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Most men’s love to set their beard. They care, style But literally nor of them know about any Made in India trimmer.

and I know you are one of them just like my elder brother. And the reason is straight and simple that today market has been ruled by Chinese Trimmers, So we often not hear about any Indian trimmer.

But as a responsible Indian consumer if you really want to contribute to get strength our economy then one of the easiest thing for doing so is to buy Indian products.

So to help and save your precious time in a lot of research I have come with a list of some purely made in India trimmers.

I know you can’t buy any product just by seeing Indian tag, obviously, you will need the quality product which is worth your money.

So Based on the deep research and observing the customer reviews I have listed the top 3 trimmers that I can proudly say these are the best trimmers currently available in India


you may be familiar with the brand name called Syska. this company deals in various types of electronics gadget such as led bulb, lamps, iron and other personal care products.

the company also offers the best quality trimmers to the customers an affordable price. if you often shop from amazon then here are the best syska trimmers you should check out by given link.

See syska’s best trimer

2. Havells

a pure Indian brand which is dominating the Indian electronics space for a very long time. from electronics wires to the iron Havells deals in everything.

Havells trimmers are made with the best quality materials, designed according to the latest trends. so looking for the best body hair or beard trimmer then once check out these Havells trimmer for the best personal grooming experience.

in order to get the best havells trimmer for yourself, you can check out the Havells trimmer list, from the given link.

Checkout Havells Best Trimmer

3. Letsshave

however this Indian brand not so old in India, But after starting its operation in 2015 today company serving millions of consumers around the world.

Letsshave deals in a variety of personal grooming products, that are categorized for men&women. Because of its quality blades, this becomes one of the prominent brands of India. you can check out their all grooming stuff on their official website

Faq by made in India trimmer customers.

What Is Trimmer?

The basic nature of a trimmer is to trim your hair. a trimmer has often 2 or more sliding blades it can be used for cutting the facial hair, style your beard, your chest hairs or even they can help you in trimming the underarms hair.

in order to cut the hairs of any body part, you have to pass the trimmer through your hair. Due to their small size and design, they can easily carry out wherever you want.

today there are various types of trimmers available in the market based on their uses such as beard trimmer, hair trimmer ear and nose trimmers.

What Is Corded Trimmer?

it is a type of trimmer that hasn’t come up with a battery. it needs an electrical source to trim the hairs. Which can relax you WHile trimming your beard or removing facial parts. Also, you do not need to charge these trimmer as they direct send electrical energy from the plugged outlet.

What Is Cordless Trimmer?

A cordless beard has an inbuilt battery after full charging it lets you trim your hairs on the go.

nowadays lots of trimmers come up with a big battery backup. there are many cordless trimmers that are made up of waterproof materials. One of the main advantage of using this type of trimmers. If the battery suddenly goes down while trimming you may have to charge it again

How do I choose a good trimmer?

while buying a trimmer you should consider the following things.


companies like Philips, Panasonic and some others are the best in the sector so if you do not have a budget issue then go for a reliable brand.


of course, like me you can’t compromise the overall quality of a trimmer. one of the key factors is that it should be made with stainless steel blades.

dry and wet trim

now it’s up to you that where you would like to trim. you may love to trim while bathing or while sitting in the dry palace. however, there are so many trimmers available that let you trim your hairs in both conditions.

stainless steel blade

The big advantage of using a stainless blade is that they require minimum maintenance also protects your skin from cutting while pushing it hard on the screen.

Some other helpfull guide for buyers

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final verdict

So if you really wish to contribute to the make in India campaign, I will suggest you purchase a trimmer from any given companies. I really request you to always try to buy Indian goods rather than Chinese.

Top 3 indian trimmers company| Purely made in india


Looking for some indian trimmer? to yourself or wanna gift somebody then here you will get to know about made in India trimmers? we are going to discuss Indian trimming companies that are capable to beat Chinese company trimmers.

Like women, a man also wants to look good, feel good. Thus the
grooming plays a crucial role in his overall looks.

So a trimmer is something that is a must-have product in your grooming collection. A good trimmer will always help you to style your beard, remove unwanted hair from your skin& body.

