Home trimmer Top 3 indian trimmers company| Purely made in india

Top 3 indian trimmers company| Purely made in india

Top 3 indian trimmers company| Purely made in india

Looking for some indian trimmer? to yourself or wanna gift somebody then here you will get to know about made in India trimmers? we are going to discuss Indian trimming companies that are capable to beat Chinese company trimmers.

Like women, a man also wants to look good, feel good. Thus the
grooming plays a crucial role in his overall looks.

So a trimmer is something that is a must-have product in your grooming collection. A good trimmer will always help you to style your beard, remove unwanted hair from your skin& body.

As an Indian, very few people may know that there are Indian brands that exist in the market that manufactures trimmers and by purchasing an Indian trimmer we can show our support for made in India campaign!

List of Top 3 Made in India Trimmer companies


you may familiar with the brand name called syska. the company deals in various types of electronics gadget such as LED, iron and other personal care products.


Syska origin country    India
Syska headquarters      Pune
Products of Syska    lighting, luminaries, and consumer electronics 
Founder of Syska    Govind Uttamchandani
Established Year     2012


The company also offers the best quality trimmers to the customers at an affordable price. As per your needs, you can choose the best trimmer for yourself from a wide range of trimmers.

syska trimmer

after entering the market in 2012, Today the company plays a crucial role to sustain made in India initiative.

according to 2017-18 statistics, the company has a turnover of 900cr plus and it is one of the popular Indian electronic brands. You can checkout the syska’s product on its official website and other online stores such as flipkart&amazon.

2. Havells

A pure Indian brand which is dominating the Indian electronics sectors for a very long time. from electronics wires to the iron, today Havells deals in everything.


Havells origin country    India
Havells headquarters      Npida, Uttar Pradesh
Products of Havells    Consumer Electricals Brands
Founder of Havells    Qimat Ray Gupta
Established Year     1958


Havells trimmers are made up of the best quality materials, designed according to the latest trends. so looking for the best hair, body hair or beard trimmer then check out the Havells trimmer for a better personal grooming experience.

havells trimmer

I hope that you may be using at least one product in your home of havells, Because since 1958 this Noida (UP) based Indian electrical equipment company offering a wide range of quality products to their customers.

along with India with the presence in 50 plus countries and establishment of 13 plus manufacturing units today the company has a global presence. so we can say it is one of the topmost company that is rapidly growing in a made in India mission.

3. Letsshave

after dominating the Men’s grooming space in India. this Chandigarh based Indian startup has become a prominent brand of India. Let us tell you that letsshave fulfil all of your shaving requirements at an affordable cost.


Letsshave origin country    India
Letsshave headquarters      Chandigarh
Type of company    Grooming Products
Founder of Letsshave    Sidharth S Oberoi
Established Year     2015


As the company was started off with a mission to provide high-quality razor blades.

As you may know, razor blades are not easy to make but this Indian startup made 6 blade razor with a trimmer (which was the first innovation in the history of razor blades) Currently they have a wide range of products that mainly deals in shave care, shower, trimmers and beard care product.

You can explore all their products via letsshave.com

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List of Popular Chinese trimmer brands in india

#1. Mi Trimmers – Made in china

Xiaomi popular Chinese mobile brand is also known for it’s wide range of amazing trimmers. Mi is completely a Chinese company, founded in Beijing, China.

#2. Keimi

Keimi is known for its cheap trimmers in india, KeMei Industrial Co., Ltd company was started in the year 2002 in China.

#3. Kubra

We have got another Chinese company on this list named Cobra, whose products are easily available on local markets & online e-commerce site. But all these Chinese products are imported in India from China itself.

So Guys these are some popular Chinese trimmers. Apart from this, there are also some Indian trimmer brands, like Vega, which products are manufectred in China.

Best non Chinese trimmer brands in India

There is no doubt that we should buy indian products to contribute in make in India campaign But at the same time, as a customer you must be aware about most popular trimmer brands in Indian markets, those aren’t Chinese.


Philips is a Netherlands based company that is known for its quality products. Philips has established it’s own manufacturing units in many countries of the world including India, You can feel free to buy Philips trimmers.


Nova has various kinds of trimmers in different sizes in the market. Let us tell you that Osaka is a Japanese company.


Panasonic is a Japanese company that was started in the year 1955. Panasonic’s Trimmers are sold all over the world today, so if you are looking for a non-Chinese company, then you can go with Panasonic trimmers.


Brown is a German company that is mainly known for its electrical appliances, Brown’s trimmers are sold in many countries of the world including India and people loves them.


Wahl is mainly famous for its barber tools and you will often see many barbers use it’s tool. Let us tell you that this is a Canadian company, whose products are made in the USA.

FAQ related to made in India trimmer-

Are Phillips trimmer made in India?

No, As Philips is Netherland based company that has a global presence including India. But currently, the company has its own manufacturing plants in India.

Are nova trimmer made in India?

yes, but it is a china based company, Which also manufactures a variety of products in India. Thus we can say yes the nova trimmers are made in India but this isn’t an Indian brand.

list of Indian trimmer manufactures?

in the trimming sectors, currently,havells, syska and letsshave are the big-name those are working for the best Indian trimmer. So if you wish to buy any Indian trimmer then you can go with any Indian trimmer brand.


So if you really wish to contribute to made in india, made for india campaign. I suggest you to purchase made in trimmers from any given company. I really request you to always try to buy Indian goods rather than Chinese products.


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