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Is Adidas an Indian company? Facts People Don’t know


Adidas is the biggest corporation in the world of sports shoes, Most of us prefer Adidas shoes for their superior quality. But many people often ask, are Adidas shoes made in India? Is Adidas an Indian company? Wait, You are going to find all of your answers and lots of important things related to this company through this article.

is adidas an indian company

Be it cricket or football, players always go with trusted& popular brands. And Adidas is the second-largest Global shoe brand after Nike.  So, it is necessary for us to Know the  Answers to the following headings:

Is Adidas an Indian company?

Nope! it is a German company, its headquarter is located in Herzogenaurach town (Germany).  This brand was started in 1924 by two brothers named Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler As a Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.

Later in 1949, the name of the company was changed to Adidas.

The history of Adidas is more than 100 years old. During its journey, There was a time when Adidas shoes were made in the bathroom, But today it is the largest sports shoes manufacturer in the world.

Due to the paucity of resources, in the 19th century, Olympic athletes had to face a lot of trouble while running in.  Thus the two Dassler brothers comes with a solution to that problem and they had created a shoe that would bring great improvement in the performance of the players.

In 1936, an Olympic runner named Jesse Owens won 5 gold medals by wearing Adidas shoes. Due to which the whole world drew attention to Adidas shoes.

Adidas origin country Germany
Adidas headquarters  Herzogenaurach, germany
Products of Nike Apparel, footwear, sportswear, sports equipment, toiletries
Founder of Nike Adolf Dassler
Established Year 1949


 Are Adidas shoes made in India?

Yes, those Adidas shoes sold in the Indian markets are manufactured in India, Nowadays many foreign companies like Adidas outsource their original products by contacting domestic Indian companies.

Companies like Lakkhani, Armani Group, etc are some popular Indian companies that manufacture foreign shoes in India.

Foreign companies want to grow their infrastructure and business by making products in India. Due to which their cost cuts down and at the same time they can produce more units in less time.

Let us tell you that Lakkhani has always been a great partner for Adidas, Adidas has devoted most of its time to Lakhani. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that sometimes the material used to manufacture Adidas shoes, is imported from abroad.

Are Adidas shoes made in china?

China has always been one of the largest footwear manufacturers of Adidas, so most of the Adidas shoes sold in the world are made in China.

There are many such domestic companies in China where millions of Adidas products are made every year in large quantities. These products include Adidas accessories, apparel, footwear, gear, and other raw material.

A major reason for production in China is that:

  • labours are easily available here
  • 2nd the labour cost is also less than in Europe.

Therefore, after production, the company is easily able to sell its shoes in Asian countries. However, from the past few years companies like Samsung, Adidas has shifted their manufacturing from China to other countries.

However, in terms of production, Vietnam is the country that is the largest manufacturer for all the global brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok.

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Who is the brand ambassador of Adidas company in India?

Adidas has roped in Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador for Adidas India Because Bollywood actress Deepika is the role model for many girls&womens. So she can influence more Indian women for participating in sports & related activities.

Sunil Gupta, a Senior Editor of Adidas India says that as a youth icon, Deepika is a suitable personality for our brand. It is expected that more women will participate in sports. The Adidas family extends a warm welcome to all sports enthusiasts.

However, in recent years, we have seen many Indian Female Athletes such as Hima Das Mirabai Chanu etc as an ambassador of Adidas India.

List of made in India Adidas shoe


1. Adidas Ultraboost 20 RS 1599
2. Adidas Solar Boost 19
3. Adidas Adizero Boston 8 Rs. 6,599.

Adidas Men’s Lite Racer RBN Running Shoes



Rs. 2,354
5 Adidas Men’s Runthegame Running Shoe Rs. 4,799


 How to check Adidas shoe fake or not

As you may know that today almost every popular brand has its duplicate version, So don’t be deceived while buying Adidas shoes. Here are the things you should check out while picking a pair of shoes for yourself or your loved one.

  • You will see a serial number at the bottom of all Adidas shoes that are genuine, this s.no will be different in both shoes, but if any Adidas pair of shoes have the same serial number then it is fake.
  • Prices for genuine Adidas shoes are generally the same or vary by quality. But fake shoes are often cheap
  • Adidas shoes come systematically on the packing, But this often doesn’t seem with fake Adidas shoes.

Highest Adidas Shoes in India

Adidas is a well-known brand for its high-quality shoes as well as high prices, you will find many such expensive shoes Adidas in the market, currently, the name of the most expensive shoe of Adidas in the Indian market is ADIDAS UltraBoost 20 Running Shoes, which you can find and buy from commerce sites or at Adidas Malls.


Guys after reading this article you may get all the answers to your queries such as is Adidas an Indian company? owner of Adidas? if you are satisfied with the given information, then do not forget to share it to aware more Indians.

is Samsung an indian Company? A Harsh Reality


There is no doubt that Samsung has been dominating the Indian mobile sector for many years. That’s why the estimated revenue of Samsung was over 77,000 crores in 2021, So it is important to know whether Samsung is an Indian company? Who owns Samsung? Keep reading this article to get all the information.

is samsung an indian company

Currently, Samsung offers both budget and luxury segment mobiles to its customers. But did you know that Before entering into the mobile business, Samsung used to sell noodles in the market till the year 1970?

Stay tuned till the end of this article to know many more things related to this company.

 is Samsung an Indian company? 

Samsung also known as Samsung Group, is a Kurien company, which was started as a trading company by Lee Byung Chul in the year 1938/. Currently, its headquarter is located in Seoul. (South Korea)

Apart from mobiles, Samsung is also quite popular for other electronic devices such as tablets, TVs, sound devices, fridges, laundry, home appliances, etc. And it is one of the major companies in South Korea. if you look at its worldwide performance it gets listed on the top 5 best global brands.


 Samsung Galaxy A51 is the most purchased smartphone of Samsung?

Today this world-famous company is working in 79 countries of the world and have more than 2,36,000 employees.

Apart from this, if you use any Samsung product, then it is important for you to know that you will get to see global standards environmental certification in all Samsung products, this process was started by Samsung in the year 2013.