As an Indian, very few people may know that there are Indian brands that exist in the market that manufactures trimmers and by purchasing an Indian trimmer we can show our support for made in India campaign!

List of Top 3 Made in India Trimmer companies


you may familiar with the brand name called syska. the company deals in various types of electronics gadget such as LED, iron and other personal care products.


Syska origin country    India
Syska headquarters      Pune
Products of Syska    lighting, luminaries, and consumer electronics 
Founder of Syska    Govind Uttamchandani
Established Year     2012


The company also offers the best quality trimmers to the customers at an affordable price. As per your needs, you can choose the best trimmer for yourself from a wide range of trimmers.

syska trimmer

after entering the market in 2012, Today the company plays a crucial role to sustain made in India initiative.

according to 2017-18 statistics, the company has a turnover of 900cr plus and it is one of the popular Indian electronic brands. You can checkout the syska’s product on its official website and other online stores such as flipkart&amazon.

2. Havells

A pure Indian brand which is dominating the Indian electronics sectors for a very long time. from electronics wires to the iron, today Havells deals in everything.


Havells origin country    India
Havells headquarters      Npida, Uttar Pradesh
Products of Havells    Consumer Electricals Brands
Founder of Havells    Qimat Ray Gupta
Established Year     1958


Havells trimmers are made up of the best quality materials, designed according to the latest trends. so looking for the best hair, body hair or beard trimmer then check out the Havells trimmer for a better personal grooming experience.

havells trimmer

I hope that you may be using at least one product in your home of havells, Because since 1958 this Noida (UP) based Indian electrical equipment company offering a wide range of quality products to their customers.

along with India with the presence in 50 plus countries and establishment of 13 plus manufacturing units today the company has a global presence. so we can say it is one of the topmost company that is rapidly growing in a made in India mission.

3. Letsshave

after dominating the Men’s grooming space in India. this Chandigarh based Indian startup has become a prominent brand of India. Let us tell you that letsshave fulfil all of your shaving requirements at an affordable cost.


Letsshave origin country    India
Letsshave headquarters      Chandigarh
Type of company    Grooming Products
Founder of Letsshave    Sidharth S Oberoi
Established Year     2015


As the company was started off with a mission to provide high-quality razor blades.

As you may know, razor blades are not easy to make but this Indian startup made 6 blade razor with a trimmer (which was the first innovation in the history of razor blades) Currently they have a wide range of products that mainly deals in shave care, shower, trimmers and beard care product.

You can explore all their products via letsshave.com

< Best made in india trimmer Under 2000 | indiamebest

List of Popular Chinese trimmer brands in india

#1. Mi Trimmers – Made in china

Xiaomi popular Chinese mobile brand is also known for it’s wide range of amazing trimmers. Mi is completely a Chinese company, founded in Beijing, China.

#2. Keimi

Keimi is known for its cheap trimmers in india, KeMei Industrial Co., Ltd company was started in the year 2002 in China.

#3. Kubra

We have got another Chinese company on this list named Cobra, whose products are easily available on local markets & online e-commerce site. But all these Chinese products are imported in India from China itself.

So Guys these are some popular Chinese trimmers. Apart from this, there are also some Indian trimmer brands, like Vega, which products are manufectred in China.

Best non Chinese trimmer brands in India

There is no doubt that we should buy indian products to contribute in make in India campaign But at the same time, as a customer you must be aware about most popular trimmer brands in Indian markets, those aren’t Chinese.


Philips is a Netherlands based company that is known for its quality products. Philips has established it’s own manufacturing units in many countries of the world including India, You can feel free to buy Philips trimmers.


Nova has various kinds of trimmers in different sizes in the market. Let us tell you that Osaka is a Japanese company.


Panasonic is a Japanese company that was started in the year 1955. Panasonic’s Trimmers are sold all over the world today, so if you are looking for a non-Chinese company, then you can go with Panasonic trimmers.


Brown is a German company that is mainly known for its electrical appliances, Brown’s trimmers are sold in many countries of the world including India and people loves them.


