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Top 20 Tyre companies in india| Know which is No. 1

Top 20 Tyre companies in india| Know which is No. 1

If you are looking for the best Tyre Company for your own vehicle, then here you will get to see the list of Top 20 tyre companies in India, So that you can go with the right Tyre brand.

Top 20 tyre companies in India

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle, Which lets you drive safely on the road. Thus we should spend enough time opting for comfortable& durable tyres. There are many Trusted Indian and foreign Tyre brands in India that have been loved for their High quality.

Quick Note: Here is the list of 12 pure made in indian tyre brands those are considered as the most reliable tyres in india.

Popular 20 Tyre Companies in India| You should check now

#1. CEAT Tyres

CEAT has always been a trusted Tyre brand among car owners. From scooters to cars Ceat sells a wide range of tyres in the market. It is an Indian limited company that has a presence in 100 plus countries in addition to Asia. By visiting the official website of CEAT you can get a suitable tyre for your vehicle just by entering the car model.

Country of origin India
Founder name Virginio Bruni Tedeschi
Established year 1924
Net worth ₹2,766.11 cr.

#2. Mrf Tyres

Madras Rubber Factory commonly known as MRF is one of the largest Tyre companies in India and one of the 6 largest Tyre companies in the world. MRF was started as a rubber balloon factory but today it is a well-known brand for its superior quality tyres. Today it has a global presence in over 65 countries along with having a network of over 5000 dealers in India.

Country of origin India
Founder name K. M. Mammen Mappillai
Established year 1946
Net worth ₹1,277.06 crore

#3. Bridgestone Tyres~ world’s no. 1 Tyre Brand

Apart from manufacturing various parts of vehicles, this Japanese company is famous for its Quality tyres. Bridgestone Tyres can be seen on small vehicles such as cars, suvs to large heavy trucks and buses. Along with city riding, Bridgestone Tyres are working perfectly while off-roading. Many Indians prefer this company because of its comfort and fuel efficiency.

Country of origin Japan
Founder name Shōjirō Ishibashi
Established year 1 March 1931
Net worth ¥265.55 billion (2016)

#4. jK Tyres

JK Tyres manufactures its Tyres for all types of vehicles. JK Tyre is a part of the JK Organization for the last four decades it has given tough competition to its rival companies in the market. Currently, it has a network of more than 4,000 dealers, today JK Tyres are sold at more than 400 locations in the country. Therefore, this Indian company is currently counted among the top 25 Tyre manufacturers in the world.

Country of origin india
Founder name Lala Juggilal Singhania & Lala Kamlapat Singhania
Established year 1918
Net worth 2398.39 cr

#5. Apollo

After entering into the Tyres business in 1972, today Apollo Tyre is one of the leading Tyre manufacturer companies in India having a total of 5 manufacturing units across India. Apart from India, Apollo Tyres are exported in more than 100 countries. You can find the right Tyre according to your vehicle by visiting ApolloTyres.com and you can also check the nearby Apollo store.

Country of origin India
Founder name Onkar Kanwar
Established year 1972
Net worth ₹16,373.87 crore

#6. Goodyear

Goodyear is an American company that sells Tyres in more than 23 countries. This company was started in 1898, This brand mainly focuses on middle-class families. For the past 90 years company selling tyres in India, Ballabhgarh and Aurangabad are the two places where the company have its manufacturing units.

Country of origin United states
Founder name  Frank Seiberling
Established year 1898
Net worth US$−1.254 billion (2020)

#7. Michelin

Michelin is mainly known for its Tyres and other rubber products. The company also has offices in various cities in India. Michelin has always been recognized as a high-quality Tyre manufacturing company. It is the second-largest Tyre manufacturing company in the world after Bridgestone. Most of the company’s Tyres are manufactured in France and then they export these tyres to different countries of the world.

Country of origin France
Founder name  Édouard Michelin, ‎André Michelin
Established year 1889
Net worth $30.01B

#8. Yokohama

Yokohama Tyres are known for good handling, safe driving and better fuel economy. Be it the highway, desert or the rainy season, Yokohama’s rubber Tyres are known for their tremendous performance. Let us tell you that people in India use Yokohama Tyres especially for off-roading and in SUV’s, this is a Japanese company which has its own history of more than 100 years old.

Country of origin Japan
Founder name   Matthew C. Perry
Established year 1865
Net worth US$338.3 million (2014)

#9. Tvs Tyres

TVS Tyre is a perfect option for Motor Bikes& Scooty, this two-wheeler Tyre manufacturing business was started in the year 1982. Today TVS offers a wide range of Tyres in different patterns. Not only in India but also in countries like the USA, South America, Africa, TVs Tyres are used in vehicles.