Samsung origin country South Korea
 headquarters Suwon-si, South Korea
Products of Nike mobile phones, memory chips, NAND flash, solid-state drives, televisions etc.
Founder of Nike Lee Byung-chul
Established Year 1938


Is Nike an Indian company? Know inside Truth of Nike Shoes

Are Samsung mobiles made in china?

Many people think that Samsung phones are made in China but unlike Apple and other companies, Samsung phones aren’t manufactured in China. Because Samsung had closed its last factory in China in 2019, So currently there isn’t any phone that manufactured in China.

Although the history of Samsung and China has also not been special, from the very beginning, the company used to set up its factories outside China. That’s the reason Samsung used to generate only 1% of revenue from china.

List of made in India Samsung phones

India has always been a major mobile market for Samsung, thus it not only have millions of users in India, but also it is the biggest manufacturer of Samsung mobiles. And probably you may have seen the made in India tag in many Samsung mobiles.

In 2018, to expand its business in India Samsung started its own manufacturing factory to provide mobiles at cheaper prices than its competitors. this investment of Samsung in India is really a big step, now let’s see a list of Made in India Samsung mobiles.


Samsung Mobile Series Model name
GALAXY ‘S’ Galaxy S9+
Galaxy Note 8



.So friends, after checking these smartphones, you should know that these phones are only assembled in India, currently, India isn’t able to build components itself own. that’s why it is important to know that while assembling a phone lots of important components are still imported from abroad.

India is not yet fully prepared to make the components, for that a separate infrastructure will be required for which India is currently preparing itself. According to research, India currently only manufactures smartphone lenses and cameras.

However, apart from Samsung, there are other foreign companies who claim themselves as Made in India phones.

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Why Samsung mobiles are popular in India?

There is some special reason behind the popularity of Samsung in India which is as follows.

Samsung had knocked in the Indian market in the year 2004 and since then it has been continuously offering innovative phones with quality at reasonable prices.

Samsung is a foreign company, but it is not a Chinese company, so people still buy from mobile without any doubt.

At present more Samsung mobiles come with Made in India tag due to which people buy them.

Samsung offers from the budget segment as well as flagship mobiles due to which it is known as a reputed brand, most prefer to buy.

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Conclusion: Made in India Samsung mobiles

So friends, after reading this guide now you may know that is Samsung an Indian company? Are Samsung mobiles made in India and why should you buy a Samsung mobile? You must have got complete information regarding the subject, if you are satisfied with the given information, then do share this content to aware more patriotic.

Is Nike an Indian company? Know inside Truth of Nike Shoes


Nike is an all-time popular shoe brand in the world. But here’s the question comes that is Nike an Indian company? Are Nike shoes made in India?

is nike is an indian company

If you wanna know more about this company and its owner? Then you shouldn’t miss out on this handpicked content.

The reason why we have created this informative content is that Currently Nike is considered As the #1 shoe brand in India.

So it is important to do aware of all the Shoe buyers or users SO that they can easily identify whether Nike is a desi brand of a foreign.

Is Nike an Indian company?

Nope, Nike is not an Indian company, it is an American multinational company that was founded on January 25, 1964, by two American people named Phil knight and Bill Bowerman.

 phil knight bill bowerman

The headquarter of this company is located in Washington, USA.

Nike shoes are worn by people across the world. Apart from shoes, Nike is also quite loved for their clothing and sports accessories. Every year more than 900 million products are sold by this company.

Guys, It will be interesting for you to know that Nike was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports. But Its name was changed to Nike in the year 1971.

blue ribbon sports

From tiger woods to Sarena Williams every sports person are fond of Nike shoes and their accessories. Because back in years, Nike was the only brand that had connected consumers emotionally and which offered very lightweight& comfortable sneakers.

But Literally, people don’t know that Phil knight (co-founder of Nike) is not any sportsperson, nor comes from an athlete background. Still, he was respected by The Most powerful Sportsperson award.

He got that kind of fame&respect just for his vision and passion for creating a company that is fully dedicated to athletes.

However, We can’t forget the contribution of his legend coach bill Bowerman’s, who did tremendous actions& planning to make what Nike is today.

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Are Nike shoes Made in India?

Nike shoes are mostly manufactured in factories that are located in different parts of the world, along with many Asian countries there is a total of 8 such factories located in various states in India, where Nike Shoes are produced. These factories are the main source of income for many workers.

Also, you should know that there are many wholesalers and suppliers of Nike in India, which directly transport Nike shoes to small& medium shops and malls. However, the sole and material used for making Nike shoes are mostly imported from other countries.

The manufacturing process starts with cutting all the materials in shape, which are used for making shoes. Then they prepare a good sole, Finally, this process goes through shaping the bottom heel. in the end, we get a pair of shoes in the market.

Are Nike shoes made in China?

Yes, along with other countries China is a major country that has been manufacturing Nike shoes for many Decades. It is a country where most Nike shoes are manufactured in the world. Nike has more than 109 factories in China, these shoes are produced in large quantities day& night.

nike shoes in china

Let us tell you that Vietnam is the second biggest producer of Nike shoes, It is the place where the original shoes of Nike are made. There is a total of 105 factories of Nike in this country. Nike shoes are manufactured in almost 40 countries and are sold in many countries of the world.

Are Nike products made in India?

No, Nike deals with different factories for making its products, most of the products of Nike are made in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Asian countries. Although many people buy these products in India as well, However, it is important for them to know that these products of Nike are actually made in various countries of the world.

Does Nike make its own products?

Nike has a number of factories in different countries where Nike shoes are made, but most of these factories are not controlled and operated by Nike itself because Nike does not own them. Infect Nike outsources their most tasks, its most products are manufactured in factories. Once the products are ready, Nike contacts the factory owner and pay them to sell them with their branding.

In this way, there are more than 500 factories all over the world, where millions of workers work day and night, and the company manufactures Nike shoes.

Where Nike jordans are made?

Nike Jordans are quite popular among youth and elders, but very few people know in which country Nike jordans are made originally? Let us tell you that these Nike shoes are mostly made in china.

nike jordans

But today most of the fake Jordans which we see in the market are also made by China, whenever you invest your money in buying Nike jordans. Let them verify Once it is a Fake jordans not.