Wahl is mainly famous for its barber tools and you will often see many barbers use it’s tool. Let us tell you that this is a Canadian company, whose products are made in the USA.

FAQ related to made in India trimmer-

Are Phillips trimmer made in India?

No, As Philips is Netherland based company that has a global presence including India. But currently, the company has its own manufacturing plants in India.

Are nova trimmer made in India?

yes, but it is a china based company, Which also manufactures a variety of products in India. Thus we can say yes the nova trimmers are made in India but this isn’t an Indian brand.

list of Indian trimmer manufactures?

in the trimming sectors, currently,havells, syska and letsshave are the big-name those are working for the best Indian trimmer. So if you wish to buy any Indian trimmer then you can go with any Indian trimmer brand.


So if you really wish to contribute to made in india, made for india campaign. I suggest you to purchase made in trimmers from any given company. I really request you to always try to buy Indian goods rather than Chinese products.

7 Best Made in india Powerbanks Buy Online| Indiamebest


Hey! are you looking for a power bank through which you will be able to charge your phone on the go. Here we have compiled a list of Some Made in india Powerbanks that gets fit your budget.

in the world of Technology, the power bank is such an amazing innovation that helps you get in touch with your loved ones even when your device battery gets drain faster and you are far away from electricity

Today power bank becomes a need for travellers and people who are totally dependent on the internet&smartphone. But still, many rural areas are far away from electricity or they got minimum electricity compared to the city.

However, there are lots of foreign companies such as mi, Samsung etc. who has ruled the market by launching a variety of power banks with different features and price.

But Did you know? Some Indian brands are serving and contribute to the nation by manufacturing quality gadgets But due to the lack of brand awareness, they aren’t as popular as compare to others.

And to support made in India initiative at indiamebest we always help buyers to get the best Indian products that are worth the money!

So here is the List of some power banks? that are not only made in India but also made for India.

#1 Syska 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power

Syska as one of the prominent brand of India, recently it has launched a massive capacity power bank. the 2000mah vast battery can charge the 3000mah battery 4.3 times and a 4000mah phone battery 3.3 times.

syska pb

With this power bank, you can enhance the life of your device. Now don’t care about charging while going at the office just plug, charge and connect!! with the help of dual charging ports, you can not only save your mobile battery But also plug&charge your colleague phone.


Automatic Hibernation Mode


Charge Multiple Devices [/i2pros] [i2cons]

Doesn’t support fast charging. [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

#2. Ambrane 15000mAh Li-Polymer Powerbank

Now This 15000 mah polymer battery power bank can be the best option for those who are looking for an Indian power bank.

ambrane powerbank

it is a reliable, safer and durable power bank with you can charge your multiple smartphones in a single time. the power bank comes in a stylish U shape and has dual input options of micro USB/ type c ports.

And not only mobile, tablet but also you can charge your neckbands, USB supported speakers. So not let’s rock with these power bank.


nice texture

led indicators

battery performance is okay [/i2pros][i2cons]

bit bulky

no percentage indicator [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

#3. iBall LPS10000

This Indian brand manufectures& deals in a variety of products such as smartphone, tablets power bank etc. this iball power bank comes with a 4,000 mah battery which is able to charge your 4000mah Battery phone 2 times easily.

iball powebank

it takes approx 6 to 7 hrs charging time and currently available in rich white and grey colour option in the market. in the budget segment, this sleek fit power bank can be the best choice for those who are looking for made an Indian power bank.

iball has worked on security, it has 9 layers of intelligent safety which protects you from over heating, power cut issue. Along with this power bank you can also charge other devices such as tablets, BT speakers, earphones.


