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List of Made in India Tablet Brands| Sad Reality

List of Made in India Tablet Brands| Sad Reality

We can easily see the dominance of mobile giant companies like Samsung in the market. But Did you know some Indian companies are offering awesome tablets at a reasonable price, Today we will go through these Made in India Tablet brands!

made in india tablet brands

As per comparison tablet market is quite low than smartphones, But due to portability and screen size, people loved its tablet. At Indiamebest we often discuss Indian origin products recently we have covered topics like made in India smartphones, toothpaste, face wash and other products to make aware people of the make in India campaign.

Popular Made in India Tablet Brands

#1. iBall

iBall understand their customer needs and budget, thus they have always tried to offer good items at affordable price. Let us tell you iBall is an Indian company that also manufactures tablets in the market.

if you are looking for a tablet that can fulfil all the basic tasks like video streaming, multitasking, video calling at an affordable price then iball devices is for you. Here is the list of all laptops that are under the 10k range.

#2. Lava tablets

Lava is another Indian brand that offers tablets under 8k to 12k category. Lava started its business journey in 2009 with feature mobiles. But as per the market scenario, later company decided to manufacture smartphones& tablets.

Let us remember you that there was a time when lava had dominated the mobile market, But the company wasn’t able to compete with its rivals. But lava products are worth considering as per their price, Here is the list of lava tablets you can check out online.

List of Indian tablet manufacturing companies who shut their operations

There was a time when smartphones were quite new for many Indians, At that point in time brands like Micromax, Karbonn launched their tablets to offer smart features on the bigger screen And some companies got success in their strategy. But in a heavy competition company were failed their startup here is the list of some companies.

  • Micromax
  • Karbonn
  • Intex
  • Celkon
  • Bsnl
  • Ambrane

Not made in china Tablet Brands

#1. Ipad

Apple’s smart devices are quite popular for their high-class security& performance. Task those you usually perform on your android, you can do same on bigger iPad screen So whether you wanna entertain yourself or you need to do professional work on excel or ms-word, iPad can be the perfect device to manage all the stuff you wanna need for yourself.

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#2. Samsung

From mobiles to homemade appliances Samsung established itself as a reputed brand, Did you know Samsung also offers the best tablets to its users. So far if you had a great experience with Samsung then you should check out the Samsung tablet once. This South Korean company offers a wide range of expensive tablets and can be found online & offline.

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#3. Asus Tablets

Asus tablets offer the best features, performance as per their pricing, These tablets can be said the best alternative to expensive tablets. This non-Chinese company usually manufactures smartphones, laptops and sells tablets. If you need a laptop with android os then the Asus tablet can fulfil your requirements.

#4. Hp tablets

Hp is a popular name in the computing industry, But do you know hp also offers a wide range of tablets in the different budget segments. However recently hp announced that they are not going to manufacture cheap tablets anymore Because the company wants to occupy the business laptops space. You can check out the available hp tablets on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

#5. Microsoft

If you are looking for a tablet that has a windows operating system, Then you can go for Microsoft tablets. Microsoft tablets come with a unique design, comfortable keyboard with the desktop operating system that’s why these tablets can be the best alternatives to an iPad or laptop.

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FAQ- Made in India Tablet Brands

why are Indian companies not manufacturing tablets anymore?

Currently, Indian origin tablets aren’t able to compete with cheap Foreign companies especially Chinese tablets. Thus companies like Micromax have stopped their tablet business.

Why are Indian company tablets aren’t much popular?

As of now, we aren’t able to fully assemble or manufacture a tablet in India, Thus
Indian brands need to export the table parts from countries like china so the Indian tablet cost usually gets high rather than cheap Chinese tablets. So we can say it’s the only reason Chinese brands are not able to compete with foreign brands.

Which is not a made in china tablet?

here is the list of tablets that aren’t made in china:

Are tablets only manufacturers in china?

No companies like Samsung have their own manufacturing units in their county, non-Chinese tablets have greater performance and durability thus these laptops are more costly than Chinese tablets.

Bottom Line: Made in India Tablet Brands

So guys After knowing About Made in India Tablet brands, it depends on you whether you should buy Indian origin Tablets or not. However, till now, you have taken a decision to buy a suitable Indian brand. if you like this post, then please share it on social media. Thanks for reading!!


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