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So Guys, after reading this post you got the answer to these questions like is Nike is an Indian company? and where are Nike products made? We have shared all this information with you. If you liked this post, then as a truly patriotic, do share the information on social media.

Top 5 Hero Cycles Under 10,000| Best Bikes for city & Mountain Riders


Our today’s guide is dedicated to all the beginners who wanna start their riding journey, Thus they are looking for the best budget Hero Cycles Under 10k for themselves in the Market.

We all know a cycle gives us the cheapest solution over the Bike & Cars. A Cycle term refers to a lightweight vehicle that is best for both good for humans & nature. But sometimes choosing a bicycle that fits the requirement is not easy for everyone.

companies like Avon, Hercules and Atlas are some Established Cycle brands in our Country, But among them, hero cycles have their own legacy. From simple to geared cycles hero offers a wide range of cycles to their customer.

And to help you choose the most suitable Hero cycle for yourself, We have integrated all the cycles in one place, below is the list of the best budget cycles from hero, Which you can buy from offline stores or Online.

Top 5 Hero cycles under 10k You should Checkout

#1. Hero Sprint Men’s Frame Santiago 26T SS Hybrid Bike 

A steel frame cycle that comes in red and black colours often looks quite stylish and comfortable. If you are looking for a budget sports cycle, then you must take a look at this bike from Hero.

Made in india hero cycle

With a rigid 18-inch steel suspension, this bicycle is considered to be the best in speed and it is also equipped with all the basic features like mudguard, stand, front reflector, rear reflector and you can take it anywhere for offroad trekking.

With 26-inch alloy wheels, this mountain bike is perfect for youngsters and men’s. While ordering online You will find the cycle is 90% assembled, You just only need to assemble seats, pedals and tires with the help of a tool kit.


  • quality material
  • Dual suspension
  • Ideal for both boys and girl
  • Available in multi colours


  • Non geared

Check price 

#2. Hero Mig 26 inches

The looks and specifications of this bicycle are slightly different from the above cycle, It is a double seater bicycle, which has been given an attractive frame design as it is considered to be the best cycle for a cyclist with a height of 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches.

hero mig

The bike is fully loaded with all the basic features like mudguard, stand, front and rear reflectors, chain cover etc. This city cycle can be used for daily riding.

With a frame size of 18 inches, you will also get anti-skid paddles to maintain a good grip, although it is advisable to assemble them by a technician when ordering online.


  • Loaded with cool features
  • simple assembling
  • Lightweight
  • double seater


  • Not for longer heights

Check Price

#3. Hero ranger Dtb 6

Hero’s Ranger series has been always popular among cyclists, if you want to explore hilly areas, then this is the best mountain bike from Hero, Which Comes with a wheel size of 26 inches, this bike can be easily ridden by a person with a height of 5.8 inches to 6.2 inches.

hero dtb 6 - best hero cycle under 10k

The cycle is Made of steel frame material, has an excellent suspension, Along with that there are 6 gears for a smooth riding experience. Hence, today it is one of the best bikes from Hero that you can buy from online or offline stores.


  • Budget mountain bike
  • Non-slip pedals
  • 85% semi-assembled
  • Dual suspension


No mudguard in the back tire

#4. Hero octane 26T dude

The Hero octane is a great bicycle that comes with an adjustable seat and pedals, you will get to see the front disc and rear disc brakes in this bike. This cycle is overall lightweight and also provides good speed.

Its Aluminum frame material makes it sturdy, it is available in attractive blue colour if you are looking for a budget-friendly mountain bike. You should definitely check out this Hero octane.



  • Best cycling bike
  • Dual suspension
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Lightweight


no chain cover

#5. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

Hero Kyoto is one of the best bikes from Hero in the market, With 26-inch tyres, it is the best bike for kids above 11 years which can be easily driven by a person of height up to 5.8 feet.

hero kyoto

You will get excellent rigid suspension as well as you will get brakes on both the front and rear. The body of the bicycle has been made in such a way which is quite Rough & Tough. You also get to see a mudguard, stand and front-rear reflectors in the bike which makes it worthy under this price range.


  • Semi assembled condition 55%
  • best in class look
  • Lightweight


  • No horn no chain cover

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So Guys After Checking a list of Hero Cycles Under 10k now it may be a bit easy for you to select a hero cycle to make it your travel companion, Let us know in the comments which one suits& fulfil your desires. if you have any suggestions feel free to ask& don’t forget to subscribe for more videos.

List of Desi Made in india Bicycle Comapnies| Gladly Indian


Hey, planning to own or gift a charming&sturdy bicycle to your loved ones, then you should check out these swadeshi Made in India Bicycle companies, which offers splendid bicycles as per the customer budget&needs.

made in india bicycle companies

There is no dought that the cycle is one of the best inventions in history, it not only keeps your body fit and healthy also is an environmentally friendly vehicle.

thousands of people still travel and do their important tasks via bicycle, especially the use of this vehicle can be seen in a heavy amount in village areas.

Riding a Cycle is extremely adventurous for many people. that’s why the younger generation usually loves to ride a bicycle in mountains or other hilly areas.

However, picking a cycle that has supreme quality& good looks, not an easy task, That’s where our role comes in, As a bicyclist here I am gonna share a list of some top made in India Bicycle company, in which I have categorized various bikes as per their features.

Made in India bicycle Companies!

#1 Hero cycle

The brand name has its own significance and legacy, Hero is India’s leading cycle, the manufacturer brand started its operation in 1956 in Ludhiana Punjab. Since now this Guinness world record holder company (for largest single cycle producer) has launched various types of the bicycle in the market.

hero cycle

Currently, Hero has established its cycle manufacturing plants across India. So buying a hero cycle ensures that you will get a quality product, best services at a reasonable price.

Founded by Brijmohan Lall Munjal
Foundation Year 1956
Revenue US$350M
Total Employees 7610
Official Store https://www.herocycles.com/


#2. Avon cycle.