Slim Design

1 year warrenty

Less Efficient,

[/i2pros] [i2cons]

only one 2.4A Fast Charging [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

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#4. Lapguard 20800 mAh battery.

we can say it is a powerhouse that we can carry out anywhere for a hassle-free charging experience

iball powebank


This heavy power bank allows you to charge your 4000 mah battery up to 3.6 times. And it has Built-in 4 LED indicators that display the battery percentages along with charging status.

buyers strongly recommended this product to those users who are looking for a cheap and reliable power bank. let us tell you that lap guard is an Indian brand that is quite popular in sectors such as the battery, power bank, adaptors etc.


vast battery

affordable [/i2pros][i2cons]

bulky [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon


An Indian electronics private limited company has launched a Li-polymer power bank with a 2000mah big battery and its 12W fast charge helps your phone charge on the go. wherever you don’t find any power sockets.

zinq powerbank

the power bank has dual input ports you can charge it with micro USB and type c. also the Premium design and good quality of this product can attract you towards it.

So carry this slim and portable gadget whether you are going to a holiday destination or anywhere else.


Wide Compatibility

automatically powers on or off if unplugged for the 30s.

Superb Portability [/i2pros][i2cons]

Bit slow charging [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

#6. Portronics Power bank

Now feel the power in your pocket with this awesome gadget. this small gadget let you charge your mobile, camera, earphones and other devices whenever you go out of power.

it has fast charging support (charged in 5hrs) and currently available in different colours such as classic black, vintage white. With its lightweight design, you will be able to perfectly carry this gadget.

So far thousands of users bought this product from online stores, And they are quite happy with their shopping. So want a small, cheap and durable power bank then go for this power bank.


excellent battery backup

1-year warranty.

dual USB output[/i2pros][i2cons]

doesn’t have a quick charging facility [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

#7. Veger W2016

on this list next, we have added this power bank because of its safe&reliable quality. With its high-voltage protection, current regulation, temperature control features it lets you keep your device safe while charging.


Along with its 20000 mAh battery, you will find a DIGITAL DISPLAY that has been integrated with the device helps you to know the remaining power in digital format.

apart from that this veger product comes useful features such as dual input ports, multiple device compatiablity and excellent battery backup like other above-mentioned devices.


positive reviews

charge multidevice together

big battery


bulky in size
only supports original cable [/i2cons][/i2pc]

check on Amazon

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Final verdict

So here we have discussed the Made in India Powerbanks, Hope after reading this article you may get all the relevant information about these Indian power banks. If you find this article helpful do share it on social media to help more buyers.

Top 11 Made in India Smartphone Companies!


As an Indian, we know how beneficial is to buy Indian products? But due to the domination of most Chinese companies in the market and having a lack of awareness we often didn’t hear about any Made in India Smartphone Companies! as compared to other foreign companies.

So as a swadeshi lover if you want to know and research about the best Make in India smartphones companies. then this guide surely gonna helpful for you, through the indiamebest blog we always help buyers to purchase the best Indian products.

11 Pure Made in India Smartphone Brands! 

Here we have listed some of the trusted Indian smartphone brands.

#1. Micromax

Micromax entered into the market of mobile business in 2008, And today it is one of the top Indian smartphones manufacturers company. after getting huge success in the sector of feature phones. The company started manufecturing& selling android, tablet pc& LED tv in 2012.

micromax smartphones

in 2014 Micromax had made its place in the world’s top 10 mobile brands. However, as per the market scenario, the company was not able to perform well continuously, as compare to other foreign companies. But at the end of 2020 Micromax did a great comeback by launching in series (IN for India) smartphones.

Within the launch, thousands of mobiles were sold in a single day. So again Micromax going on the right track and it’s actually good news to see the growth of this Indian company which is ultimately helpful for our overall economy.

#2. Intex

Intex Technologies (India) is India’s leading mobile company that also deals in LED Tv, speaker IT products and IT accessories.

intex smartphones

The company was started by Mr Narendra Bansal with the vision of making people life easier. After 25 years of Intex company, The result is they have millions of consumers all over the country.

Today the company is well known for its durable and quality product. It has 900 plus service centres across the country. Users Those who just want to do basic tasks and aren’t tech seavy can buy Intex budget smartphones.

#3. Lava

lava works on the simple philosophy ” empower people to do more, to be more” with the vision of changing the lives of millions of people Hari om rai (the founder of lava international) started the company in 2009.

lava mobiles

lava is one of those mobile giant company in India that has expanded its business in countries like Mexico, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt and many more along with India.

