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List of 10 Made in India Sports Shoes Brand | Checkout Now

List of 10 Made in India Sports Shoes Brand | Checkout Now

Made in India Sports Shoe Brands: From children to old people everyone likes to wear sports shoes, as these are perfectly suited for running, playing and jogging.

Made in India sports shoes brand

But when we think about sports shoes, some international brands like Adidas, Nike etc straight way knocks our mind. But have you ever thought there are plenty of Indian shoe manufacturers who make incredible footwear at a decent price?

Probably not, That’s why our today’s Guide is dedicated to all the nation’s people who love to support Indian products and want to succeed the make in India campaign.

In today’s article you will be going to know about some Top Made in India Sports Shoe Brands | So let’s get started.

Top 10 Made in India Sports Shoe Brands

Apart from rich people most Indian people still buy shoes from the local market or roadside markets, But while picking a pair of shoes they even don’t try to check the origin of the shoes.

So next time whenever you plan to buy a pair of shoes if those shoes fall under the given list it will be easy for you to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of footwear.

However, we have already published various topics about Indian origin products like made-in-India shampoo, soap, toothpaste and facewash etc.

#1. Sparx sports shoes.

Sparx’s popularity and its top-quality products makes it on the top of this list, Sparx offers a wide range of durable, lightweight shoes to their customers. That’s why Sparx shoes are mostly loved by athletes and sportspersons.

This Delhi-based company is part of Relaxo which is also the largest footwear shoe brand in India.

So if you are looking to buy an Indian-origin sports shoe, we will recommend you to buy a pair of Sparx. As per our experience and customer reviews, we have found that Sparx shoes give excellent quality at a decent price.

All the Sparx shoes can be easily bought in eCommerce stores and the local markets.

#2. Campus

We don’t need to talk about the popularity of action shoes in India, especially in the casual and sports shoe segments. From rural to urban areas everywhere campus shoes are loved by people.

Campus activewear commonly known as Campus is the sub-brand of the action group which was founded by Nikhil Aggarwal in 1983 He is also the CEO of campus footwear.

after launching Campus in 1997, Today campus plays a vital role to empower made in India shoe campaign, Along with having 25 more sub-brands Campus is known as one of the largest shoe manufactures in India.

Campus shoes are best suitable for running purposes and even on a casual dress, these shoes look great. As a trustable shoe brand for Indian customers, campus shoe has an 85% major stake in the market.

#3. Red tape

it’s another successful Indian startup which was firstly got launched in the market in 1996, today it’s not only the trustable footwear brand for Indian people but also it has a global presence mainly in the US and Europe markets.

Redtape shoes give cool and comfortable looks. when visiting the official site of red tape you will have an option to choose a trendy and lightweight pair of shoes in various colours. These shoes start from 1100 up to 7300INR.

however, you may also check out their stores’ casual or formal shoes. All the operations and management of this private limited company are owned by mirza international which has a main office in Kanpur.

#4. Metro shoes ~ purely Indian sports shoe brand

Metro shoes formally known as Metro, is quite a popular shoe retailer company in India It has a presence in over 130 cities of India, and recently company has offered its IPO in the market.

The business journey of this footwear brand was started back in 1947 by opening its first shoe store in Mumbai. Today not only shoes but also company sell a wide array of products.

If you look at the official website you will have numerous options to choose different shoes for various occasions.

  • Formal Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Ethnic Shoes
  • Party Shoes

So if you haven’t checked out metro shoes yet then it’s time to take a look at the best pair of sports shoes in India.

#5. Asian sport shoes

if you go for comfortable yet cheap sports shoes in the local market, you will be recommended Asian footwear from the shopkeepers.

The brand was firstly established in 2008 with the vision to manufacture a variety of shoes to customers. Using the latest technology and fine material today Asian shoes are available for all groups of age.

Mr Rajinder Jindal is the leader and mentor of the company who have done great work to climb the company to the path of success.

with having 50 lakh plus annual turnover This Indian company provides employment to over 700 people and the journey to becoming the topper brand in their domain is continuing.

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#6. Khadim’s Sports shoes

this Kolkata-based Indian footwear company has market presence for 30 years, IT’s one of the proudest Indian companies for us.

besides the local market, khadim’s s sports shoe has been dominating the online stores for a long time, Those who love to wear khadim’s footwear usually go for their sports shoes.

While exploring the best sports shoe, we found that khadim’s pro-running men’s shoes are one of the best-seller items on Flipkart. These shoes are ranked best for their good material also these shoes are lightweight and let you buy in two different colours.

The company is managed and led by Mr Siddhartha Roy Burman who is the owner and CEO of this company. The current growth and rewards show the company truly deserves to be India’s best footwear company.

#7. inc5

apart from all the above-mentioned brands, inc5 is truly an an exclusive shoe Indian origin brand, which was founded by Almas Nanda in 1988 with the vision to provide comfortable yet stylish sports for ladies.

Today inc5 is one of the popular names among the top Indian footwear company, There are so many inc5 stores that can be seen in various big cities like Kolkata, delhi, Mumbai etc.

One of the best things is that on inc5 stores both men and women can find various types of shoes according to their needs and desire. Especially having a filter on the sports category you will find that there are also sports shoes available with good looks and ratings.

So it can be said that you have another choice to checkout made in India shoes by visiting the inc5 store.

#8. Red chief

Red cheif is quite heard brand for many people, as we are regularly watching its advertisements for many years, red chief was launched as a desi shoe brand with the vision to provide quality leather shoes to customers.

Their leather shoe concept made them one of india’s trustable and best quality shoe providers. Today red chief has stores in 16 various stores and has over 3k plus multi-brand outlets.

Mr. Manoj Gyanchandani is the founder and CEO of this brand, Vicky Kaushal is the brand ambassador of this company. now if we look at the sports shoe segment red chief Furo is one of the best running shoes we have found during research.

This shoe can dominate the space by competing with its rival brand like Puma, Adidas and so on.

#9. Action sports shoes

Action shoes are my best foot mate during my childhood, probably you may know there was only one brand that was quite popular for their school shoes.

Let us tell you this is a pure Delhi-based Indian private limited shoe company which heavily trusted by Indian people and liked by many of our big sports stars like sachin tendular, kapil dev and so much players.

That’s the reason it’s India’s no.1 sports shoe company which manufactures over 1 lac shoe on daily basis and has 50k plus retail outlets over India. The company was incorporated in 1972 since it had established itself as one of the best shoe manufacture of India.

if you wanna buy a sports shoe or gift someone in the family, action shoes can be a perfect choice. These shoes are heavily recommended by people.

#10. Provogue

it’s last but not the least Indian company in our list which has made its name for their stylish lifestyle products.

This Mumbai based company has currently dominating the Indian market by being a leading fashion brand. in July 2021 Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan was chosen to be the ambassador of this company.

If you look at the online stores you will find that prologue provides a wide range of sports shoe to their customers, these shoes have decent looks with having comfortable, lightweight and yet affordable.

while visiting the different sites on the web we have found many positive reviews about this Indian company. so now we have made another choice for you to look at the best Indian sports shoes.

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So guys after remembering all the key points regarding Made in India Sports Shoe Brands, you have to find the complete information about this matter, if you find this article helpful then do share it on social media.


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