Avon cycle is owned by Onkar Singh Pahwa, it is among the top 3 biggest cycle manufacturers after hero company, Avon cycles can be easily found on Indian roads. with over 1600 authorised dealers Avon has several manufacturing units across the nation such as Hajipur, Bihar and many other states.

avon cycle

Avon cycles are used by students, teenagers and are also considered perfect for fitness enthusiasts. The main characteristic of Avon Cycles is that they are lightweight, sturdy and give a smooth riding experience to people. if you want to ride a bike in hilly areas or roads, you can go with this mountain bike.

Founded by Mr Hansraj Pahwa
Foundation Year 1948
Headquarter Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Official Store https://avoncycles.com/


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#3. Montra

Maybe you haven’t heard the brand name yet. but it is the largest manufacture of hybrid, mountain and kids Bicycles, The brand is known to be produced first-ever made in India bicycles. it’s quite popular for its special design and performance among the people.

montra cycle

Let me tell you that Montra started its operation in 2011. When they launched the first-ever carbon frame bike in the market. After this first titanium bicycle, they expand their business journey with MTB (off-roading cycles), hybrid and road bikes.

Currently, it has More than 1100 dealers across the nation, That’s why montra cycles can be easily found on online and other offline stores.

Establish Year 2011
Headquarter Chennai, Tamil-Nadu
Official Store https://montra.in/

#4. Atlas

Atlas is a big name among cycle riders, I am not sure about you but I remember that my cycling journey was started with this bicycle brand. There was a time when Atlas 22 inches cycles were used heavily by people.

Atlas cycles are manufactured by Atlas Cycle Industries CIAL. The credit goes to late Mr Jankidas Kapoor for creating a cheap and memorable bicycle brand for Indians.

after starting their production in 1951, they launched their first bicycle in 1952. After getting started with a few units, today the company is considered to be India’s second-largest bicycle manufacturing company.

However, Due to a lack of sufficient funds, the company has recently shut its operation.

Establish Year  1951
Headquarter Sonepat
Official site https://www.atlasbicycles.com/

#5: Firefox

Please don’t confuse with a web browser called “Mozilla Firefox” Firefox is an Indian cycle manufacturing brand which is known for its exclusive and expensive bicycles.

firefox cycle

In addition to normal Bikes, Firefox also deals in Electric Bicycles. This premium bike sellar company was started in 2005. Although during the opening year they sold only 1,200 units of total production but over time firefox cycle got so much love from customers. Due to its design& quality, the company becomes a popular manufacturing company.

Establish Year   2005
Headquarter Gurugram, Haryana
Official site https://www.firefoxbikes.com/


#6: LA Sovereign

Now it’s not like the hero, Avon but certainly, it comes into a list of best made in India cycle companies, LA Sovereign is a high-end bike sellar company, that trades in mountain bikes, BMX and Road bicycles in India. This joint venture between India and Thailand is now approximately working for 40 years.

la sovereign cycle.

The company is known for its high-quality bicycles and luxurious design. The success of this company highly depended on its vision to make this earth greener.

Establish Year   2005


Headquarter  Thailand
Official site https://www.la-sovereign.com/


#7. BSA Ladybird

This India based brand has a unique Purpose and different marketing strategy than other companies, The brand was started With a mission to help girls to go ahead and feel the freedom of life. After 25 years of this company, this Indian brand fits into a list of India’s top cycle brands.

bsa ladybird

A Brand that is dedicated to all women’s has only Women workers in a company. from the director of the production of this company, all the work is done by women only.

Establish Year   1994
introduce by TI Cycles
Official site https://bsaladybird.in/

#8. Hercules

There’s no need to describe that how much Hercules is loved by cycle enthusiasts, The brand is recognized as a sturdy& powerful bicycle. Hercules’ modern cycle are pretty loved by teenagers.

hercules cycle

This cycle manufacturer company was started by a British company in 1910 later it was owned by Murugappa group which is an Indian business Conglomerate.

Establish Year   1910
Headquarter Birmingham, United kingdom
Official site https://bsahercules.com/


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Made in India Bicycle companies FAQ:-

Is Frog cycle an Indian brand?

Yes it is an Indian brand This premium bicycle brand was started in the year 2015 by the bicycle wholesaler company Alpha vector

Which is better MTB or hybrid?

A hybrid cycle is a combination of a normal road cycle& mountain cycle.

Which is the number one cycle in India?

in terms of popularity and quality, No dought Hero is the number one cycle brand in the country, which regularly launches quality bikes in the market according to the requirement of the customers.


So, Guys here we have shared a list of Made in India Bicycle Companies! Hope you have found this guide helpful, do not forget to share this post on social media.

Top 5 Made in India Bike Companies| Market size Analysis| Indiamebest


The automobile sector is one of the lucrative businesses in India, Here we are going to discuss India’s leading Made in India Bike companies.

From budget range bikes to stylish Racing bikes all can be seen in the Indian market, hero, TVs are some popular Indian bike manufacturing companies.

made in india bike companies

But unfortunately, not everyone even riders do not know which Bike is made in India or which one is foreign? And they literally purchase A bike on behalf of its popularity & features looks.

This post going to be helpful for those Indians who love to support Indian brands & products for entire economic growth.

List of popular Made in India Bike Companies

Most people have a dream to own a Royal Enfield bike. The legacy of this company has its own value. But most people don’t know that royal Enfield is owned by an Indian multinational company!

Yay! Apart from this fact, you are going to know a lot about Indian two-wheeler manufacturing companies, So stay tuned!

#1. Hero~ Truly Made in India Bike company

Hero is the Biggest bike& scooter brand, the name Hero derives from the Manjul brothers. this Indian motorcycle brand is known to be the world’s largest bike manufacturer in the world.

You may know that initially Honda and hero were partnered, This joint venture started its cooperation in 1984.

hero motorcorp

But in 2010 company decided to split up with Honda, and since 2012 is an Indian company Hero is the biggest Bike Seller in India.

Hero bikes are typically known for Best mileage& durability apart from that some of the popular hero bikes are given below:

  • Hero Splendor Plus.
  • Hero HF Deluxe.
  • Hero Pleasure Plus.
  • Hero Passion Pro.
  • Hero Super Splendor.
  • Hero Glamour
  • Hero Xtreme 160R

Most Hero bikes come in a budget range and offer great services to their customers. So you can choose a bike as per your needs & pocket size.