Lava Mobiles are especially famous for their premium designs. Their variety of models comes with a glossy finish and rich looks in the budget Segment. you can check out the lava’s best mobiles on amazon in 2021

Quick note:- You can Also Checkout the list of Indian origin companies which sells daily basis products such as Soap, facewash, Trimmer’s, headphones etc.

#4. Karbonn

A decade ago Karbonn started their journey in the mobile business! that was a time when foreign companies rule the market. in a short span of time, But with a good strategy and right actions initially Karbonn achieved those goals with whom they started this company.

Karbonn mobiles

Karbonn offers a wide range of gadgets like feature phones, smartphones, Smartwatch with the aim of making mobile communication easy.

So far it has launched many smartphones according to the need of Indian users. till 2015 it was one of the most used smartphone brands.

as per time, they have upgraded 4G technology and currently it has a wide range of 4G Mobiles. with over 850 service centres in India, it is still one of the prominent mobile brands that have a presence in Africa, South & South East Asia.

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#5. iball

since the establishment in 2001, Iball on a mission of revolutionizing the Indian market with the latest technology. and it is one of those Made in India Smartphone Companies.

iball smartphones

Currently, iball is India’s one of the growing tech brands along with earphones, tablets, Laptops they also manufactured smartphones. users can buy these phones online through Amazon and Flipkart.

this Indian electronics manufacturing company heavily focused on Indian users. they ensure quality products at affordable price. With over 250 service centre across India, they ensure anyone can buy budget-friendly gadgets.

to know more about iball company or its’ awesome made in India product visit at

#6. Xolo smartphones

an Indian smartphone brand launched in 2012 by lava international, It is considered that Xolo was the first Indian company that launched a made in India 4g phone, with an intel processor.

xolo smartphones

Xolo strongly believes in providing the premium and latest devices to its customer. When foreign companies were focusing on their back camera Xolo launched the first-ever smartphone in India which has 2 cameras on the front side.

however this company wasn’t able to compete with foreign companies, But they ruled in the domestic market. if we go 5-6 years back, millions of users bought this smartphone. So again we need to support this brand which supports the make in India initiative.

#7. LYF Mobiles

LYF simply indicates the life word, it is India’s popular 4G smartphone manufactured company. which headquarter is located in Mumbai. In 2016 Mukesh Ambani launched jio sim to distract and dominate the market of existing telecom companies in India.

lyf mobiles

along with that reliance launched their 4G smartphone named lyf. it was a true 4g supported phone that also has some premium services of jio sim for free. in the budget segment reliance tried to target urban and local audience of India. that time Reliance sold millions of mobiles in a day.

However today we have many more 4G supported smartphones. but yet we can go with this Indian brand. You can purchase different modes of lyf series online.

#8. Spice

did you remember those spice Mobiles advertisement on tv? if yes then you may know the dominance of spice in the Indian market a decade ago.

spice smartphones

spice is an old Indian mobile giant company working sinch 2006 in India. it has launched lots of feature phone with smartphones. unfortunately, this Indian company didn’t upgrade itself and it did not go too high as compare to other companies.

But by understanding the needs of younger India they released a couple of smartphones in the market. those are still available online.

#9. Celkon mobiles

Was a leading made in India mobile brand that manufactured mobiles, smartphones, tablets? it was established in 2009. at starting phase Celkon made a great presence with their useful feature phones. not only in India but they did expand their business in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal etc .the company head office is located in Hyderabad.

celkon mobiles

Currently, the venture of this Indian company had stopped but still, there is a wide range of Celkon mobiles phones available, online. unfortunately, the company failed to compete with other Chinese companies.

#10. Yu Televentures

a Subsidiary brand of Micromax started in December 2014. But unfortunately in just a few years, This smartphones brand was added to the list of failed made in India smartphone brands.

Yu Televentures smartphones

YU Televentures launched many smartphones such as yu yureka, yu unicorn but due to the cheap quality and poor sale service, the company didn’t survive on the market. however, along with the smartphones the company worked on other products such as health bands, mini ECG devices etc.


