy just you should have a keen desire to build it. Here we are going to share the things you will need to make a wall clock just by sitting comfortably from your home. So let’s know about them

#1. Wall clock kit:-

A wall clock comes with all the necessary tools to build a clock, I mean all those mechanical parts you will need to make a clock come with a wall clock kit. it includes clock hands which help you to know seconds, minutes or hours. This kit is available at online stores and markets.

#2. Clock base:-

Another important thing to making a wall clock is a clock base, you will find various types of clock bases in different designs and sizes. However, if you don’t want to spend your money, you can make it at home through any west household item by showing some creativity.

#3. Drill machine:-

After setting up all the mechanical parts of a wall clock, you need an electric drill to create holes in the clock base. This drill can be found in online and offline stores.

#4. Sandpaper:-

Next, you need a paper to give a beautiful design to your clock. especially if your clock base is made from wood then you need sandpaper which you can buy via offline stores easily.

#5. Some other items

Wood glue:- to paste the clock numbers into the clock base.
paint brush:- to design the clock base and numbers.
paint:- to paint the numbers.


So readers, After scrolling this article till the end. Hope you have got the answer about Made in India clock brands. if you enjoyed this content then do spread this information on social media to aware more people.


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