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List of 12 Made in Indian tyre brands | Best for All Types of vehicle


When we look at the market we get to see various tires at different prices according to a suitable vehicle. But if you especially wanna know about the Indian Tyre making companies, then here you will get the List of Top Made in Indian tyre brands.

made in indian tyre brands

A good tire helps you tackle many common problems while driving and smoother your driving experience.

There are mainly 2 types of tires you get to see in the market. Tubeless and Tube, most people consider tubeless tires to be better, But still few of them recommend the tube tires for the durability of the tires.

Best Made in Indian tyre brands| Purely indian

According to the 2019 statistics, Daily There are more than 8 million tires were produced in the world and China is the largest country of tire manufacturers.

So, based on the basis of tire companies‘ popularity, sales and their performance. We have listed these Indian tires brands, So stay tuned with us and don’t forget to let us know about your Favourite car company? Which you wanna recommend us.

#1. MRF

Whether it is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler most Indians go with Mrf Tires, Thus As a trusted tire brand Mrf has millions of certified customers across the nation. It is known as the number one tire manufacturing company in India.

mrf tyres

With the presence in over 65 countries of the world, Today MRF manufactures tires for various types of personal and commercial vehicles like two-wheelers, truck bus, tractor etc. In 2006. it was also awarded as the Most Trusted Tire Company by the Global CSR Study.

Country of origin India
Founder name K. M. Mammen Mappillai
Established year 1946
Net worth ₹1,277.06 crore


#2. Appolo Tyres

Apollo is a big name in the tire industry, it is India’s one of the largest tire manufacturing Indian multinational companies. Along with India Appolo has also established its manufacturing unit in Europe as well, the headquarter of the company is located in Gurugram, Haryana. The only objective of the company is to provide superior quality durable tires to the customers, So far the company has been so successful in their mission.

apollo tyres

Country of origin India
Founder name Onkar Kanwar
Established year 1972
Net worth ₹16,373.87 crore


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#3. JK Tyre- 

You may easily find jk tires in heavy vehicles like trucks, buses etc. GK Organization is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in India. Let us tell you that the name JK is originated from the founders of this company named Lal Singhania and Kamalapati Singhania, JK tires come with 5 years warranty which ensures the durability and comfort of its tires.

Country of origin India
Founder name Shri Hari Shankar Singhania
Established year 1951
Net worth 2398.39 crore

#4. BKT tires

BKT Tires has been famous for years in the Agriculture sector. The full name of BKT tires is Balkrishna Tires, BKT tires are known for their rough and tough quality. Most BKT tires are integrated with tractors on the other hand it is being the most prominent brand for construction vehicles like Zcb, also these tires are used for mining and construction purposes.

BKT- growing together

Country of origin India
Founder name Mahabirprasad Poddar
Established year 1980
Net worth ₹11.55 billion

#5. CEAT ~Made in Indian tyre brands

According to the customers, CEAT tires give you excellent performance while driving on the highway, These tires are assumed to be best for city driving and are recognized as the best tires in the budget range as MRF tires. Let us tell you that CEAT is also an Indian company which is a flagship brand of RPG Group, whose brand ambassador is actor Rana Daggubati.

CEAT is known for its World Class Tires which provides services in more than 100 countries, people can buy CEAT Tires for multiple vehicles like Scooters, Bikes, Three Wheelers, Car Buses, Truck, Tractors.

Country of origin India
Founder name Virginio Bruni Tedeschi
Established year 1924
Net worth ₹2,766.11 cr.

#6. Metro tires

In the last 50 years, Metro Tires has emerged as a leading tire manufacturer due to its quality& trust currently Metro Tires is used in more than 53 countries of the world. After starting with bi-cycle, Metro Tires shifted its business into two-wheeler and three-wheeler and got success. Let us tell you Metro Tires was started in the year 1968 by Mr Mansingh.

Country of origin india
Founder name father Man Singh
Established year 1968
Net worth  INR 500 cr


#7. Birla tires

We all are familiar with the name “Birla”. As you may know Birla manufactures tires for everyone from motorcycles to farm tractors, from small vehicles to buses, you will find Birla tires in even passenger cars. This company was started in the year 1991 and today it is one of the leading Tire manufacture brands in India.

Country of origin india
Founder name Kesoram Industries Ltd.
Established year 1991
Net worth ₹137.36 cr.

#8. TVS tires

We all know TVs is quite famous indian companies for its high-performance bikes& Auto rickshaw. But most people don’t know that TVS also manufactures tires for two& three-wheeler vehicles. Today TV’s has a network of more than 2400 dealers across India. Along with having a presence in 70 plus countries of the world like South Africa, Africa, Australia etc.

tvs tyres~ indian tyre brand

Country of origin India
Founder name TV Sundram Iyengar
Established year 1982

#9. Grl Tires

Grl (Govind rubber limited ) is a leading exporter of cycle tyres. It is an Indian manufacturing company that was started in the year 1964 with the mission to provide sturdy and durable tyres for cycles. Later it has ranked itself on the list of India’s top tire manufacturers. Today the annual turnover of this company is in crores and hundreds of employees work in the company.

Country of origin India
Founder name Late Mr. M. P. Poddar
Established year 1964
Net worth N/A


#10. Tirupati tires limited

The name of the next made in India Tire company is Tirupati Tires, which provides various ranges of tires for vehicles in the automobile industry. Today Tirupati Tires has a large network across India and it sold millions of units through its dealers. Tirupati Tires was started in 1988 as a private firm but today it is a well-known name in the tire industry.

tirupati tyres

Country of origin India
Founder name sanjay wakade
Established year 1988
Net worth N/A

#11. Keshav tires

Listed as a leading tire seller in India, this Pvt. ltd company was started as a dealer in Kolhapur in the year 2004. As a dealer, this company offers tires of many big brands like Birla, Ceat, Michelin, TVs. Apart from tyres, it also sells accessories for motorcycles and cars. Therefore, Keshav Tires has also become a well-known name in the market, due to its high-quality products.