A newly Indian smartphone brand. This Hyderabad based startup launched many smartphones so far but due to the high wave of Chinese companies the company is still fighting to get known.

Smartron smartphone

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So these are some top Made in India Smartphone Companies. you have seen many of them are still struggling to be emerging brands. we hope by upgrading the technology and understanding the user behaviours again these swadeshi companies do a greater comeback. what’s your opinion tell us in the comment section and if you liked this piece of content then do share it on social media.

{Top 5} Truely Made in india Earphones! available online


Hey! are you looking for the Truly Indian earphones? Then here we have come with a list of some best Made in India Earphones that gives you superior sound, rich bass and made up with the best quality material like other foreign companies.

As everyone knows the market is full of Chinese headphones? we can choose from cheap to expensive models, But by purchasing Indian product we can support the initiative of made in India campaign which ultimately helps our economy to be strong.

As of 2021, we have many options to buy a product, we can purchase something either online or offline. But sites like amazon helping people to deliver their favourite product to their doorstep. So here are some best Indian earphones that you can purchase online.

Note:- we have listed these Indian earphones as per the Buyers reviews& Earphone features, quality and designs.

Best Made in India earphones

#1. Mivi Thunderbeats Bluetooth Earphones

Mivi is an Indian brand that has a wide range of electronic gadgets. This mivi Bluetooth earphone comes with an inbuilt mic. its classic design and metallic body make it travel-ready earphones.

Mivi Thunderbeats

whom you can use for hands-free calling, playing audio. It has bt 5.0 connectivity and you can use them for 7hrs after recharging it. Carry on these earphones while running, gyming These sweatproof earphones will let you focus on your task.

About the CompanyMivi is an Indian electronic brand that manufactured speaker, cables, chargers, Bluetooth earphones it was established in 2015

the earphones have HD sound& deep thumping bass with clear mids which made with premium materials So all the college students, jobber and working professional can choose them to feel the original sound on the go. Here are some pros&cons based on the buyers’ reviews.


produce quality sound

Great design and build quality.

works with all Bluetooth compatibility device


average battery backup of 6-7 hrs. [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buy Now

#2. Syska Proactive Wireless earphones

On this list, Next, we have added these syska wireless earphones that come with dust and water-resistant technology. it has noise cancellation and clear sound and a battery backup of 8hrs.

Syska Proactive Wireless earphones

So whether you are in a home or often travel, these earphones will let you enjoy hands free music, calling on the go. also it has hands free design with Matelic body which help you wear the earphones for a long time without having any problem.

syska is an emerging Indian brand. in 1989 the ssk group established this flagship company

So if you are looking for the best budget earphones then you can check out this product on amazon.


Compatible with any devices

good battery backup

nice design& build quality. [/i2pros][i2cons]

Bass isn’t amazing as compared to sound

calling quality is average [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buy Now

#3. Portronics Harmonics Stereo Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

now, these Bluetooth made with skin-friendly silicone material, with the magnetic earbuds you don’t need to care about falling down. this Indian Bluetooth has so many rich features like a popular brand such as support of multiple devices together, voice control and accept and reject calls.

Portronics Harmonics

as an emerging Brand Portronics is working on customer satisfaction so with the rich bass and echo reduction feature you will not hear any extra noise but you will hear just pure music.

Portronics is One of the leading electronic gadget company-owned and started by jasmeet singh sethi in 2010. The company best known for its Bluetooth speakers, headphones fitness tracks, laptop stands etc.

Talking about a battery as these earphones comes with a 25hrs standby time and support rapid charging so you can use these earphones for a long day. Here are some merit&demeris of this product.


compatible with MP3 Player, PC, Tablet, Smartphone

deep bass, comfortable in wearing

amazing battery backup [/i2pros][i2cons]


plastic quality [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buy Now

see:- {Top 5} Best Made in India Keypad mobiles available online

#4. Zebronics Zeb-Symphony

Now if you are looking to buy a flexible neckband for enjoying music on the go. then these water-resistant Zebronics earphones will such an amazing budget-friendly earphone that comes with the best specifications.

