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Top 2 Made in india Sunglasses Brands| People don’t know

Top 2 Made in india Sunglasses Brands| People don’t know

Sunglasses has not only a wearable stylish accessory but also became a need of the person. Thus people can find various types of sunglasses for men and women. In today’s post, we have unlocked the secret things about Made in India Sunglasses Brands.

 Made in india Sunglasses Brands

See, There was a time when sunglasses were assumed as a luxury item. but nowadays these are becoming protection shields for a human which protects our eyes from dangerous UV rays. Thus observing its importance every year 27th June is celebrated as a national sunglasses day.

However, you may find sunglasses starting from 100 rupees, But most of the foreign brands we see in the market are manufactured and sold by foreign brands, Thus this guide will help you to know about Indian sunglasses brands.

How to choose the perfect sunglasses?

Till now, if you used to choose a sunglasses basis on their price, design and colour filtration, Then wait for a minute I am sharing some cool secret tips which will gonna make you able to find the right pair of sunglasses as per your needs.

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  • It’s worthwhile to spend some minutes choosing suitable spectacles for your face, Which will help you to wear them for many years.
  • As the primary reason for wearing sunglasses is to protect yourself from dangerous UV rays, thus it is important to consider the lenses which have 100% UV protection capacity.
  • don’t ignore the size aspects, googles frames either not should be too small or not bigger. However, if you use them for sensitive purposes (not only for looks) then a bigger frame will give you better protection.
  • According to fashion experts, Whenever buying goggles it is recommended to pick one which has the opposite design to your face shape. it’s easy to know your face type and trying various glasses will make you able the right glass.

Top 2 Made in India Sunglasses Brands| check now

See, if you look at the market you will find that there are plenty of options to choose a perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself. But as you, filter brands based on their country of origin, you will see there are very few brands which have a label of India. Here’s the list of top sunglasses companies.

#1. Fastrack Sunglasses~ The Tata Product

For many years, Fastrack has been the best budget segment fashion accessories brand among Indian youth, it was launched back 17 years ago as a watch-selling brand by the tata group.

But as time passes Fastrack decided to jump into the sunglasses business. in 2009 company launched its first showroom to sell various types of fashionable items like affordable yet stylish bags, wallets even sunglasses.

Now after beginning the journey company didn’t look back, today this titan’s sub-brand has a valuation of over 1k cr. and has nearly exclusive showrooms and stores in every big city.

Especially talking about sunglasses, Fastrack offers a wide range of goggles in very cool & attractive shapes to both men and women. So far as per our own experience and based on the internet research we have found the best customer reviews. Thus it can be said that Fastrack is a superior made-in-India sunglasses brand.

Another thing we shouldn’t miss here is that in 2020 Fastrack launched its first audio sunglasses which attracted users for many months. let us tell you these types of goggles look the same as normal glasses, and the best feature they had Bluetooth connectivity which can be easily paired with your android smartphone.

#2. IDEE

IDEE is known for their high-quality sunglass, Bollywood stars such as Alia Bhatt, and Ranvir Kapoor is often seen wearing these cool glasses. Idee offers various kinds of unisex sunglasses with hassle-free shipping across India. If you haven’t looked for these sunglasses yet, you may explore all its products on Amazon and Flipkart.

From hundreds of designs and colours, one can easily find the suitable glass of their choice. By visiting its official website you will find that they also have an option to choose the right pair of sunglasses for a person.

However, the company isn’t much popular among Indian people but as an eyewear brand, this startup was launched in 2000 by Ronak optik india pvt ltd. Soon the company had established itself as a quality yet impressive sunglasses.

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Why Indian sunglasses brands aren’t popular?

We all know due to a lack of innovation, marketing strategy and focus, this important sector remains untouched by Indians. Thus like other types of fashionable products and general accessories, There aren’t many options for us to choose a reliable and best Indian sunglasses brand.

However, we can’t ignore the fact that various kinds of sunglasses are manufactured and sold in India. But there isn’t any brand that gains much popularity like foreign brands. But to support the made in India campaign established companies should jump into this sector.

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So Guys, after having complete information about Made in India Sunglasses Brands, now it may easy for you to choose the right brand of sunglasses brand for yourself.


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