#2. Bajaj

This Indian company is the biggest three-wheeler manufacturer in the world and also it is India’s second popular and biggest automobile company.

From Platina bike to Pulsar 250F Bajaj deals in various models in the market and it is one of the biggest rivals of other companies.

bajaj- made in india company

This multinational automobile company was started by Chaman Lal Bajaj in 1940, The company headquarter is situated at Pune and has service centres across India.

Bajaj 150 is so popular among all the models of this company, Every year bajaj sells a large number of units of this model, Due to its design, durability features and price this bike is worth it.

However, people who look for the cheapest& best mileage bike can go with Platina. Here are some of the best selling bikes of Bajaj Pulsar you should check out once.

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#3. Mahindra Indian bike company

The legacy of the Mahindra brand forces people to trust their vehicles. Mahindra is India’s leading and oldest automobile company in India which was started in 1949, the company is mainly known for its rough and tough Four wheelers, but apart from that company also is in the two-wheeler business.

mahindra bike company

From budget range to stylish& powerful bikes Mahindra deals in both categories.

Those who are comfortable in average looks, fair mileage and sufficient pickup can go for Mahindra Centuro, whereas racing lovers and premium Bike lovers can go with Mahindra mojo.

The saddest truth is that unlike foreign companies Mahindra is not a big competitor in two-wheeler sector companies.

Mahindra should do more focuses on customers’ choices to succeed in this sector, At the same time, we need to support this company so that it can grow and contribute to Make in India campaign.

#4. TVS

Don’t confuse with a brand name, TVs Stands for Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram. It is one of the most popular two-wheeler brands in India and the largest two-wheeler exporter in the world, it has a global presence in over 60 countries.

tvs company

This Chennai-based company was started by TV Sundaram. Apart from bikes, TVS is the biggest manufacturer of scooters and three-wheelers.

So far TVS has launched various bike models in the budget segment, This includes milage king TVs sport to racing bike Apache. As you may know, Apache is quite popular among racing lovers in India.

In 2019 The annual turnover of this company was over ₹2000 cr, This company dominating the Indian space for a very long time.

#5. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest bikes in the world, the production of this bike keeps going on since 1901.

royal enfield

Due to its heavy engine and powerful Sound, people still prefer to choose Royal Enfield among other bikes. Royal Enfield is a subsidiary brand of Eicher motors limited which is a popular automotive Indian company.

Currently, Royal Enfield sells their bikes in over 60 countries, including India. Its manufacturing plant is established in Chennai.

So if you are a die heart bullet lover, You should buy this Indian brand to feel the real voice, if your pocket allows you.

Is Honda an Indian Company?

Honda is one of the Top manufacturers of bikes and cars in India, But it is not an Indian origin company. The company Headquarters is located in Tokyo city (japan).

However, in 2001 Honda started its operation in Manesar, Gurgaon. Where mostly Honda BS6 bikes are currently manufactured.

Honda exports and manufactures its bikes in many countries including United State and other developed countries. It is the largest manufacturer of bike companies in the world since 1959. Soichiro Honda is the co-owner of this japanese company

FAQ: Made in India Bike Companies

Which superbike is made in india?

KTM Duke 390 considered to be the best made in india superbikes, it is the answer to all the powerful & pickup mototcycles available in the world. This heavy bike available under budget 2 lacs.

Is ktm an Indian company?

Yes, ktm is a subsidiary brand of Bajaj, with over 48% stake Bajaj owns this company, currently all the ktm bikes are manufectred in pune.

Which is the no1 bike in india?

No doubt Hero Splendor is the pride of indians, also it is the largest bike seller in India.

Most accidental bike in india?

KTM Duke is known to be famous among all the bikes, unlike it's popularity it is one of the dangerous bike in india, According to drivespark.com KTM Duke is the bike which had most accidents in the road.

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(First-class) Made in india Mouse| Available online


Hey, if you are a patriotic Indian and looking for Made in india Mouse, then you are in a right place.

It is so hard to pass a day lack of some tools, Mouse is such a tool that can straight away harm your productivity ​while not having proper functioning.

 made in india mouse

So if you never wanna lose your focus while working on any valuable task or project. Then keeping a good mouse can be really important as a professional IT worker/freelancer.

Today in this guide I will be sharing some mouses that are made by Indian manufacturing brands.

However, in the race of competing foreign companies, Indians are still so far away. But over the years some brands have made a solid foundation for their bright future. Here I am gonna mention some Truly Indian mouses in this guide.

Best made in India Mouse:-

#1. prodot wireless mouse

Prodot India’s one of the leading manufacturing companies. Today the company produce& deals in various kinds of computer peripheral such as a printer, antivirus, keyboard, mouse. With its high-quality affordable products, Prodot is on the mission to become India’s no.1 computer peripherals and accessories company.

The company headquarter is located in Dehradun. Where all these tools& peripherals are manufactured by the company. Prodot offers you 20 plus different types of wired& wireless mouse in India. These mice are known for their superb quality. Here is one of the best & affordable mouse Prodot offers us in the market.

PRODOT 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Mouse

This item comes from prodot gold series. This plug and play USB mouse doesn’t need any software for operation. It has wide compatibility which supports multiple devices like Windows, Linux and other os. The product comes with 2 years of warranty which ensures its quality and build trust for buyers.

prodot indian mouse

For a seamless connectivity experience, this 2.4ghz mouse will help you in fast scrolling. It supports dpi between 800/1000/1200. Talking about its build quality and design you will see it is lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

Overall this wireless USB mouse is fully featured which comes at an affordable price, However, if you are looking for a cheaper mouse then you can go with this prodot wired mouse.

#2. Intex mouse

Intex is a big electronic brand in India, They have millions of customers across India and also have a global presence. They are popularly known for their mobiles&speaker. But very few of us know that this IT company is also involved in making mice.