A truly Indian brand helping people to get the best digital products especially focused on audio-based product such as headphones, earphones, soundbar gaming etc. founded by Rajesh Doshi in Chennai on1997

with 13hrs of long playback time and support of dual pairing, you can use these speakers for yourself or can gift your loved ones. So if you are getting annoyed with your older earphones now it’s time to replace those headphones with these Magnetic Bluetooth Earpieces.

Zebronics Zeb-Symphony


  • BT Version: 5.0
  • Supported BT Profile: HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
  • Drive Size: 10mm
  • Speaker Impedance: 16Ω
  • Playback Time: 13hrs*
  • Charging Time: 2.5hrs
  • Talk Time: 15hrs
  • Standby Time:15 days

excellent audio quality

perfect for running or gyming

Great battery backup [/i2pros][i2cons]

average built quality

low bass [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buy Now

#5. Evidson B4 in-Ear Rich Bass

This made in India product dedicated to all those music lovers who love heavy bass and clear audio in earphones.


These high-quality silicone earbuds come with a noise-cancelling feature and an inbuilt remote which you can use for accepting calls or play music. These are the best Durable earphones for getting the best music experience You can use these earphones for every type of system such as ios, android, windows, blackberry.

So if really want to support the make in India incentive then these are the speakers you can try.

It’s a Chennai based company that is dedicatedly working on consumer satisfaction. It is another Indian startup which actually emerging as the best company in India


The bass is clean & present.

looks premium and polished of thermoplastic elastomer cables

comfortable earbuds [/i2pros][i2cons]

less durable

average performance [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Buy Now

Last words!

So this was the list of some amazing Indian earphones that you can pick and use for your daily life. Hope this article may be helpful for you! if you find this article helpful then do share it on social media to help the best find for yourself.

{Top 5} Best Made in India Keypad mobiles available online


No dought! Smartphone has transformed the way of our communication completely. But Did you know? Still, there are millions of Indians who use keypad mobile! if you are looking for the best Made in India Keypad mobiles for your loved ones or yourself then this article is for you.

durability, good battery backup, affordable price and easy use Facility makes keypad mobiles better than a smartphone.

But as we know the companies like Samsung, Nokia and other Chinese companies has already made a huge market in keypad mobiles. But we can’t deny that some Indian keypad mobile manufacturers companies have the capability to beat them.

yes! you have heard right! if you are a swadeshi product lover guy, Then You should check out the list of these best Indian keypad mobiles.

List of Indian keypad Mobiles

#1 Jio Phone

after launching the Jio phone in 2016, the company released the Jio phone (India ka smartphone) in July 2017. it is considered India’s first-ever 4G feature phone which runs on kaiOS operating system. this phone gives users access to watching videos, browsing the internet and many other things on a feature phone.Jio phone


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#2. Karbon k9

i remembered when I purchased this mobile in 2012, (when I didn’t know that karbon is Indian or chinese) But i had used this mobile for 2 years. With good battery backup and large display size, this phone was worth of money for me. So if you are finding any Indian keypad smartphone with less than a price of 1000 you can go with that.

karbonn k9

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a well known Indian mobile brand, which has millions of users in India. this lava keypad mobile comes with 10 days of battery backup, and a dual sim big 2.8-inch display this multimedia feature phone also supports a call recording feature. you can check more details& price of this product on amazon


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#4. Micromax

We all do the warmest welcome of Micromax return, But we can’t forget those Micromax feature mobiles which we used a decade ago. and some of the models are still people using and it is one of those best mobiles for that you can go. with good battery backup support, wireless FM and bright torch which blink during a call makes it stand out. Some of the best features are given below


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#5. Spice

it is another mobile brand, which was quite popular at their time. still, it has various types of mobile models in the market. And you can buy a mobile according to your need. if you want to shop online then you can go with this mobile. this spice mobile has 1.8-inch screen, 850mah battery, torch it is available in both color yellow&white.


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We hope after reading this post it may easy for you to buy the Made in India Keypad mobiles for yourself. If you find this article helpful then do share it on social media.