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Top 10 Made in india Lighting Companies! Check Now

Top 10 Made in india Lighting Companies! Check Now

The beauty of lighting not only makes our home brighter but also adds beauty to external places like roads, markets etc. But very few of us know that among the many popular lighting brands which are the top 10 Made in india Lighting Companies. To get the answer please stay tuned with us.

Made in india Lighting Companies

There isn’t any dought that electricity has made our life so easy than ever, apart from various electric equipment the role of lighting products is so important. Thus the use of bulbs, lamps and colourful lights can be easily seen in every home.

Especially while decorating a home or having a party & function the importance of lighting increases. Thus the market size of lighting products is so big than any other, that’s why today we have brought the list of top 10 led lighting companies? So, stay tuned with us because we are sharing amazing stuff with you.

Made in india Lighting Companies| You should know 

#1. Syska

When we talk about energy-efficient lighting products Syska is the name which first came to our mind, From LED bulbs to LED tube lights & street lights, Syska always tries to offer the best to its consumers.

However this emerging brand still needs to get promoted, Still, most of its customers don’t know that this is an Indian company. Syska brand is owned by SSK group which was founded by Rajesh Uttamchandani in 1989.

Syska led lights first came into the market in 2012 but now with having a 500cr turnover syska dominating the market space with its supreme quality products and services.

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#2. Bajaj electronics

Bajaj is still considered the #1 motorcycle brand, But did you know bajaj group (founded by the late Mr Jaman Lal bajaj ) also deals in various kinds of business such as the electronic segment.

Today with a variety of consumer electronics products like fans, Led bulbs, grinder mixers, irons, coolers, water heaters etc. bajaj holds significant market value in the market.

Currently, this company is having ₹4,987 crores turnover and has 500 plus customer care centres which insures that as an authoritative brand bajaj always tries to satisfy its customers. Currently, Mr Shekar bajaj is the owner and managing director of this company and doing awesome work for the growth of this company.

#3. Crompton Lighting

Besides being known for the coolest ceiling fans, Crampton is also a big brand in the lighting sector. You may need to know that it’s an Indian brand which manufactures both LED and non led products in the market.

This Mumbai based electronic consumer limited company was bought by Mr l k Thapar in 1974. Today it has divided its operation into mainly two sectors which are given below.

1. Crompton ECD in which they sell electronic appliances.
2. and the other one is lighting.

#4. Havells ~ Trustabale Made in India Lighting Company

This Noida based electronic consumer company doesn’t need to be introduced, it is a trustable brand for millions of users in India. Havells is known for offering supreme quality products.

Especially in the lighting sector, Havells deals for their best-led bulb, lamps, portable lighting, spotlight and strips and batteries. All Havells product comes under a 1-year warranty.

let us tell you that the business journey of Havells in India, is older than 80 years. Havells was started by the late Mr Haveli ram Gandhi, later it was sold to one of their distributor named keemat ray gupta (also known as the owner of Havells) and the company has an annual turnover of 13888.53 INR.

#5. Lokozo

Now some of you may be surprised by this unique brand name, Actually apart from daily uses lighting products lokozo deals and manufactures only special types of lighting products such as solar led street lights, flood lights, and underwater swimming lights.

Lokozo company was established in 2013, and the office of the company is located in Bengaluru Karnataka. All the workers and management is led by Subrata Saha, currently, it is growing as one of the best made in India lighting company which is the biggest Exporter and Manufacturer with having annual 5cr to 10cr turnover.

#6. Wipro

This list will be incomplete without adding Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, One of the richest charity lovers guy named Aziz prem Ji is the founder of this company. Due to having first priority to their customer, they are writing their success story for almost one decade.

When we look into the Wipro lighting collection you will find high quality products such as LED Bulbs, LED Battens, LED Flat panels, LED Spotlights and LED Downlights those are highly energy-efficient and gives you awesome performance for many years.

#7. Soorya lightings

Soorya company is extremely popular for quality fans, lighting, kitchen appliances and PVC pipes in India, that’s the reason it is listed on the top 10 led light manufacturers in India. Apart from India, this brand is having exportation contracts with 44 other countries and has an annual turnover of Rs 6000cr.

Very few people know that this company was started as a tube making unit in 1973 by B.D. Agarwal. Today Jai Prakash Agarwal ( Padma Shri) holder takes all the strategic business decisions for this company.

#8. Evergreen Light

Whether it comes to indoor lighting or outdoor lighting it’s the only brand which continuously manufactured supreme quality of made in India products, for a decade. After establishing in 2008 evergreen light-limited was quickly able to gain satisfaction and trust from customers with their lighting products like LED Street Light, LED Tube Light, and LED Down Light.

The company do its all of its operations via its head office which is located in Jaipur Rajasthan. On the IndiaMART site, we have found that Ram Dhanoria is the person who is known as the CEO of this company.

#9. Adyxa LED Flood Light

Apart from casual led bulbs Adyxa mainly focus on special types of led lights such as Street Light, Flood Light, Tube Light, Surface Panel Light, etc. Thus every year millions of people prefer this brand due to having the best build quality and safety features on their product.

This Indian private limited company was started in 2015, by a small group of people. Today the company has 11 to 25 employees and has an annual turnover of 50 lakh. So we have listed this brand as the 7 biggest LED bulb manufacturers in India.

#10. Emwalk

Emwalk is another Indian startup which has a decent number of trustable customers. Just like Adyxa this company produces special types of LED products such as flashlights, solar lights and rechargeable emergencies. many of its products can be easily bought on online stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

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So after reading this guide you may now have complete information about the Top Made in india Lighting Companies! hope you have found this content helpfull. Do share this content on social media for more helpfull content.


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