Country of origin India
Founder name Surya Bansal
Established year 2004
Net worth ₹ 500 cr


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#12. Trident Tires

Trident Tires is known as one of the best industrial tires as compared to other companies. Where you can easily find material handling tyres, construction tires and underground machine tires for mining in the earth. the company started its operations in year 1997, today Trident has become a trusted tire supplier with a presence in 35 countries of the world including India.

Country of origin India
Founder name NA
Established year 1967
Net worth NA

List of non-Indian Tyre companies in India

Now we are sharing with you the list of some such popular foreign tire companies, whose business is flourishing rapidly in India but people do not know that they are foreign companies.

Company Name Country of origin
Bridgestone Japan
Goodyear USA
Nexen Tire South Korea
Pro line USA
Alliance Israel
Cooper Tires USA


Most of these tire companies manufacture tires for two-wheeled vehicles to luxury cars, trucks and bikes and a few of them also have established their manufacturing units in India if you are looking for the difference between an Indian and a non-Indian tire company. Then check out the list below!

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Conclusion~ Made in India Tires company

So friends, after reading this post, you must have got information about Made in Indian tyre brands, if you like this post then please share it on social media too.

List of 16+ Non-Chinese Mobile Brands in India | Checkout Now


Due to the dominance of Chinese mobile giants in the Indian market, it is a bit tough to find the true origin of mobile devices, So to make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of Top non-Chinese mobile brands in India. So stay tuned and read this guide.

Non-Chinese Mobile Brands in India

Since launching the first-ever Smartphone in 2009 in India, Today with an availability of 600M smartphones India has a total of 700 million-plus internet users and these stats are upgrading every single year.

So, whether you wanna boycott Chinese smartphones or you are curious to see the best non-Chinese brands, this guide surely going to be worth reading it.

List of non-Chinese mobile brands in India:-

Before we get into the list here’s a quick note for you, Recently we have shared a list of 11 made in smartphone companies, So if you truly support the make in India campaign then these some Indian companies may inspire you to come up with some great startups and successful campaigns.

#1. Apple

One of the most popular and rich It companies in the world apple is Usually loved for its iPhones! this non-Chinese brand was established in the united states in 1976 and founded by Steve Jobs. Steve was a Great entrepreneur, investor and is popularly known for making a revolution in the world of personal computers. To know more about the company’s working strategy you may visit the apple about page.

Apple origin country United States
Apple headquarters  Apple Park is located in Cupertino, California
Products of Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.
Founder of Apple Steve Jobs,

Steve Wozniak,

Ronald Wayne

Established Year April 1, 1976


#2. Samsung

Samsung believes that innovation brings Changes that impact people’s life, Thus Samsung does the same. This South Korean company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung Chul. From mobiles to Refrigerators Samsung is a well-reputed brand in the electronic sector among all the people in the world. You should note that Samsung isn’t only an electronic brand but it is separated into 5 different business groups.

Samsung origin country South korea
Samsung headquarters Samsung Town, Seoul
Founder of Samsung Lee Byung-chul
Established Year 1 March, 1938


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#3. Asus

This Taiwan based company is one of the popular IT brands in the Indian market, Asus mainly deals on desktops, laptops, netbooks and budget segment mobiles. From the past few years, the company made its great establishment in the global market. Its high-quality IT products and customer satisfaction make it stand out from its rivals, Thus millions of people love to use Asus mobiles.

Asus origin country Taiwan
Asus headquarters Beitou District
Founder of Asus T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao
Established Year 1989


#4. Sony Mobiles

Today Sony mobiles aren’t seen many more in the market but Literally when android had just arrived in India, Sony used to offer premium smartphones in the budget segment. from Television to award-winning digital camera’s This japan origin company offers its quality products and services to 200 plus countries including India.

Sony origin country Japan
Sony headquarters Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Founder of Sony T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T. Liao
Established Year Masaru Ibuka, ‎Akio Morita


#5. Panasonic Smartphones

Panasonic is another popular non-Chinese brand in India, which has a good presence in the electric sector, Panasonic was started a century ago in Japan by Kōnosuke Matsushita as a manufacturer of lighting bulbs. But currently from mobiles to home appliances Panasonic deals in various products like water purifier, microwave, refrigerator and make itself a loyal brand in international market including india.

Panasonic origin country Japan
Panasonic headquarters Kadoma, Osaka
Founder of Panasonic Kadoma, Osaka
Established Year 1918


#6. Acer

Acer is a Taiwan based multinational electronic technology company, which is the biggest Pc vendor brand in the world, however, Acer also started to manufacture smartphones by viewing the vast market of smartphones. But unfortunately, Acer wasn’t successful in the mobile market, But yes it’s important to have a knowledge of the country of origin while seeing a phone.

Acer origin country Taiwan
Acer headquarters Xizhi, New Taipei City
Founder of Acer Stan Shih
Established Year 1 August 1976


#7. Infinix

With production in over 30 countries, today infinix has been established as a smartphone maker company, Infiix is a hong kong-based company which first seen in the market in 2013. Infinix deals in budget range smartphones and has millions of satisfied customers across India. Recently the company expanded its business in tv sector.

Infinix origin country Hong-kong
Infinix headquarters Research center at france and korea
Founder of Infinix Sagem Wireless, Transsion Holdings
Established Year  2013


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#8. HP

if you think hp is only a computer/laptop brand then wait, here is the quick information for you is that hp deals in both hardware and software services. Apart from pc Hp is a top-notch seller of printers, digital camera, scanner etc. Also in 2001 company decided to grow its business by offering services related to design, implementation, and providing support to its organizations.

HP origin country America
HP headquarters Palo Alto, California
Founder of HP Bill Hewlett and David Packard
Established Year  1938


#9. InFocus

InFocus is an American based technology company that is quite known for its LED televisions, tablets and smartphones. in 2014 company launches its first-ever smartphone named InFocus M810 and later it launched some other models. But sadly, Due to the Lack of sharp focus and marketing strategy company wasn’t able to grow up as the biggest smartphone brand.

InFocus origin country America
InFocus headquarters state of Oregon
Founder of InFocus Steve Hix and Paul Gulick
Established Year  1986

#10. Sansui

Sansui was a Japanese electronics company, mainly known for its audio and video devices and home appliances, which was later acquired by Karbonn mobiles in 2019. Currently, Sansui deals in many electric home appliances such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners etc. Let us tell you Sansui tried to dominate the Indian mobile space when Jio started in India, But the company wasn’t able to make a big impact on the market.