Intex mouses are often cheap and easy to use. while your original mouse gets damaged or not function properly, the Intex mouse can serve you better as an alternative to your older mouse. All the computer users in India can easily buy Intex mice via offline electronic stores or other sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Intex Piano Wireless Mouse White

based on our market research we have found that it is one of the made in India mouse that has wireless compatibility at a reasonable price. This Intex mouse offers you plug and play features. It has a 10000 DPI optical sensor that gives you smooth scrolling. it has an inbuilt power-saving mode. It comes in black colour and has elegant finishing.

intex mouse

key featuers of intex piano moue

  • Wide Compatibility with many USB supported devices.
  • Lightweight (60gm)
  • Easy to operate&long lasting.
  • Cool design

Things to Consider While Buying A Mouse

#1. Check DPI

DPI stands for Dot per inch, it simply indicates the speed of the pointer on the screen. A mouse that has Higher DPI, it known to perform well on the screen, due to its sensitivity. However, we can not consider that a faster pointer is good always. often normal users don’t care about the DPI of their mouse. Usefull tips to consider while picking a mouse.

dpi mouse
DPI may vary in every mouse according to their different models& purpose of use.
The mouse should have adjustable dpi settings. Always set a lower dpi while working on graphic designing software. Gaming lovers should have at least 1k to 1600 dpi for RPG games.

#2. Optical vs laser mouse

These are the 2 most used mice currently in the market, both optical and laser mice use LED light for different purposes. The reflection of the optical mouse usually goes through the below surface, While laser mouse brings the light while movement. These both have their pros and cons and also have some similarities.

optical vs laser mouse

However the biggest benefit of using a laser mouse is that it can be used on any flat/goat surface, also it has higher dpi levels which help for better tracking. Also, it said that laser mouse seems more accurate and also cheap and cost-effective.

#3. Wired vs wireless

Technology has developed the functionality of a mouse completely. Nowadays people prefer wireless mouses over wired mice. because these Mice are becoming easier than ever before. So one can adopt this wireless technology if they don’t like annoying cable. wireless mouses are cost-effective and available in different models.

#4. Bluetooth mouse

After successfully inventing wireless mouses, the concept of integrating Bluetooth technology in a mouse comes to developers minds.

The key difference between a wireless mouse and a Bluetooth mouse is that a wireless mouse runs on a radio frequency that needs a USB dongle to run.

bluetooth mouse

While Bluetooth mouse has its own transmitter that helps it to connect with your device by doing simple propagation.

As Bluetooth mic is the advanced version of wireless mouse, so these mouses come with handy features and super comfortability.

However in terms of battery Bluetooth mice generally perform well also the power consumption of a Bluetooth mouse is typically higher than a simple wireless mouse.

In the end: Conclusion

We appreciate your great efforts in empowering the economy by purchasing Indian goods. We hope this post has been helpful for all the patriotic Indians. If you have still any suggestions or queries regarding made in India mouse then please let us know via the comment section and don’t forget to share this content on social media.

Top 5 Made in india Car Companies| Leading Indian Car Brands


For most Indians, it’s like dream come true having their own car. if you have planned to buy a brand new car in someday or maybe future And want to know about some Top made in India car Companies! then this post is written for you.

India is a hub for many foreign car brands, The majority of people in India comes from a middle-class family, That’s why most people buy cars that come in the range of 5 to 15 lac. However, few people who dream to drive future-ready or luxurious cars often shift to a Higher range of cars.

And if you look at the Automobile market, you will find some Indian brands like tata, Mahindra has a variety of car models Available including budget and higher range cars.

As a rival of foreign companies, These Indian car brands are dominating the Indian automobile space for a few decades, So let’s talk about it.

Top 10 Indian car brands

#1. TATA

Tata group known as TATA is India’s biggest and the first company that launched the lowest priced car in 2008 in the world. with the evolution of over 42 billion$ tata owned some luxurious subsidies, including the Jaguar land Rover, Safari.

tata indian car company

Today, Tata has been settled the benchmark for many Indian car manufacturing companies. Tata cars are known to be toug&hardest, superb build quality makes their cars so durable. Before getting launched a car into a market any tata car fulfils the given criteria.

  • Proven and safe
  • Affordability
  • comfortable
  • feature-packed

Not only this the legacy of tata courage people to buy a tata car.

#2. Mahindra

Mahindra is considered to be one of the Biggest vehicles manufacturers in India. This automotive brand was started in 1945 in Ludhiana. Currently, Mahindra has become a billion-dollar company that has a presence in over 100 countries.

mahindra car company

We all know Mahindra for its vehicles, But apart from the Automotive industry, Mahindra has spread its business in insurance broking, logistics, power backup, real estate & infrastructure and many other sectors.

talking about their cars as a rival brand of Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki Mahindra has made their special position. initially, they were loved for their tough and sturdy jeeps and SUVs but currently, they also have powerful SUVs and hatchbacks.

Remember Mahindra launched Scorpio in 2002, which is still picked as an off-road SUV and an Indian family car.

#3. DC Avanti

Dc Avanti is a swadeshi (Indian) firm, which has originally produced and launched India’s first-ever stylish sports car. this car was designed and manufactured by Dilip Chhabria and launched in Auto Expo in New Delhi. Since launching in 2015, lots of units have been sold.

dc avanti- made in india car company

The Car body consists of carbon composite. Overall the car is so stylish if we look at the interior leathered doors, dashboard and seats. This car is available in many colours such as red, white, silver, blue etc.

As an automobile engineer, Dilip Chhabria had not only manufactured the Avanti car but has also designed and modified many cars like Fortuner, Inova to look them Aesthetic than their older look.

#4. Jaguar

Yay! when it comes to Indian luxurious brands the name that first comes to our mind is the jaguar. originally jaguar is a German company that was bought by Ford motors in 2008. then this brand was sold by tata.

jaguar indian car company

in 2008 jaguar and the landrover was acquired by tata motors. Currently, all the cars of jaguars are sold under the tata brand. Since 2008 jaguar has launched so many car models in the market and people dream to buy them.

#5. Landrover

As a subsidiary brand of tata motors land rover owned by JLR (Jaguar Land Rover)since 2008. However, the origin of this brand was England but later it was bought by the largest auto manufacturing brand named tata motors.

range rover car company

Landrover cars are known to be expensive& luxurious. People loved its elegant style and features. Due to their rough and tough body land rover is known as one of the best SUVs for long drives. the starting price of a land rover car starts from 60lacs to end with the most expensive car worth of 2 cr.

