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6+ Made in India saving blades companies| Check Now

6+ Made in India saving blades companies| Check Now

Saving is an important part of men’s grooming, Thus choosing a good saving blade is necessary. Today we have brought a list of Made in India saving blades companies that you should check now.

made in india shaving blades company

Due to the popularity of foreign companies, Often we don’t familiar with Indian brands, That’why we often tell you about essential items like face wash, toothpaste and etc. And today we are going to discuss important aspects of men’s personality, so let’s know about

 Made in India saving blades companies| Purely indian

#1. Topaz Blade

Most Indians prefer Topaz blades for clean shaving, I remember my uncle used to Topaz blades when I was a kid but even today it is considered an outstanding blade in terms of quality and security aspects. Topaz is a flagship company of the Malhotra Group, which sells Stainless safety razor blades under the Topaz brand. Topaz blades are available in small packs which can be easily bought via nearest store hence we have listed it on the first line.

#2. LetsShave

With 100 million happy customers and a global presence in 130 countries, Letsshave is known to be a quality razor blade manufacturing company. Who also holds a record for making the world’s first 6-Blade razor, Let us tell you that this is an Indian company whose founder is Siddharth Oberoi, today we can easily find the Letshavetrimmers on market.

Letsshave trimmers are made up of the finest materials and these razors provide much comfortablity& convenience in saving. You can order Letsshave’s products offline and online from their official website or you can check out them on Amazon & Flipkart.

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#3. Supermax

Super Max is also a big name among razor blade manufacturing companies, this company is also known to be launched the world’s first triple-blade disposable razor. The company provides one-stop saving solutions, you will find double blade, single twin blades & all types of blades here.

Currently, this company is one of the top razor blade companies in India, with having 500 retailers all over the world. Supermax Razor Blades are manufactured in Pune and these blades provide comfortable shaving at low cost, thus we can say So far this blade has got good reviews.

#4. Zorrik supreme

Zorrik supreme blads can be easily seen in the market, these blades are manufactured by Hema Enterprises in Gujarat and they are sold in 9 countries of the world including India. Zorrik tablets deliver the highest quality blades and give you better performance while saving, you use these blades with straight razors or double edge razors.

The blades of this company are known for their sharp edge, millions of people use Zorrik supreme blades regularly so we don’t need to think about the quality of these blades.

#5. Bosco saving blades

This company is not much popular as topaz but yes it is an Indian brand that is known for its best blades in the market. These Bosco saving blades are used by professionals and office going people, it currently has a turnover of more than 50 lakhs.

Bosco blades come in metallic colour and are available in double edge and single edge variety which are considered best for hair cutting, these stainless steel blades can be bought in different countries of the world including India.

#6. Rk shaving blade

As a blade manufacturer, Rk is a fast emerging brand all over the world which is present in many countries including Asia, this company provides you double edge disposable razor blades with saving products. RK blades are made from standard material of top quality.

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Important things need to be checked out while buying a Blade

Whenever you start saving at home, it is necessary to consider these things.

  1. If you are not fond of having a heavy beard or if you do not have a tight beard, then it is best for you to choose a razor blade that gives you smoother savings, but if you have a Thick beard then you can go for a Harder or sharper blade.
  2. If you are in school or college and just starting to shave, it is better to use a smooth blade.
  3. Also if you are going to shave for the first time, then it is better that you consult a barber or a friend who will help you to make the first shave.

FAQ- Shaving Blade made in india| Indian shaving Blade company

Is Gillette an Indian brand?

No, it is a foreign brand which is known all over the world for its quality razors, Also it is very famous for its grooming products

Owner of Topaz Blade Company?

All Topaz blades are manufactured by a private company called HLM, HML is a flagship company of the Malhotra Group which was adopted by the Malhotra Group in 1945.

Why are not Indian shaving blade companies so popular?

Indian razor blades are not popular due to the lack of their marketing& growing production as compared to foreign razor blades.

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Conclusion~ Made in India Shaving Blade

So guys we have shared a list of Made in India saving blades companies, hope you have found this helpful please don’t forget to share this content for more interesting stuff.


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