SANSUI origin country Japan
SANSUI headquarters Tokyo
Founder of SANSUI Kosaku Kikuchi
Established Year  1947


#11. Cherry Mobiles

This Philippines based mobile brand was started in 2009. If this name seems new for you, then let us tell you cherry is a smartphone manufacturer brand which sold its mobiles in various countries. You can also check out and buy its mobiles via online stores like Amazon in India.

Cherry Mobiles  origin country Philippins
Founder of Cherry Mobiles Maynard Ngu
Established Year 2009


#12. Pixel from Google

Pixel (introduced by Google) is also a popular brand in the Indian market, which is quite popular for its flagship smartphones! Let us tell you that Pixel is a non-Chinese smartphone brand whose smartphones are manufactured by HTC company in Taiwan! Pixel’s first product was launched in the year 2013. Apart from smartphones, today Pixel is also known for its tablets, laptops and other accessories associated with these devices.

Pixel origin country America
Founder of Pixel Google
Established Year February 2013


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#13. LG

Even though Chinese brands like Redmi, Vivo have made their strong presence in the Indian market, as a premium smartphone brand LG is cannot be forgotten! Let us tell you that apart from other home appliances, LG also sells tablets, smartwatches and related accessories. This is a South Kurian company. Which was started in the year 1947.

LG origin country South Korea
LG headquarters Seoul, ‎South Korea
Founder of LG Koo In-hwoi
Established Year 1947

#14. HTC Taiwan

HTC is the same company that had launched its first Android smartphone. Although it is not a popular brand, Let us tell you that in the initial phase, HTC had captured the mobile market of many countries including India. it is a Taiwanese company known for its quality mobiles.

HTC  origin country Taiwan
HTC headquarters Xindian District, New Taipei City
Founder of HTC Cher Wang, HT Cho, Peter Chou
Established Year 1997


#15. Nokia

90s people can never forget the Nokia company, which gives people door-to-door communication services through keypad mobiles! Apart from feature phones, Nokia is also known for its smartphones, let us tell you that this non-Chinese company has headquartered in Finland. But as per time, Nokia could not upgrade its technology, due to which it could not succeed in the market like its feature phones.

NOKIA  origin country Finland
NOKIA headquarters Fredrik Idestam

Leo Mechelin

Eduard Polón

Founder of NOKIA Espoo, Finland
Established Year 1865


#16. Micromax

Micromax, which started its business with feature phones almost a decade ago, still maintains its identity in the mobile market! In the year 2020, Micromax has returned to the market with the Made in India tag through its In series, however, let us tell you that Micromax’s smartphones are not completely manufactured in India, most of its equipment is imported from China.

MICROMAX  origin country india
MICROMAX headquarters Gurgaon, India,
Founder of MICROMAX Rahul Sharma
Established Year 2000

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Dear readers, After checking the list of non-Chinese mobile brands in India, We hope this content may help you to choose a reliable brand. if you have loved this content then please give us a little shout out on social media by sharing this content with other people.

Top 7 Boat Earphones under 1500| Exclusive Deals Check Now


Hey! Looking for some trendy and comfortable Earphones at an affordable price? Then these boat earphones are made for yourself. Here we have curated a list of some best Boat Earphones under 1500. So Just stay tuned to know more about it.

boat earphopnes under 1500

As you may know, Boat is a rapidly emerging Indian electronic brand that has gained lots of popularity in past few years. Boat earphones come with different features and looks, thus they are perfectly suitable according to a person needs.

Boat is one of those Indian brands that have gained the trust of millions of people in India.

Based on our overall Research, customer reviews and own uses we have curated the list of best earphones on the budget segment. So Let’s Get started.

List of Best Boat Earphones under 1500 | You should check out once

#1. Boat Rockerz 450

if you are feeling tangible with wired earphones, Then it’s time to switch to this Bluetooth earphone, these Boat earphones give you premium HD Sound quality. The quality of these earphones has satisfied lakhs of customers.

Boat Rockerz 450


Boat earphones often come with trendy looks and comfortable design, Thus we can consider it one of the best earphones provided by an Indian brand. Boat rockers earphones come with a 300 mah long-lasting battery, which can survive up to 400 hours in a standby mode.

These comfortable earphones can be carried out anywhere whether you are at home or outside.

Product specifications

Headphone type On-ear
Driver Type Moving coil driver
Battery Capacity 300mah
Charging Time 3 Hours
Bluetooth Version V4.2
Compatibility All Bluetooth device



  • Great sound quality and bass
  • Dedicated microphone
  • mobile charger supported


  • fast charging isn’t supported
  • not adjustable wires

Check price

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#2. Boat BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones (Black)

Compared to the old typical wired headphones, these boat earphones seems so elegant and stylish. It’s 10mm dynamic drivers and super extra bass give you a great listening experience.

Boat BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones

Along with Crystal clear sound, it also has an in-built mic feature so that you can make calls, play&paus your favourite music and do many more things on the go without any trouble.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
Driver size 10mm
Noise isolation passive
Super extra bass Yes
Microphone Yes
Compatibility All 3.5mm device



  • Great sound & build quality as per budget
  • In-line microphone feature
  •  1200mm long cable
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


don’t available in coloured earbuds

Check price

#3. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone (Active Black)

Do you want to escape the hecticness of wireless earphones? and want to welcome Bluetooth technology in your life, then these lightweights, compact and easy-to-use boat Bluetooth headphones are made for you.

Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

These Boat Bluetooth 5.0 earphones give you HD quality sound. If you usually go for jogging, gym then its sweat, water, dust resistant technology protects your earphones from damage And makes you able to listen to nonstop music for 6 hours continuously.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
Driver type Dynamic
Driver size 10MM
Playback Time 6 hrs.
Charging time 1.5hrs
Compatibility All Bluetooth device



  • Produce High-Quality Sound
  • Available in neckband design
  • Good charging speed



Bluetooth range limited to 10m

No auto on-off with magnetic buds

Check price

#4. Boat Rockerz 261 Sports Wireless Earphones (Jazzy Blue)

With Sweat, water and dust resistant technology these boat earphones are a bit more stylish than the rest of the above mentioned wireless headphones, And it can be considered as the best product under 1k which comes with a 1-year warranty.