Is Maruti Suzuki is an Indian company?

in 1982, the Indian government had started Maruti Udyog limited company. But after the globalization in 1991, Suzuki (a Japanese company) had increased their shares in the Maruti company. later both companies were merged and the Maruti Suzuki Udyog limited change to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in 2007.

As of 2019, if we look at the overall shares in a company. Suzuki had 56% of total market shares and 22% of shares were owned by foreign institutes. So almost there are 78%shares of foreign companies.

Thus, we can’t consider that Maruti Suzuki is an Indian company.

So now you may get the full details about Made in India car brands, Apart from these brands, Hindustan motors is one such Indian brand which was quite popular for its ambassador car.

FAQ: Made in India Car Companies

Where are cars made in India?

Over the past few years, several cars have been made in India. Here is the list of those cars that are truly made in India. Tata Nano (cheapest car in the world) Tata Nexon Mahindra XUV300 Tata Safari Hyundai Grand i10 Nios DC Avanti Mahindra Scorpio Hyundai Verna Mahindra e2O Ford Ecosport Tata Nano (Honourable Mention)

Which are Indian origin car companies?

Tata and Mahindra both are big car manufacturing companies in India, Apart from that DC Avanti is the first Indian sports car which is designed and made in India.

Which is the best car made in India?

Tata Nexon is considered to be the truly made in India car. This next-generation car has a powerful engine with jampacked features like rain-sensing wipers, auto headlamps, cruise control, electric sunroof. Comfortability and affordability make it one of the best available in India.


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List of 7 Made in India Perfume Companies! That Smells Sweet


Are you searching for best Made in India Perfume Companies, Then here I have brought a list of some desi perfumes for you? So stay tuned to know about some Indian fragrance that has Indian origin.

made in india perfume brands

A good Smell can positively impact the mood of a person, Thus many of us don’t feel fully dressed without adding a nice perfume. The reason is we are living in a society where a person is often judged by overall looks. And an anormal perfume plays an important role to attract people, along with dressing well.

Why Do We Need to Look at Indian Perfume Brands?

India is a country that is known for its rich culture. Along with so many beautiful things We are god gifted by amazing herbs, which have it’s own cultural and ancient values. These herbs are still used by modern science for healing and treatment. But due to the aromatic smell, some herbs are using for making perfumes in India.

However, you can also checkout other indian origin products such as Shampoo, Toothpaste, trimmer etc. on our blog.

Currently, there is some perfumes brand emerging in the market which contains natural herbal ingredients, But these perfumes are rarely known by people. So to empower people towards Indian products I have brought a list of some Indian perfume brands that you should check out once before selecting a fragrance.

But first, we will start this guide with those some perfume brands that are natively Indian, Then we will see some organic perfumes.

Popular made in India perfume Companies

#1. Skinn by titan

Titan is an Indian company (formerly known as Titan Industries Limited) it deals in luxurious fashionable items such as eyewear, jewellery, watches. But very few of us know that titan is also recognized as the best perfume brand in India.

skinn by titan indian company

Skinn is a brand name that works under titan, it offers a wide range of stunning perfume bottles Which can be used on different occasions. So if you surmise that as like dressing well it is nice to smell good, then you must check out this perfume.

The assurance of 100% quality product, 7 days return policy and free shipping make it one of the best options for perfume lovers.

#2. one 8 by Virat Kohli

The secret very few of us know that along with his nice batting Kohli is also a good entrepreneur, an investor who spends his money to start a business So that he can turn his ideas into successful ventures. Currently brands like Wrogn, Nueva are some of those brands launched by Kohli which are performing very well in the market.

one 8 perfume indian company

As per his jersey number 18, Kohli started this brand called one 8 in 2017. This venture was started by collaborating with puma. this startup produces various types of luxurious items such as footwear, athleisure and perfumes.

one 8 perfumes smell very well, it isn’t a clone of any western or Indian perfume. It has its own unique fragrance. you can buy it via online shopping giants like flipkart&amazon.

#3. Aamod fragrances

This Nagpur based Indian startup is manufacturing great perfumes in India. The production level of this perfume in its initial face. These perfumes have got good reviews so far, it has a wide range of fragrances, which smells attract people.

aamod fragrance- made in india perfume

So far the company has launched its products in different sizes, the smell of Aamod fragrances is able to be compared with any branded luxurious perfume. These perfumes can be easily available on any e-commerce site or its official site.

 List of Natural Made in India perfume Companies

Today we can see there are a plethora of brands that convey themselves the best. but literally nor of them tell us the quality of their perfumes. Most of the famous brands that we place in our wardroom or use in daily life are so toxic they contain many types of chemicals.

Any product which contains lots of chemicals can’t assume good for health. But very few of us care about the ingredients mentioned in Branded perfumes. We can’t consider buying a popular perfume is a smart decision. However, picking one perfume that has a lower quantity of chemicals and having natural ingredients can be the Best decision we can use. So let’s talk about

So now we will focus on some Indian natural perfumes, some of them are alcohol-free and will give you the natural fragrance that you will fall in love with.

#1. Allgoodcent

Rajiv Sheth, a man is behind this company had started this private limited company with the mission to deliver modern perfumery to local Indians at affordable costs. Rajiv saw the market of perfumes will be booming in India tremendously.

Today the brand Allgoodcents is a big name in the Indian perfume market. The Company has been satisfied so many customers so far. The best part is that these perfumes don’t contain any ingredients of animal and having some beneficial natural ingredients.

all good scents

#2. Biotique

For 25 years, Biotique strongly producing and promoting those products that are pure in nature. Today company deals in a variety of products from baby product to skin products and the company even sell perfumes.

indian company biotique perfume

Biotique fragrances are known for their pureness and preservatives, these perfumes are made up with the blend of the science of Ayurveda. So there is not any non-healthy element contains in perfume. You can visit and check out all the Biotique perfumes on its official store.

#3. PureSense

PureSense is another made in India perfume brand, That strongly believes that a good fragrance can lift up your mood all day. Along with the great smell, you will feel pure sense is delivering you the best gifted by nature without compromising on health.

puresense perfume

here are some main qualities of buying a puresence perfume

So it is recommended to check out once if you are looking for organic shampoo.

