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Best made in india trimmer Under 2000 | indiamebest

Best made in india trimmer Under 2000 | indiamebest

Most men’s love to set their beard. They care, style But literally nor of them know about any Made in India trimmer.

and I know you are one of them just like my elder brother. And the reason is straight and simple that today market has been ruled by Chinese Trimmers, So we often not hear about any Indian trimmer.

But as a responsible Indian consumer if you really want to contribute to get strength our economy then one of the easiest thing for doing so is to buy Indian products.

So to help and save your precious time in a lot of research I have come with a list of some purely made in India trimmers.

I know you can’t buy any product just by seeing Indian tag, obviously, you will need the quality product which is worth your money.

So Based on the deep research and observing the customer reviews I have listed the top 3 trimmers that I can proudly say these are the best trimmers currently available in India


you may be familiar with the brand name called Syska. this company deals in various types of electronics gadget such as led bulb, lamps, iron and other personal care products.

the company also offers the best quality trimmers to the customers an affordable price. if you often shop from amazon then here are the best syska trimmers you should check out by given link.

See syska’s best trimer

2. Havells

a pure Indian brand which is dominating the Indian electronics space for a very long time. from electronics wires to the iron Havells deals in everything.

Havells trimmers are made with the best quality materials, designed according to the latest trends. so looking for the best body hair or beard trimmer then once check out these Havells trimmer for the best personal grooming experience.

in order to get the best havells trimmer for yourself, you can check out the Havells trimmer list, from the given link.

Checkout Havells Best Trimmer

3. Letsshave

however this Indian brand not so old in India, But after starting its operation in 2015 today company serving millions of consumers around the world.

Letsshave deals in a variety of personal grooming products, that are categorized for men&women. Because of its quality blades, this becomes one of the prominent brands of India. you can check out their all grooming stuff on their official website

Faq by made in India trimmer customers.

What Is Trimmer?

The basic nature of a trimmer is to trim your hair. a trimmer has often 2 or more sliding blades it can be used for cutting the facial hair, style your beard, your chest hairs or even they can help you in trimming the underarms hair.

in order to cut the hairs of any body part, you have to pass the trimmer through your hair. Due to their small size and design, they can easily carry out wherever you want.

today there are various types of trimmers available in the market based on their uses such as beard trimmer, hair trimmer ear and nose trimmers.

What Is Corded Trimmer?

it is a type of trimmer that hasn’t come up with a battery. it needs an electrical source to trim the hairs. Which can relax you WHile trimming your beard or removing facial parts. Also, you do not need to charge these trimmer as they direct send electrical energy from the plugged outlet.

What Is Cordless Trimmer?

A cordless beard has an inbuilt battery after full charging it lets you trim your hairs on the go.

nowadays lots of trimmers come up with a big battery backup. there are many cordless trimmers that are made up of waterproof materials. One of the main advantage of using this type of trimmers. If the battery suddenly goes down while trimming you may have to charge it again

How do I choose a good trimmer?

while buying a trimmer you should consider the following things.


companies like Philips, Panasonic and some others are the best in the sector so if you do not have a budget issue then go for a reliable brand.


of course, like me you can’t compromise the overall quality of a trimmer. one of the key factors is that it should be made with stainless steel blades.

dry and wet trim

now it’s up to you that where you would like to trim. you may love to trim while bathing or while sitting in the dry palace. however, there are so many trimmers available that let you trim your hairs in both conditions.

stainless steel blade

The big advantage of using a stainless blade is that they require minimum maintenance also protects your skin from cutting while pushing it hard on the screen.

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final verdict

So if you really wish to contribute to the make in India campaign, I will suggest you purchase a trimmer from any given companies. I really request you to always try to buy Indian goods rather than Chinese.


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