Let us tell you That TVs Tyres can be used in any other two-wheeler brand like Hero Honda, Yamaha etc.

Country of origin India
Founder name TV Sundram Iyengar
Established year 1982

#10. Aeolus Tyres

Aelous Tyres were started in 1965. it is a Chinese brand that produces more than 5 million Tyres every year and it sells its own tyres in many countries of the world. The Tyres of this company are known for being budget-friendly as well as for reliability and safety.

#11. Pirelli Tyres

This company produces Tyres from bikes to heavy trucks. This multinational tyre company has the country of origin is Italy, mainly Pirelli tyres are known for their speed, comfort and excellent handling, if you are looking for any foreign tire brands then you can go with Pirelli tyres.

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#12. Birla Tyres

How can we forget the Birla Tyres in this list? This is an Indian company, which can be easily seen on Indian roads. Birla Tyres are used in different kinds of vehicles, From motorcycles to commercial vehicles, these tyres are known for their rough and tough quality. Today the company has over 8,000 dealers across India and is one of the most widely used tyre companies in India.

Country of origin india
Founder name Kesoram Industries Ltd.
Established year 1991
Net worth ₹137.36 cr.

#13. Continental Tyres

It is a German company that produces its quality Tyres under the brands like Viking, Gislaved, Mabor. Let us tell you that Quality is the only reason to use Continental tyres in India. Although these Tyres are a bit expensive, they give tough competition to companies like Michlin.

Country of origin Germany‎
Founder name   N/A
Established year 1871
Net worth N/A

#14. Firestone Tyres

In terms of safety and performance, this foreign company is considered to be the best. Tire brand. Firestone is known for its affordable Tyres that you can use for your personal vehicle. The company is quite popular in America and now these are also available in India. let us tell you that Firestone is owned by the Bridgestone Company and it is counted among the largest tire and rubber companies in the world.

Country of origin America
Founder name   Harvey Firestone
Established year 1900
Net worth  $ 2.09 billion (2004)

#15. Dunlop tire

From sports cars to SUVs, Dunlop Tyres have emerged as one of the best tire brands. Let us tell you that Dunlop Tyres are a part of the Goodyear family, the Tyres of this company are mainly known for racing. It gives an excellent driving performance in racing tracks, These tires are used in different countries of the world like India, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

Country of origin N/A
Founder name   John Boyd Dunlop
Established year 1889
Net worth  N/A

#16. Nexen Tyres

This South Korean tyre manufacturing company has created a good image in the Indian market due to its quality Tyres. Nexen Tyres are considered best for both cars and SUVs and this company is known for its premium sports tyres, you can ride with these Tyres on both highways and deserts.


Country of origin South Korea
CEO   Kang Byung-joong
Established year 1942
Net worth  N/A



#17. Tirupati Tyres

After entering into the tyre industry in the year 1988, this company is also a well-known brand for Tyres in the automobile industry. Today hundreds of employees work in this private limited company and this company manufactures various Tyres according to the size of the vehicles.

Country of origin India
Founder name sanjay wakade
Established year 1988
Net worth N/A

#18. BKT Tyres

BKT Tyres Manufacturing tyres for heavy vehicles For decades, So far this company has produced Tyres for tractors, JCB machines and the quality of its Tyres makes it a trusted brand in the Agriculture and Mining construction industry. It is also an Indian company.

Country of origin India
Founder name Mahabirprasad Poddar
Established year 1980
Net worth ₹11.55 billion

#19. Metro Tyres

The contribution of Metro tyres in India’s tyre market is unforgettable. Over the last 5 decades, METRO TYRES has provided a variety of Tyres for different vehicles in the tire industry. The company started its business with bicycle Tyres but later it grew its business.

Country of origin india
Founder name father Man Singh
Established year 1968
Net worth  INR 500 cr

#20. GRL Tyres

GRL stands for Govind Rubber Limited Tyre company. This company is not so popular as compared to Ceat, MRF but the history of this company is more than 50 years old in India, So we placed this brand under the list of top 20 Tyre companies in India.

Country of origin India
Founder name Late Mr. M. P. Poddar
Established year 1964
Net worth N/A


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Conclusion~Top 20 Tyre companies in India

So after reading the above content we hope this guide will help you to Find reliable tyre brands in India. Let us know via the comment section Which one is your favourite brand among the Top 20 Tyre companies in India. If you find this content helpful then do share this content on social media.


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