Boat Rockerz 261 Sports Wireless Earphones


These boat earphone helps you to play 7 to 8 hours of continuous nonstop music and with the dedicated microphone, it lets you make crystal clear calling anytime, anywhere. So whether you are going for a walk in the morning or driving, you can take it out these headphones to look cool and more stylish than ever.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
HD Sound Yes
Bluetooth version V4.1
Battery capacity 100mah
Charging time 2 hrs
Compatibility All Bluetooth device



  • Awesome product as per price
  • Good battery backup
  • heavy bass 



Bit bulky

Check price

#5. Boat BassHeads 172 Wired Earphones (Blue)

Now, this is not a wireless headphone but this low budget earphone comes with a premium metallic finish, on which you will get a durable braided cable. You can enjoy Movies & Songs anytime by connecting this earphone with your 3.5mm jack.

Boat BassHeads 172 Wired Earphones

The special thing about these boat earphones are their great audio quality and tremendous bass, in this price range you will find many such earphones in the market but in terms of quality, we have listed them as one of the best earphones at this price segment.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
Heavy Bass Yes
Driver size 10mm
Noise isolation Passive
Microphone Yes
Compatibility All 3.5mm jack device



  • The best sound cancellation feature
  • comes in a metallic finish
  •  in-line microphone
  • long 1200mm wire


  • Average sound & bass quality

Check price

#6. Boat BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones (Black)

In the market, you will find a plethora of wired headphones under 500! But you might have to struggle a lot to find such quality earphones which have metal finishing and an extra heavy base.

Boat BassHeads 225 in-Ear Super Extra Bass

Like every other Boat product, thousands of customers have been satisfied with the quality of this earphone, and the best part of these earphones is that you get noise cancellation, hands-free communication and a powerful 10mm driver to enhance your audio experience.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
Heavy Bass Yes
Driver size 10mm
Noise isolation Passive
Microphone Yes
Compatibility All 3.5mm jack device



  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  •  1-year warranty.
  • High sound with rich bass
  • sturdy and strong wire


The wire is a bit bulky

Check price

#7. Boat Rockerz 255 Pro

This boat headphone comes with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 technology, it has great sound quality as well as its build quality and fast charging makes them one of the best selling Boat earphones.

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro

The headphones get fully charged in just 1.5 hours, and with 6 hours of nonstop play time, You can carry it out outside anywhere you want. Apart from it, these earphones give you sweat and water protection and it also supports Google Assistant and Shiri command to help you do your task so quickly.

Product specifications

Headphone type in-ear
Playback time 6 hrs
Driver Type Dynamic
Charging time 1.5 hours
Bluetooth version 5.0
Compatibility All Bluetooth devices



  • perfect for sports and adventures.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • humping & Deep Bass
  • Good Battery Backup


The Bluetooth range is not more than 10m

Average mic

Check price

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So, guys, You have seen a complete list of the best boat Bluetooth earphones under 1500, We hope after reading this post you will be able to pick the best earphone for yourself. if you found this content usefull then do share it on social media.

Know! Noise Belongs to which Country? is Noise belongs to China?


Nowadays many companies are growing rapidly in the Indian market, even many of us use&test these companies products on daily basis, Noise is such an emerging brand in India. So being an Indian if you also have heard about this company and if you wanna know Noise Belongs to which Country? is Noise an Indian company?

noise belongs to which country

just stay tuned you will find all the information regarding the topic.

This brand is mainly known for its smartwatches, Today noise has become the topmost smartwatch seller brand in India, so it is necessary for all Indians to know whether it is an Indian company? Or Chinese? and How it was started?

Noise Belongs to which Country? Is it an Indian or Chinese Startup

Absolutely! Noise is an Indian company based in Gurugram. It was started with selling smartphone covers, by two brothers named Gaurav Khatri and Amit Khatri in 2014

Actually, smartphone users were very few at that time, so it was the craziest thing to use smartphones for many people in India, Thus the founders of the company felt that rather than entering into the competitive mobile business if we only deal in smartphone accessories, it will benefit us a lot.

Later the company decided to sell other wearable Smartphone Accessories like Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth and smartwatches. fortunately, People loved their initiative and due to its quality products, most of its products were sold well in a very short time and it became so popular in a short span of period.

Are noise products made in china?

After knowing that Noise is an Indian brand! have you seen a Made in China stamp on Noise’s product? why is this happening? is there any contract or partnership between china and the noise company? let’s find out

Yes, like other Indian electronic brands such as Boat& Boult this Indian company also take help from China to manufacture their products in their country.

As all our readers may know that China is very ahead in terms of technology and production, thus the production and labour cost so less than other countries.

And this way Noise took advantage of china. The company designs its earphones, Earbuds and Smart Watches in India and then they partner with Chinese companies to manufacture them, which is why the Made in China stamp is seen on these products.

Popular Products of Noise company!


it is the most popular & most selling smartwatch comes from Noise. Often Noise launches Bi-sexual smartwatches in the market Under the smart wearables category. These smartwatches are Equipped with all the useful features, both men and women can wear these trendy watches. These smartwatches are easily available on offline markets & eCommerce sites.

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Bluetooth earphones

Later, the company also started designing Bluetooth earphones and gradually people loved these Earphones due to their attractive design and compatibility with every phone. You will be able to easily find Noise Bluetooth earphones of different varieties & Colors in the market.

wireless earbuds

When it comes to smartphone accessories, earbuds cannot be forgotten. Today most people prefer to use earbuds for their small size and high-quality sound, noise also provides you with different kinds of earbuds at affordable prices.

What is go noise? Networth of go noise

Go noise is an official site of Noise Company, On this site users, get more details about the company and its products.

According to Forbes India, the total revenue of Go noise Limited had over ₹430 crores currently, there are more than 50 employees in this company. And every year this success graph is increasing.

How did this Indian company get started?

