Home Product guide List of 8 Made in India laptop Brands| People Don’t know

List of 8 Made in India laptop Brands| People Don’t know

List of 8 Made in India laptop Brands| People Don’t know

If you love country made products and you are looking for Indian origin laptops in 2022 then you have come to the right spot, Today I will share info about made in India laptop brands!

made in india laptop brands

When it comes to laptops, Most of us think about popular brands such as Lenovo and hp, But few of us know that some Indian companies manufacture and sell laptops in the market.

Did you know? The grid compass is the first laptop launched in India, which was quite bulky than today’s tablet.

List of Made in India laptop Brands

All the listed companies are Indian and have manufacturing units in various parts of the country, If we forget to mention any brand name then please let us know via comment section.

#1. Coconics Laptops

It might be a new brand for many people, but we can say Coconics is a Kerala based private limited company that sells thin and lightweight laptops in the market. Coconics offers some amazing features like most of their laptops has water-resistant, drop-resistant features with a decent battery backup. So if you really wanna explore new made in India laptops, then you should surely check out Coconics laptops once.

coconics laptops made in india

Recommended Laptop:-  Coconics Enabler C1314W – Windows 10

#2. RDP Laptops

RDP claims itself as India’s cheapest hardware manufacturing company which has tablets, desktops and laptops on market. RDP laptops offer the best features such as it comes with Windows operating system, intel processer and much more, Thus RDP can be considered as the best made in India innovation. You can explore all the RDP laptops features and checkout them online.

rdp- made in india laptop brand

#3. AGP Laptops

You will find various kinds of laptops on the official site of agp, if you are planning to buy a laptop for the first time then you should check out agp laptops. Let us tell you agb known for its mini PC, commercial desktop and selling pc equipment. In case of having any problem, doughts you can share your query with agp group. You can also check it out agp laptops on e- commerce sites.

agp laptopsRecommended Laptop:- AGB Orion RA-0301 14″ Laptop (7th Generation Intel Core i7- / 16GB RAM

#4. Lava

After viewing the vast opportunities in the mobile sector, lava started its operation in 2009 with feature mobiles. And within a year of its launching it became a favourite brand for millions of Indians, Time changed and the company decided to launch an attractive Smartphones with an awesome design, Later lava also decided to launch its laptops. Currently, lava sells all the accessories related to tech gadgets such as power banks, earbuds etc.

lava laptops - Made in India laptop Brands

#5. Micromax

A decade ago Micromax was quite popular for its mobiles across the nation, in 2014 it was listed as the top 10 mobile brand in the world. Today we know Micromax as a consumer electronics company that sells ac, smart tv, led. washing machine and laptops. However, this company wasn’t able to establish itself as a big brand as a laptop manufacturing company.

micromax laptop


#5. Smartron

Smartron is a lot based company that offers the latest speakers, laptops and electronics Bikes in the market, Smartron laptops can be easily available with decent features in an affordable range.

if you are looking for a truly Indian origin laptop then you should once check out this laptop on Flipkart. Based on the latest intel core processor these Smartron laptops are able to give an awesome performance.

#6. Iball Laptops

iball is a familiar brand for most Indian users, Today iball is known for selling computing peripherals, iball offers decent laptops in an affordable range. If you are a student, a beginner who is looking for a good laptop can go with iball laptops, These laptops are best for online streaming, basic tasks you can check it out these laptops online.

iball laptops made in india brand

#7. HCL

As a next-generation company, HCl is a big name in the computing world. There was a time when hcl used to manufacture and sell laptops in market, But as per time company failed to survive in the market and went out from pc business.

hcl laptops



The bottom line on Made in India Laptop Brands

We hope after viewing a list of made in India laptop brands, you may have seen many brands for the first time. This proves that Indian companies still need to establish themselves as a brand. companies need to import and manufacture from other countries, thus buyers do not get the best and cheap laptops. So guys we hope this list of made in India laptop brands will help you, if you found this post helpful then give us a shout out by sharing this content on social media.

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