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Top 8 Made in india Soap Brands| Check list

Top 8 Made in india Soap Brands| Check list

people care while choosing a soap Because A good soap not only Smells good at the same time it helps us to feel fresh and active for long hours. So today we have come up with a list of some organic Made in India Soap Brands.

Nowadays there are a plethora of Skincare products available in the market such as face wash, scrub etc. But A Soap can be used in all parts of the body. That’s the reason Soap is still one of the finest and best choices for many Indians.

Best made in india soap

The market share of soaps is currently high in India, But unfortunately, most of the foreign companies are dominating the market for a long time. And many Indians even don’t know about any Indian soap brand.

but as a patriotic, you can always contribute to the economy by showing support for Indian products. Now let’s proceed and understand

Why we should have a made in India soap?

We Indians usually bought the soaps by their popularity, the price of soap and yes the fragrance {most toxic thing) of a soap.

That is why you will see these common brands such as Vivel, Dettol, lux, pairs, spark avenue etc. are used by people in everyhome.

These foreign brands contain toxic chemicals such as sulfates, artificial colors&fragnce etc. you can check out all the used elements on their covers.

made in india soap

You may don’t know that Artificial fragrance is the most toxic chemical, Because of having a patent the brand never disclose the details of such topics.

These harmful chemicals steal your natural glow and can show you so many disadvantages of using them for a longer period.

that’s why we recommend you to check out the ingredients of soap before using it, especially if any soap contains any artificial fragrance or any perfume don’t use it.

Now let’s get back to the solution, here are some organic Made in India alternatives of these foreign brands.

List of made in India soap brands

1. Medimix

Medimix is a well known Indian brand that has become India’s largest selling handmade soap. Medimix soap comes with 18 herbal ingredients which preserve your skin from pimples, dry skin and acne.

This Chennai based company was co-founded by Dr V. P in 1966. For the last 50 years the brands selling their soap across the nation.

medimix soap made in india soap brands

in PV words ” the production of Medimix was started in 1969 when I was a doctor in Indian railways, We had taken a step to treat skin-related issues among labours.

That is the reason initially Medimix set up ‘doctors prescribe’ As their tagline.

We can proudly say that this is a pure made in India soap, used by many generations.

2. Santoor

Santoor is a well non-brand among Soap manufacturing companies. Currently, it is the first and second best seller shop in the country which has recently crossed the sale of 2000 crore.

Santoor soap brands

Santoor is a pure Indian company that is established under the flagship brand of Wipro Pvt Ltd, Which is known for its consumer products and lightings

Santoor was started in 1986 with a product called talcum powder. Currently, the company has all the bathing solutions such as hand wash, Sanitizer including soap.

Santoor soaps are claimed to be the best for every age of people.

3. Patanjali soaps

Patanjali Ayurveda known as Patanjali Soap was Started in 2016 by Baba Ramdev& Acharya Bal Krishna. Today the company is known for its various types of consumer packaging goods including soaps.

patanjali soap

Most Patanjali soaps are less toxic and chemical-free. Especially the use of herbal elements makes this brand another choice for Indians to buy this Indian soap.

Some of their popular Patanjali shops are given below

4. Khadi natural

The brand name itself significance the connection of this soap with nature

Khadi Natural is one of India’s leading organic product manufacturers it has currently expanded its businesses in 18 States.

The company is on the mission to provide herbal Remedies solutions to all the Indians.

From body care to skincare it has various types of products Which you can buy online via their official site or stores.

You can buy these Khadi natural soaps.

  1. Khadi Natural Lemon soap
  2. Herbal Soap
  3. Khadi Natural Aloevera soap
  4. Khadi Natural pure lavender soap

5. Nirma

For the past 50 years, This Indian brand serving the nation with its regular basis products such as detergent soap, cement and cosmetics etc.

nirma soap

This Gujarat based Indian company was started by Karsanbhai Patel as a one-man operation. Today Nirma soap is popular in India they had a wide range of soaps available in the market.

So if you haven’t tried this soap yet, Do now.

6. Cinthol

You may surely have listened to the name of Cinthol as it has launched a variety of organic body care products. Such as organic face wash, perfumes over the years. A cinthol soap has been endorsed by Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan.

cinthol soap

The company was started with two products a complexion soap and detergent. Cinthol soaps help your skin to be protected from dust, pollution and other types of skin problems.

Let us tell you Cinthol is a Flagship Personal care brand of Godrej for over 60 years.

7. Chandrika

In ancient times people used herbal soaps while bathing To feel fresh and active. Chandrika is one such herbal soap that is made from rich herbs. This soap is sold under the SV Products brand in India.

Chandrika soaps are made from ingredients like wild ginger, lime peel oil, hydnocarpus oil, coconut oilcaustic soda (with higher percentage)

These all ingredients have their own medicine value so it will not be going to harm your skin at any cost.

Currently, this brand is owned by Wipro company which is India’s consumer goods and lighting company.

8. Jiva Ayurveda

With the mission of delivering Ayurveda in every Indian home, Jiva Ayurveda had Established a Jiva Medical & Research Centre in 1998.

Currently, they have a team of 500 + doctors, who researches passionately to serve the best to the Indians. Currently, They are doing their business in 1800 cities + towns and have a wide range of Body care products such as jiva face cream, Jiva Digest churna as well as Jiva soap.

Those who are nature lovers should definitely check out the jiva herbal soaps, So they can get a new experience of using a soap.

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#9. Biotique

This is another brand which we have on the list which is known for their authentic herbal products

biotique soap

With a combination of science and Ayurveda, they had manufactured their product currently Biotique brand is dealing different kinds of herbal soaps.

So you have another option to go with that ayurvedic brand

FAQ Related to indian Soap Brands

Q: Is dove soap made in India?

Ans: Dove soaps are manufactured by the United Unilever organising company. It is a USA based company. Currently, they have manufacturing units in various countries Such as Australia Argentina Brazil etc. So it is not an Indian product

Q: List of soap manufacturing companies in India?

Ans: Many companies are in the business of making soaps in India, it includes foreign brands as well as Indians. Here’s the list of top Soap manufacturing brands in India.

• Godrej Consumer
• RB Health
• Wipro consumer care
• Jyothy labs
•Hindustan liver

Q: Which is the best natural soap in India?

Ans: Medimix Patanjali and some other Indian brands are making Soaps with natural herbal ingredients. These soaps contain fewer chemicals than other soaps.

Q: Which is India's number one soap?

Ans:- Dove soap can be considered as India’s number one soap, As well as it has launched the first-ever moisturizing face wash. That contains 1¼ milk this is a bio sexual product that can be used by any person.

Q: Is lux is Indian brand?

Ans: This product is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever, not only bath soap it includes a variety of products in different categories such as beauty, skincare, along shampoo and conditioner.

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So guys you have got all the details about Made in India soap brands. We hope these made-in-India soap brands will be helpful for you, if you find this article helpful do share it on social media.


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