By understanding the people needs and convenience in the coming era, Noise made its debut as something different from its competitors, the company started selling smartphone covers considering the bright future of the smartphone sector and its immense potential in it.

And Once they proved their vision to be Awesome, the company decided to expand its products and its business and decided to come with smart wearables in addition to smartphone cases.

The company made its debut by launching its first-ever Shots earbuds on Amazon and Flipkart sites in 2016.

Today, Noise devices are mostly liked by the younger generation. Most of the Noise devices in the market are available in the budget range, which is why this Indian brand has been on the list of best selling bands on Amazon and Flipkart for the past several years.

Today, people bought wireless gadgets from this company in large quantities, Thus now it is becoming one of the top five brands in India that sells wireless earphones in India.

Why was the company named Noise?

There is an interesting story behind this name, the company says that we all have a voice inside us, that constantly inspires us to follow our dreams and do better in life. And it was this voice that helped Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri to start their own company in 2014 and inspire people with this Indian brand. And what could be a better company name than Noise?

 Is noise A Good Brand?

According to us, this Indian brand has made its mark. Today, Noise devices are very much liked by the younger generation. Most of the Noise devices in the market are available in the budget range, which is why this Indian brand has been on the list of best-selling brands in Amazon and Flipkart for the past several years. Today, people buy wireless gadgets from this company in large quantities, so this company is one of the top five brands in India that sell wireless earphones in India.

Their headphones & earphones are really good for gaming. I personally tried playing Subway Surfers Mod apk on my smartphone with Noise headphones & the experience was really good.

Why was the company named Noise?

There is an interesting story behind this name, the company says that we all have a voice inside us that constantly inspires us to follow our dreams and do better in life. And it was this voice that helped Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri start their own company in 2014 and inspire people with this Indian brand. And what could be a better company name than Noise?

Final Words: Noise Belongs to which Company? should we buy this product

As per our point of view this Indian brand has achieved so many things in a short time and it should continue to grow like this, but the company should try to establish its manufacturing unit in countries other than China, and If possible, they should plan to start production in India.

Although it is not easy to do, it requires a huge amount of capital and also manpower.

But if the company succeed in establishing manufacturing units in India, it will make a big impact on Made in India campaign and along with this we Indians will also feel proud to purchase Indian products. And Ultimately this will benefit the country, customer and the company.

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Is Boult an Indian company? Know Why it is made in China


Boult is the fastest growing brand in India, Many of its audio products like Earphones, Earbuds are selling indiscriminately! But the question is, is Boult an Indian company? Who started it? You will get here all the information related to this topic. Just stay tuned with us!

is boult an indian company

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this company is that it launches its audio products in the affordable and budget segment. That’s why a large number of people in India test their products and use them daily, So now let’s know the whole truth behind this company!

Is Boult an Indian company?

Yes! Boult is an electronic consumer company based in New Delhi. The company was started by Varun Gupta in 2017, Thus we can say it is an Indian startup that is growing rapidly.

It is one of the few electronic brands in India, whose price accusation is almost the same as Chinese products. But due to its great build quality and attractive design, the company has attracted so many people towards boult products.

Boalt origin country India
Boalt  headquarters  New Delhi
Company type Electronic Consumer brand
Founder of Boalt Varun Gupta
Established Year 2017


However, when you look into the manufacturing details of any boult product, there you will get to see the Made in China tag on the product, so the question is why?

And if this company is Indian, what are their relations with China, let’s closely understand this secret.

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Why do we see made in China in boult products?

One of the main reasons behind this thing is that all the products of Boalt are only designed in India and they are manufactured & built-in in china.

Because of this, the company is able to export those products from China to India and sell them at a very cheaper price in the Indian market, which benefits both the company and the customer.

Thus, due to the manufacturing of boult products in China, the products often come with Made in China stamp.

As we all know many Indians often oppose Chinese products, Thus during the covid period company’s founder, Varun Gupta said that in the coming years they are going to shift their manufacturing units from china to India.

The company has also said in its statement that they are preparing themselves to outsource their products to other countries than China. Also, They will invest major capital in establishing their own manufacturing unit in India.

Who is the owner co-founder of Boult company?

Varun Gupta is the CEO & Founder of Boult company who started this company in 2k17, Let us tell you that by profession Varun is a digital marketer, before entering into the business field, he had a lot of knowledge about social media marketing, online marketing, business analysis advertising, etc.

And all his information helps him a lot to promote and gain benefits to take this company to the next level. the company tagline simplifies the way to change listening things.

Brand abmessdor of Boult company?

Currently, the brand ambassador of this company is Vicky Kaushal (Katrina Kaif’s husband) who is often seen using Boult products in advertisements. Hence the brand ambassador Vicky has been influencing people with the boult product for a long time.

Is Boult a good brand?

Boult is a great brand in terms of price and quality, so far thousands of people have been ordered their products online and people have given very good feedback using them.

The special thing is that Boat’s products are known for attractive design, hence today it has emerged as the best brand in the audio segment in the market.

Are Boat and Boult the same company?

Both boat and boult are Indian brands and are fast-growing in the audio segment.

However, you may know that boat company was started in the year 2016 by Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta. On the other hand, the Boult company was launched in the year 2017 by Varun Gupta.

Today both these companies have their own special identity in the audio segment in the market. Currently, boult is having 50 to 60 employees in a company, whereas boat has 200 to 250 employees in their company.

One thing is certain, both the companies design their products in India and contact China to manufacture them.

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If we talk about the products of both the companies, then both have different features and it is difficult to compare both of them due to their special design.


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Is Boat an Indian company? Know about everything about company!


Today, Boat can be seen as an emerging brand for air phones, chargers and other electronic accessories in the Indian market. But do you know who is the owner of this cheapest and premium products provider company? Is Boat an Indian company? you will get all your answers in today’s article?

is boat an indian company

Nowadays there are a lot of Chinese products in the Indian market, in such a situation it becomes necessary for all the Indians to identify which company is Indian? Or Which one is Chinese? Let’s get Started

Is Boat an Indian company?

Yes! Boat originally known as Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited is a quite popular electronic brand in India, it was started in 2016 by two people named Sameer Ashok Mehta and Sameer Gupta.

