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Top 11 Made in India Smartphone Companies!

Top 11 Made in India Smartphone Companies!

As an Indian, we know how beneficial is to buy Indian products? But due to the domination of most Chinese companies in the market and having a lack of awareness we often didn’t hear about any Made in India Smartphone Companies! as compared to other foreign companies.

So as a swadeshi lover if you want to know and research about the best Make in India smartphones companies. then this guide surely gonna helpful for you, through the indiamebest blog we always help buyers to purchase the best Indian products.

11 Pure Made in India Smartphone Brands! 

Here we have listed some of the trusted Indian smartphone brands.

#1. Micromax

Micromax entered into the market of mobile business in 2008, And today it is one of the top Indian smartphones manufacturers company. after getting huge success in the sector of feature phones. The company started manufecturing& selling android, tablet pc& LED tv in 2012.

micromax smartphones

in 2014 Micromax had made its place in the world’s top 10 mobile brands. However, as per the market scenario, the company was not able to perform well continuously, as compare to other foreign companies. But at the end of 2020 Micromax did a great comeback by launching in series (IN for India) smartphones.

Within the launch, thousands of mobiles were sold in a single day. So again Micromax going on the right track and it’s actually good news to see the growth of this Indian company which is ultimately helpful for our overall economy.

#2. Intex

Intex Technologies (India) is India’s leading mobile company that also deals in LED Tv, speaker IT products and IT accessories.

intex smartphones

The company was started by Mr Narendra Bansal with the vision of making people life easier. After 25 years of Intex company, The result is they have millions of consumers all over the country.

Today the company is well known for its durable and quality product. It has 900 plus service centres across the country. Users Those who just want to do basic tasks and aren’t tech seavy can buy Intex budget smartphones.

#3. Lava

lava works on the simple philosophy ” empower people to do more, to be more” with the vision of changing the lives of millions of people Hari om rai (the founder of lava international) started the company in 2009.

lava mobiles

lava is one of those mobile giant company in India that has expanded its business in countries like Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt and many more along with India.

Lava Mobiles are especially famous for their premium designs. Their variety of models comes with a glossy finish and rich looks in the budget Segment. you can check out the lava’s best mobiles on amazon in 2021

Quick note:- You can Also Checkout the list of Indian origin companies which sells daily basis products such as Soap, facewash, Trimmer’s, headphones etc.

#4. Karbonn

A decade ago Karbonn started their journey in the mobile business! that was a time when foreign companies rule the market. in a short span of time, But with a good strategy and right actions initially Karbonn achieved those goals with whom they started this company.

Karbonn mobiles

Karbonn offers a wide range of gadgets like feature phones, smartphones, Smartwatch with the aim of making mobile communication easy.

So far it has launched many smartphones according to the need of Indian users. till 2015 it was one of the most used smartphone brands.

as per time, they have upgraded 4G technology and currently it has a wide range of 4G Mobiles. with over 850 service centres in India, it is still one of the prominent mobile brands that have a presence in Africa, South & South East Asia.

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#5. iball

since the establishment in 2001, Iball on a mission of revolutionizing the Indian market with the latest technology. and it is one of those Made in India Smartphone Companies.

iball smartphones

Currently, iball is India’s one of the growing tech brands along with earphones, tablets, Laptops they also manufactured smartphones. users can buy these phones online through Amazon and Flipkart.

this Indian electronics manufacturing company heavily focused on Indian users. they ensure quality products at affordable price. With over 250 service centre across India, they ensure anyone can buy budget-friendly gadgets.

to know more about iball company or its’ awesome made in India product visit at

#6. Xolo smartphones

an Indian smartphone brand launched in 2012 by lava international, It is considered that Xolo was the first Indian company that launched a made in India 4g phone, with an intel processor.

xolo smartphones

Xolo strongly believes in providing the premium and latest devices to its customer. When foreign companies were focusing on their back camera Xolo launched the first-ever smartphone in India which has 2 cameras on the front side.

however this company wasn’t able to compete with foreign companies, But they ruled in the domestic market. if we go 5-6 years back, millions of users bought this smartphone. So again we need to support this brand which supports the make in India initiative.

#7. LYF Mobiles

LYF simply indicates the life word, it is India’s popular 4G smartphone manufactured company. which headquarter is located in Mumbai. In 2016 Mukesh Ambani launched jio sim to distract and dominate the market of existing telecom companies in India.

lyf mobiles

along with that reliance launched their 4G smartphone named lyf. it was a true 4g supported phone that also has some premium services of jio sim for free. in the budget segment reliance tried to target urban and local audience of India. that time Reliance sold millions of mobiles in a day.

However today we have many more 4G supported smartphones. but yet we can go with this Indian brand. You can purchase different modes of lyf series online.

#8. Spice

did you remember those spice Mobiles advertisement on tv? if yes then you may know the dominance of spice in the Indian market a decade ago.

spice smartphones

spice is an old Indian mobile giant company working sinch 2006 in India. it has launched lots of feature phone with smartphones. unfortunately, this Indian company didn’t upgrade itself and it did not go too high as compare to other companies.

But by understanding the needs of younger India they released a couple of smartphones in the market. those are still available online.

#9. Celkon mobiles

Was a leading made in India mobile brand that manufactured mobiles, smartphones, tablets? it was established in 2009. at starting phase Celkon made a great presence with their useful feature phones. not only in India but they did expand their business in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal etc .the company head office is located in Hyderabad.

celkon mobiles

Currently, the venture of this Indian company had stopped but still, there is a wide range of Celkon mobiles phones available, online. unfortunately, the company failed to compete with other Chinese companies.

#10. Yu Televentures

a Subsidiary brand of Micromax started in December 2014. But unfortunately in just a few years, This smartphones brand was added to the list of failed made in India smartphone brands.

Yu Televentures smartphones

YU Televentures launched many smartphones such as yu yureka, yu unicorn but due to the cheap quality and poor sale service, the company didn’t survive on the market. however, along with the smartphones the company worked on other products such as health bands, mini ECG devices etc.


A newly Indian smartphone brand. This Hyderabad based startup launched many smartphones so far but due to the high wave of Chinese companies the company is still fighting to get known.

Smartron smartphone

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So these are some top Made in India Smartphone Companies. you have seen many of them are still struggling to be emerging brands. we hope by upgrading the technology and understanding the user behaviours again these swadeshi companies do a greater comeback. what’s your opinion tell us in the comment section and if you liked this piece of content then do share it on social media.


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