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List of 16+ Non-Chinese Mobile Brands in India | Checkout Now

List of 16+ Non-Chinese Mobile Brands in India | Checkout Now

Due to the dominance of Chinese mobile giants in the Indian market, it is a bit tough to find the true origin of mobile devices, So to make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of Top non-Chinese mobile brands in India. So stay tuned and read this guide.

Non-Chinese Mobile Brands in India

Since launching the first-ever Smartphone in 2009 in India, Today with an availability of 600M smartphones India has a total of 700 million-plus internet users and these stats are upgrading every single year.

So, whether you wanna boycott Chinese smartphones or you are curious to see the best non-Chinese brands, this guide surely going to be worth reading it.

List of non-Chinese mobile brands in India:-

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#1. Apple

One of the most popular and rich It companies in the world apple is Usually loved for its iPhones! this non-Chinese brand was established in the united states in 1976 and founded by Steve Jobs. Steve was a Great entrepreneur, investor and is popularly known for making a revolution in the world of personal computers. To know more about the company’s working strategy you may visit the apple about page.

Apple origin country United States
Apple headquarters  Apple Park is located in Cupertino, California
Products of Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.
Founder of Apple Steve Jobs,

Steve Wozniak,

Ronald Wayne

Established Year April 1, 1976


#2. Samsung

Samsung believes that innovation brings Changes that impact people’s life, Thus Samsung does the same. This South Korean company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung Chul. From mobiles to Refrigerators Samsung is a well-reputed brand in the electronic sector among all the people in the world. You should note that Samsung isn’t only an electronic brand but it is separated into 5 different business groups.

Samsung origin country South korea
Samsung headquarters Samsung Town, Seoul
Founder of Samsung Lee Byung-chul
Established Year 1 March, 1938


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#3. Asus

This Taiwan based company is one of the popular IT brands in the Indian market, Asus mainly deals on desktops, laptops, netbooks and budget segment mobiles. From the past few years, the company made its great establishment in the global market. Its high-quality IT products and customer satisfaction make it stand out from its rivals, Thus millions of people love to use Asus mobiles.

Asus origin country Taiwan
Asus headquarters Beitou District
Founder of Asus T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao
Established Year 1989


#4. Sony Mobiles

Today Sony mobiles aren’t seen many more in the market but Literally when android had just arrived in India, Sony used to offer premium smartphones in the budget segment. from Television to award-winning digital camera’s This japan origin company offers its quality products and services to 200 plus countries including India.

Sony origin country Japan
Sony headquarters Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Founder of Sony T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao
Established Year Masaru Ibuka, ‎Akio Morita


#5. Panasonic Smartphones

Panasonic is another popular non-Chinese brand in India, which has a good presence in the electric sector, Panasonic was started a century ago in Japan by Kōnosuke Matsushita as a manufacturer of lighting bulbs. But currently from mobiles to home appliances Panasonic deals in various products like water purifier, microwave, refrigerator and make itself a loyal brand in international market including india.

Panasonic origin country Japan
Panasonic headquarters Kadoma, Osaka
Founder of Panasonic Kadoma, Osaka
Established Year 1918


#6. Acer

Acer is a Taiwan based multinational electronic technology company, which is the biggest Pc vendor brand in the world, however, Acer also started to manufacture smartphones by viewing the vast market of smartphones. But unfortunately, Acer wasn’t successful in the mobile market, But yes it’s important to have a knowledge of the country of origin while seeing a phone.

Acer origin country Taiwan
Acer headquarters Xizhi, New Taipei City
Founder of Acer Stan Shih
Established Year 1 August 1976


#7. Infinix

With production in over 30 countries, today infinix has been established as a smartphone maker company, Infiix is a hong kong-based company which first seen in the market in 2013. Infinix deals in budget range smartphones and has millions of satisfied customers across India. Recently the company expanded its business in tv sector.