With innovative designs at cheaper prices, Boat keeps launching its wireless chargers, speakers and premium rugged cables and other mobile electronic accessories in the Indian market.

Marketing and promotion play an important role in the overall success of the company. The company does tie-up with sports teams for promotion and it also promotes its brand at public events.

You may have seen many big Bollywood celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Javed Sheikh advertising boat products. Even cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Shreyas Iyer influence the audience with Boat’s products.


Boat  origin country India
Boat   headquarters  Delhi, india
Company type Consumer electronic brand
Founder of Boat  Sameer Mehta and Aman Gupta
Established Year 2016


According to the latest research by Kalagato (A market intelligence firm) Boat is the fastest growing brand in India, today it holds more than 37% stacks in the audio product segment.

Are Boat products Made in China?

Guys this question is bound to arise because nowadays many companies manufacture their products in China and sell them in the Indian market with made in India tag, So let’s know the truth behind this fact!

All Boat products are designed in India but they are manufactured and assembled in China, due to which its products are often cheap and quite similar to other Chinese products.

Let us tell you that India does not have infrastructure like China, Thus we are not capable of developing all the components& accessions of products and selling them at reasonable prices.

Therefore, most electronic brands contact Chinese companies to manufacture their products in large quantities.

This also proves that before manufacturing and building a product company looks for its own profit, that is why most of the companies in the world manufacture their product in China.

As we know people often says to boycott Chinese products in India, Thus according to the recent statement of the boat company, it will soon focus on setting up its manufacturing unit in India.

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Is boat earphones made in china?

Yes, like most of the Bost products, its Earphones and Wireless Speakers are also manufactured in China. Due to which people are able to buy Boat products cheaply on online e-commerce sites and local shops at very low prices.

Guys China has always been seen as a manufacturing hub, due to which the overall cost of making products is very low. But it doesn’t mean boats have the only option to manufecture&build their product in China, if they want they can also go with other Asian countries like Vietnam, Singapore, the Netherlands. This step will definitely go to increase the trust of Indians in the company.

Why do we see made in china tag if boat an Indian company?

The country of origin of the boat company is in India, but the Made in China stamp can be easily seen in many of their products, So the question is why does this happen?

To understand this, you have to be clear with the meaning of country of origin, A place where a product is made, promoted & grows known as its country of origin.

On the other hand, when an Indian company or a foreign company makes its product in another country, there will be a tag of that company, where it was manufactured.

for example

If a famous Japanese company bought its camera sensor from China, then the sensor will come up with Made in China tag, but its country of origin will remain Japanese.

Co-founders of boat

At present, Aman Gupta is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of the boat company. Before starting this company, Aman had worked as a sales director in Harman International.

Due to having much experience in this industry, Boat was able to become a successful company in a short time.

if we Talk about the company’s second founder Sameer Ashok Mehta, he is an entrepreneur by profession who runs this company as well as runs Redwood Interactive. This company sells computer peripherals hardware, computers.

Apart from this, Aman belongs to a business family and has a lot of business fields, Which helped a company to gain a massive audience on a larger scale.

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Is Flipkart an indian Company? Shocking Reality People Don’t Know


Currently, Flipkart is one of the most trusted shopping sites for Indians. But the question comes is Flipkart an Indian company? Who made Flipkart? And how it has become so successful in India? to know the answers of all these questions, you just need to stay tuned with this content.

is flipkart an indian company

It would be interesting for you to know that Flipkart even sells their own products such as bags, computer pen drives etc with the branding of Digiflip. But more than 90% of people do not know where and how Flipkart was Started.

Is Flipkart an Indian company? 

Yes, Flipkart is an online shopping Indian company that was started by two IIT pass out graduates Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007.

The company’s initial year was not proven to be the Best, only 20 products were shipped for the first year. In 2008, the company opened an office in Koramangala, Bangalore, from where they started providing customer support.

But the next year proved to be amazing for Flipkart, And gradually they started getting funding from investors.  Today Flipkart is a big name among all of us and according to Statista during the 2020 financial year it has an annual turnover of approx ₹ 346 billion rupees.

Let us tell you that like Amazon, Flipkart was started as a bookselling company, But as per time they expanded their business and today, it becomes India’s largest e-commerce site that sells everything. Not only this but popular brands like Myntra, PhonePe, Cleartip are also subsidiary brands of this company.

Now it is clear that Flipkart was purely launched by two Indian people and it is an Indian origin company. but who actually owns it? Let us know which company has the largest stake in Flipkart.

Flipkart  origin country India
Flipkart   headquarters  Bangalore, Karnataka
Company type Ecommerce
Founder of Flipkart  Sachin Bansal, binny bansal
Established Year 2007


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Who is the owner of Flipkart?

Guys even though Flipkart was started in India and it is an Indian company, but at present, Walmart has the highest (82.1%) stake in Flipkart.

And as per rule if any company which has over 50% shares,  known as the owner of that company.

Thus with most over 80% stakes in a company now Flipkart is owned by Walmart. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that holds its stake in many big companies of the world.

Now if we talk about the total stakes of the Flipkart founders, Binny Bansal has a total (3.25%) stake in Flipkart. While Sachin Bansal has left Flipkart due to the agreement between Flipkart & Walmart.

According to sources, currently, Sachin Bansal is planning to buy a bank and is preparing to do something big in the banking sector.

Who is the CEO of Flipkart?

Currently, Kalyan Krishnamurthy is working as the CEO of Flipkart. He was the director manager in a company named Tiger Global (the biggest investor of Flipkart), while working in Flipkart he had saved Flipkart from trouble several times.

Krishnamurthy had started his journey with Flipkart as the Finance Chief, then he became the Sales Head and now he started taking the command of the company As chief executive of this company.

This was the reason When Sachin Bansal said goodbye to Flipkart in 2018, he got the position as a new CEO of this company.

Impact of Flipkart-Walmart deal on Indian economy

Now you knew which company has the highest stake in Flipkart? And How Walmart entered in Indian market By buying Flipkart. Now many Indians wanna curious to ask about Made in India campaign? Will Flipkart remains as an Indian company, With an  Indian tag?