  • No chemicals
  • no parabans
  • No cruelty
  • No sulphate
  • No false claims
  • no preservatives
  • No Carcinogens

#4. Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is another name that comes when you will find an Indian organic perfume. this brand was established in 2002 inspiring by the ancient science of healing.

kama ayurveda perfume

Kama Ayurveda had a wide range of skincare, hair care and gifting products. It also manufactures its own fragrance that is made up of various types of natural ingredients. Because of producing glorious products currently the company promoting its Ayurveda message to the world.

FAQ: Made in India Perfume Brand

Which is the best perfume made in India?

Based on popularity and customer reviews we can say titan skinn perfumes are considered the best perfume in India. However, if you prefer natural perfumes then you can select a good perfume like allgoodcents, purSense.

Is Fogg an Indian company?

Yes! Fogg is an Indian brand launched by darshan Patel under vini cosmetics. This top deodorants brand got so much popularity for its no gas concept.

Is Vini an Indian company?

yes! this Indian cosmetic company was started by darshan Patel in 2009. Along with perfumes this Ahmedabad based startup deals in various types of personal care brands. in 2021 kkr bought 54% stakes of a company worth 4600 crores.


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{Top 4} Made in india Hand Sanitizer Brands| Certified Reviews


Nowadays various popular and new companies are selling hand Sanitizer in the market. But any Sanitizer Which contains toxic chemicals can badly harm our health. So to conquer this problem we have Discovered some best Made in India Hand Sanitizer Brands As an alternative to foreign brands.

made in india hand sanitizer

The Corona epidemic has actually taught people to keep their hands safe and hygienic. Due to which the hand Sanitizer business flourished during the Corona period.

Although now the havoc of Corona has subsided, Even today Sanitizer is playing an important role to keep safe&secure our society instead of soap or any hand washing product. Here we have listed some premier made in India hand Sanitizer brands. But first, let us understand

Soap or Sanitizer which one should I use?

There is no doubt that both soap and Sanitizer are capable of killing harmful bacteria’s. That’s why Health experts recommend that both can be used in the absence of anyone. But it is not easy to clarify that which one is better than another

soap or sanitizer which should i use

To understand this, let us see the merits and demerits of both of these products.

By using a hand Sanitizer, moisture remains for a long time in our hands. Therefore, its effect is long-lasting, Also it is easy to use. It is available in different sizes and packs. So, We can carry it anywhere we want.

So a hand sanitiser is a great option from a safety point of view, as it kills bacteria while rubbing on the hands. But due to the high pH, it can show you the effect of dehydration.

On the other hand, soap is playing a major role to keep ourselves hygienic for a long time. But it is important to have water while applying it to our hands&body.

Due to these special reasons, people give more importance to hand sanitisers today, but do you know that the toxic chemicals present in hand Sanitizers in the market can be very dangerous for your skin.

Therefore, while using any hand sanitiser, you should avoid using a toxic sanitiser. Now let’s talk about

Best Made in India Sanitizer

#1. Himalaya

Himalaya is a well-known brand in India known for selling herbal products. In addition to many skincare products, Himalaya’s hand sanitisers are also available in the market, this alcohol-containing sanitiser claims to clean, up to 90% of germs. It protects your skin irritation and dryness.

here is the list of some of the major sanitisers from the Himalayas.

  • Himalaya Gentle Baby Bath (200ML)
  • Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash (400ML)
  • Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack (100GM)
  • Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap (75GM, Pack of 4)
himalaya sanitizer

#2. Dabur

Dabur is India’s most trusted and older brand, now they are offering sanitiser products to its customers. These sanitisers can be used in the home, office or anywhere. The Dabur sanitiser works in the same way as other brands tough they are skin-friendly which kills up to 99 per cent of germs from your hands.

The happily satisfied customers say that both gel and liquid Dabur sanitisers are soft for hands and also smells good. The Dabur sanitisers are currently available in 3 fragrances which are given below.

  • Regular
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
dabur sanitizer

#3. Patanjali Hand Sanitizer

Patanjali hand sanitisers are claimed to be india’s first sanitiser that has made up with 99% alcohol and natural herbs like neem tulsi, aloe vera. It has no side effects and no artificial fragrance. By applying Patanjali hand sanitizer in your hand you will fill the softness and refreshment in your hands.

The 120ml alcohol-based Patanjali hand sanitiser comes in a pack of 4 pieces. These sanitisers can be found in your nearest shop or in other offline shops.

patanjali hand sanitizer

#4. Emami (Leading Made in india Hand Sanitizer brand)

Emami Ltd is a popular Indian multinational conglomerate company that is in the business of FMCG, real estate and other healthcare products. Due to covid 19 Emami has launched their hand sanitisers. With the combination of herbal ingredients (neem, tulsi) and necessary ingredients they have made a sanitiser that gives you 99.9 % protection.

boro plus hand sanitizer

These are some of the most popular hand sanitiser manufactured under Emami brands are given below.

  • Zandu Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer
  • BoroPlus Advanced Anti-Germ Hand Sanitiser.

#5. Marico Mediker Hand Sanitizer

During the research, we have found that this hidden Indian brand is in the business sector since 1969. During the corona, pandemic Mediker launched This alcohol-based sanitiser product on the market. Which is capable to kill 99.9% of germs from your hands.

mediker hand sanitizer

The sanitiser can be used by all groups of people including children. Due to its compact size it can be carried on everyplace such as school, office, or any social place. Here are some key features of this Indian product.

  • 70% v/v alcohol
  • Aloe vera moisturazation
  • it produces mild fragrances

Remember when their two hands touches, it is the matter of combining two hearts~ Mediker

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FAQ: Made in India hand Sanitizer

What ingredients should I avoid in hand sanitiser?

There are some such toxic ingredients in a hand sanitiser that can negatively impact your overall health. ingredients such as Triclosan, Fragrance and Phthalates, Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, parabens are known as bad ingredients.

Which company hand Sanitizer is best in India?

There are several hand sanitiser manufacturers in India, But Before going with any popular brand it is necessary to check the containing ingredients in a sanitiser. We can’t only judge or pick a brand based on it’s quality.

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