Infinix origin country Hong-kong
Infinix headquarters Research center at france and korea
Founder of Infinix Sagem Wireless, Transsion Holdings
Established Year  2013


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#8. HP

if you think hp is only a computer/laptop brand then wait, here is the quick information for you is that hp deals in both hardware and software services. Apart from pc Hp is a top-notch seller of printers, digital camera, scanner etc. Also in 2001 company decided to grow its business by offering services related to design, implementation, and providing support to its organizations.

HP origin country America
HP headquarters Palo Alto, California
Founder of HP Bill Hewlett and David Packard
Established Year  1938


#9. InFocus

InFocus is an American based technology company that is quite known for its LED televisions, tablets and smartphones. in 2014 company launches its first-ever smartphone named InFocus M810 and later it launched some other models. But sadly, Due to the Lack of sharp focus and marketing strategy company wasn’t able to grow up as the biggest smartphone brand.

InFocus origin country America
InFocus headquarters state of Oregon
Founder of InFocus Steve Hix and Paul Gulick
Established Year  1986

#10. Sansui

Sansui was a Japanese electronics company, mainly known for its audio and video devices and home appliances, which was later acquired by Karbonn mobiles in 2019. Currently, Sansui deals in many electric home appliances such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners etc. Let us tell you Sansui tried to dominate the Indian mobile space when Jio started in India, But the company wasn’t able to make a big impact on the market.

SANSUI origin country Japan
SANSUI headquarters Tokyo
Founder of SANSUI Kosaku Kikuchi
Established Year  1947


#11. Cherry Mobiles

This Philippines based mobile brand was started in 2009. If this name seems new for you, then let us tell you cherry is a smartphone manufacturer brand which sold its mobiles in various countries. You can also check out and buy its mobiles via online stores like Amazon in India.

Cherry Mobiles  origin country Philippins
Founder of Cherry Mobiles Maynard Ngu
Established Year 2009


#12. Pixel from Google

Pixel (introduced by Google) is also a popular brand in the Indian market, which is quite popular for its flagship smartphones! Let us tell you that Pixel is a non-Chinese smartphone brand whose smartphones are manufactured by HTC company in Taiwan! Pixel’s first product was launched in the year 2013. Apart from smartphones, today Pixel is also known for its tablets, laptops and other accessories associated with these devices.

Pixel origin country America
Founder of Pixel Google
Established Year February 2013


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#13. LG

Even though Chinese brands like Redmi, Vivo have made their strong presence in the Indian market, as a premium smartphone brand LG is cannot be forgotten! Let us tell you that apart from other home appliances, LG also sells tablets, smartwatches and related accessories. This is a South Kurian company. Which was started in the year 1947.

LG origin country South Korea
LG headquarters Seoul, ‎South Korea
Founder of LG Koo In-hwoi
Established Year 1947

#14. HTC Taiwan

HTC is the same company that had launched its first Android smartphone. Although it is not a popular brand, Let us tell you that in the initial phase, HTC had captured the mobile market of many countries including India. it is a Taiwanese company known for its quality mobiles.

HTC  origin country Taiwan
HTC headquarters Xindian District, New Taipei City
Founder of HTC Cher Wang, HT Cho, Peter Chou
Established Year 1997


#15. Nokia

90s people can never forget the Nokia company, which gives people door-to-door communication services through keypad mobiles! Apart from feature phones, Nokia is also known for its smartphones, let us tell you that this non-Chinese company has headquartered in Finland. But as per time, Nokia could not upgrade its technology, due to which it could not succeed in the market like its feature phones.

NOKIA  origin country Finland
NOKIA headquarters Fredrik Idestam

Leo Mechelin

Eduard Polón

Founder of NOKIA Espoo, Finland
Established Year 1865


#16. Micromax

Micromax, which started its business with feature phones almost a decade ago, still maintains its identity in the mobile market! In the year 2020, Micromax has returned to the market with the Made in India tag through its In series, however, let us tell you that Micromax’s smartphones are not completely manufactured in India, most of its equipment is imported from China.

MICROMAX  origin country india
MICROMAX headquarters Gurgaon, India,
Founder of MICROMAX Rahul Sharma
Established Year 2000

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