Many people believed that the Modi government’s Made in India campaign is fading, They say we cannot make this mission successful by selling big companies like Flipkart? This action will take away many retailers from the competition.

Let us tell you that this was not the first attempt to buy Flipkart.

Earlier, when Amazon had knocked in the Indian market, at that time they wanted to own Flipkart.

Amazon has tried to buy Flipkart three times but, they didn’t succeed.  But Walmart was able to make a great deal, As a result, they were able to buy Flipkart. Let us know how this step will be impacted our economy.

1) This will increase the competition between all eCommerce giants like Amazon, Paytm mall and Flipkart quiz.

2) The main objective of Walmart is to increase b2b sales in India.

3) Walmart says that now Flipkart will be able to list itself as a public company, currently, Flipkart is not listed in the US stock market.

in short, as the competition will increase in the market,  companies will more likely to sell their products thus buyers will be able to buy a cheaper product by comparing a variety of products. So it will grow our economy and people will get employment.

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Is Bata an Indian company?  The Secret Indian Consumers not know


All of us know that Bata is a supreme footwear brand which is quite known for its stylish and comfortable shoes. But the question comes that is Bata an Indian company? When was Bata launched? And how it became so popular in India.

is bata an indian company.

The history of Bata is almost 90 years old in India, Thus the name Bata is so close to the heart of Indians, let us know how this company started? and how Bata became a leading footwear manufacturing brand.

Is Bata an Indian company? 

No, Bata Corporation, known as Bata, is a swiss footwear manufacturing company founded in 1894 by Thomas Bata with his siblings in Austria-Hungary (currently known as the Czech Republic)

Today Bata has their own manufacturing factories in over 18 countries and Bata shoes are sold in over 70 countries. India is one of the biggest producers & sellar of Bata footwear.

let’s understand that how Despite being a foreign company, it remains the first choice of Indians.

According to Bata, They brought their business to India in 1931, where they had settled their first manufacturing unit in Konnar, a village in Kolkata. This was a period when most of the shoes were imported from Japan by India.

And with a vision to provide cheap and comfortable footwear to Indians, Bata exactly did what customer wants from them. As a result, Things were changed drastically in just 2 years.

Thus the area in which they had established their factory was known as a Batanagar. By the 1940s, Bata had become a very famous brand for shoes and they had more than 4000 workers in their factory.

Bata has steadily grown into a large footwear company over time, due to which Bata also achieved a Guinness World Record in 2003 for manufacturing and selling over 14 billion shoes.

Bata shoes are made from white canvas and are mainly designed in Europe, Most of us don’t know this fact. That’s the reason most Indians seems that Bata is an Indian company.

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Are Bata shoes made in India?

Yes, today Bata has its own several manufacturing units across India. It has total 4 footwear manufacturing units in India, Which has described below:

  • Batanagar, Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Bataganj – Patna, Bihar
  • Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Batashatak, Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Bata also has a large retail and wholesale network in India. After establishing its first factory in 1931, Bata expanded its business in India. By 2015, Bata had more than 159 retail stores in India. And it is quite a successful footwear company. Thus this company has received many awards so far, such as

  • Got Super Brands Award on April 12 2007.
  • In 2010 they got Consumer Awards 2010′ as ‘India’s Most Preferred Retailer’

Are Bata shoes made in china?

Yes, like other footwear companies, China is also a big manufacturing hub for Bata. Every year a large number of Bata shoes are manufactured in China and sold in Asian countries. There are mainly 2 big reason behind the large production in China.

one is that labourers can be easily found here, second, the labour cost is typically low than the western countries like Europe.

Apart from China, Bata have also their offices in the Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, India, China, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, which shows that Bata is quite popular in these countries.

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Who is the CEO of Bata in India

Gunjan Shah has been selected as the new CEO of Bata in the year 2020. He had much experience of working in such a sector. So far Gunjan Sah has worked with many big companies like Asian Paint, Motorola.

Why are Bata shoes so cheap?

Bata knows it very well that Middle-class families are their main consumers, Thus they provide good quality shoes at low prices to get more sales& more profit.

Basically, there are two main reasons to sell cheap Bata shoes.

  •  firstly, they use plastic
  • Second,  due to local production.

it is easier to manufacture & sell them in the market. Thus the company saves the cost of importing shoe material and is able to get maximum profit by selling affordable shoes.



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is Redmi an Indian company? Made in india Redmi Mobiles Reality!


Today Redmi has millions of users across India, And if you too use Xiaomi products, then this guide going to help you to get some worthy information. Often people use google to find is Redmi an Indian company? Who owns it? Are Redmi mobile made in India, You will find all of your answers through this guide.

is redmi an indian company

According to Indian Express Redmi has become the world’s largest smartphone brand Leaving Samsung & Apple. Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to have proper information about this reputed brand. So let’s start this guide with the main question.

Is Redmi an Indian company?

Redmi or Mi is not a separate company, it is a sub-brand of a Chinese smartphone manufacturing brand named Xiaomi.

Xiaomi was started in April 2010 by Lei Jun in Beijing (the capital of China). Within a few years, Xiaomi had become a popular smartphone maker in China.

Apart from Redmi, Xiaomi has many other sub-brands such as Zimi, Yunmi etc. All these Xiaomi sub-brands offers different types of electronic products and services to customers.

Redmi Note 1 was The first Popular smartphone of MI’s Note series, which was launched in 2014 in India. many people bought this mobile at that time.

Now here’s the question comes that what is MI? And why do we see a logo of mi on every Xiaomi mobile? MI stands for Mobile Internet, according to Xiaomi it is a logo of this company, which is also a short form of this term: Mission impossible.

it is believed that initially, the company had to face a lot of difficulties to grow. Hence the name MI suits its brand perfectly.

Redmi  origin country China
Redmi   headquarters  Haidian District, Beijing, China.
Products of Redmi Smartphones Powerbanks Laptops Smart TVs
Founder of Redmi  Lei Jun
Established Year April 2013


Are Redmi Mobiles Made in India?

Yes, currently many of the Redmi mobiles are manufactured in India. In the last 5 years, Xiaomi has partnered with many Indian domestic companies, as well as today it has its own manufacturing plants are located in different places in our country

According to Financial Express, Mi believes that more than 99% of its smartphones and 100% of TVs are made in India itself, so if you are wondering Are Redmi mobiles made in India? then the answer is yes.

Even Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar says in one of his conferences that the way we have promoted localization in India and given employment to people, no foreign brand has been able to do this at this level. That’s the reason we are a far bigger company than others.

But let us tell you the reality is that most of the Mi mobiles in India are only assembled, Most of the electronic components which are used for assembling mobiles are imported from China, Thus later these mobiles are assembled and sold in India.

In this way, the company gets cheap parts easily from China, and they are able to sell cheap mobiles in India. The reason why they have to pay very little tax to the Indian government and company gets their benefit.

So it would not be fair to say that Mi mobiles are completely made in India. Now here’s the question that comes

Why do we see made in India Stamp in Redmi smartphones?

As we know, Redmi has partnered with many Indian companies as well as they have their own manufacturing units in our country. That’s why we often see made in India tag on Most of the Redmi mobiles.

And the interesting fact is that many educated users also seems that these mobiles are purely manufactured in India, but you have to understand that Redmi phones are only produced in India, these devices aren’t built in our country.

Even today the process of manufacturing many components such as display, camera sensors, design, chips, research, commands etc. all happens in foreign countries like Korea, China (Mostly). After collecting its parts, the company finally assembles the mobiles at its manufacturing factory located in Andhra, Tamil Nadu.

Although the charger comes with the Redmi mobile phone, the accessories are made in India only.

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Who owns Redmi India?

Redmi India runs and manages the operations of Xiaomi in India. At present, the head of MI India is Manu Kumar, who works to create the best marketing strategy and branding. So this company can launch the mobile in the market according to the need of the users of India.

Why Redmi is so popular in India?

There are some main reasons behind the popularity of Redmi in India which are as follows.

  1. First, most of the Redmi mobiles fall in the budget segment, Thus it is easy for most middle-class families to buy Mi phones.
  2. Feature loaded:- Due to providing great features at a low price, Redmi has left other companies behind in the market.
  3. Decent Quality: –  As per the price tag, people seems that most of the MI phones usually give a great performance.
  4. Upgraded version:- The company keeps Launching new phones as per time&need, so everyone waits for the upcoming Redmi phone to receive a new operating system and new UI.


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is Realme Made In India? is it Chinese Startup? Know Everything


In the last few years, Realme has made a special identity in the Indian market among other companies. It has millions of users across India. Usually, people ask Is Realme an Indian company? Who owns it? If you want to know whether Real mobiles are manufactured in India or China? then this post is only for you.

is realme an indian company

Do you know during the launching of Realme in India, it just took 3 days to sell 1 million mobiles during Diwali? Not only this, but it also holds a record for launching a first-ever 5G mobile, also it launched the first mobile camera in India, which has 64 primary camera.

So let’s know many important things related to this Smartphone company that every Indian smartphone user should know.

Is Realme an Indian company? 

No, Realme is owned by a Chinese brand called BBK electronics. In 2018 Realme was launched by the Vice President of Oppo.

Many people think that the parent company of Realme is Oppo, but the fact is that the owner of both (oppo&Realme ) these companies is a Chinese company called BBK enterprise.

Let us tell you that till 2018, Realme was a subsidiary brand of Oppo but later these two companies got separated and today Realme works under BBK company, Currently Realme is not only famous for its smartphones in the market but it also sells earphones, Bags and other accessories.

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Realme has always been known for its stylish and budget segment mobiles, today Realme mobiles are sold in more than 18 countries of the world including India.

Realme  origin country China
Realme   headquarters  Shenzhen, China
Products of Realme TV, Smartphones, wearables, audios
Founder of  Realme  Sky Li
Established Year 2018


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Are Realme mobiles made in India?

The journey of Realme has been amazing so far, Even Realme mobiles are selling a lot more than its parent company Oppo.

But the question that comes to Indian users is that the Realme mobiles, which they are using are made in India?

Yes Real Me Mobiles are manufactured in India. But the essential components such as chips, processors that are used for assembling a mobile, are not manufactured in India, they are imported from China.

Therefore, Realme mobiles are manufactured in India, but the Oppo factory has an important contribution in making them.

In short just like other mobile companies in India, All Realme mobiles are going through the same manufacturing process. Currently, due to the lack of machines, it costs more to make the major component in India also it takes more time&efforts.

Therefore, even though the phones of Real Me are assembled in India, the components used in it are not made in India.

Therefore, just by looking at the Made in India tag of any Realme phone. We can’t consider it as a made in India mobile.

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Is Realme a Purely Chinese company? Or an Indian Startup

in 2020, During the Corona epidemic, many Chinese Apps/ products were banned in India. Due to which technology companies were deeply affected. in such a situation Real Me, which is known to be a Chinese company, Madhav Seth, President of the same company, says that Realme is a startup in India.

According to him, “After the success of Realme in India, they are now able to spread their business into other countries. most of the Realme mobiles are being manufactured in India”.

Not only this, but he also said that it is such a Chinese brand that follows the Make in India campaign, about 60% of the components of a real mobile are comes from local suppliers.

Along with this, According to Madhav Seth, there are more than 7.5k workers are working in the manufacturing plant in Noida. Therefore, Real Me has also made a big contribution to our economy by creating employment for people.

So even though the wires of this tech company are connected to a Chinese company, But its vision and production show that we should support it.

Who is the Real me owner?

Oppo Vivo and OnePlus all the popular smartphone brands are working under BBK Enterprise. Therefore, this Chinese multinational company is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

BBK Electronics was started in the year 1995 by Duan Yongping, today this company sells various types of digital products such as smartwatches, power banks, smart TV, home theatre, camera including smartphones.

The headquarter of this Chinese company is located in Chang’an, Dongguan which is also known as the largest taxpayer company in china.

Why do we see made in India tag in Realme phones?

The reason behind this is that Realme mobiles are manufactured in India even more than 60% of the components used for manufacturing, are procured by local suppliers. In such a situation, the company uses this tag for its branding and to attract the Indian audience.

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